Anklet Wearing and What it Conveys About You

Anklets, those delicate chains worn around the ankle, may seem like a basic fashion accessory. But they hold a much deeper symbolic meaning across cultures. Your choice of anklet and how you style it relays subtle messages about your personality and desires.

Understanding the covert meanings behind these popular jewelry pieces can help you decide if anklets are the right accessory for you.

Meanings and Symbolism Behind Ankle Bracelets

Historically, wearing anklets dated back to ancient Egypt, where they signified wealth and prestige. Only the nobility could afford these ornate ornaments. In ancient India, anklets with charms called nupur helped identify different dance forms.

Today, anklets symbolize:

  • Femininity and beauty
  • Elegance and attractiveness
  • Creativity and artistic sense
  • Independence and confidence

Anklets can also have intimate, sensual connotations. The ankles’ proximity to the feet, which can symbolize dirtiness, adds a tantalizing taboo quality. Wearing anklets can denote a certain rebelliousness against cultural norms that view the lower legs and feet as unappealing.

Meaning Based on Style

Delicate thin anklets with charms signify femininity and delicateness. Dainty anklets indicate a soft, elegant essence. Anklets worn regularly or habitually may represent commitment. Broad or thick anklets project boldness and confidence. Larger anklets make more of a fashion statement.

Sparkling anklets with gems denote creativity, passion, and attractiveness. Their eye-catching glimmer draws attention. Charm anklets reflect a playful, curious spirit open to new experiences. Name or initial anklets convey relationships and connections to loved ones.

Meaning Based on Wearing Side

Which ankle you wear your anklet on also changes its meaning:

  • Left ankle – Available and looking for a relationship
  • Right ankle – In a committed relationship
  • Both ankles – Taken, but open to fun without commitment

The left side is associated with being free and unattached, while the right side connotes being bound or restricted. This symbolism is reversed in some cultures, so the meaning can vary.

Cultural Significance of Ankle Bracelets

Beyond personal expression, anklets hold cultural meaning in various religions and ethnic traditions.


In Hinduism, Indian women wear anklets during weddings and religious ceremonies. The tinkling sound as they walk signifies femininity and the arrival of the bride or married woman. Intricate anklets represent marital status and honor in Indian culture.

Latin America

Gold anklets are popular in Latin American and Hispanic cultures. They represent the luxury and status of being able to wear gold. Anklets worn high on the calf may also indicate cultural heritage. Their gleam and jingle have sensual connotations.

Middle East

In Arab cultures, wearing anklets is associated with femininity and sensuality. They are considered alluring when peeking out under an abaya (full-length robe). The sight of an anklet bracelet suggests there is more intriguing beauty underneath the modest garments.

Europe and North America

In Western cultures, the anklet trend exploded in the early 2000s. Pop stars like Britney Spears made them a daring fashion statement. Recently anklets have become popular festival wear to show free-spiritedness.

Different Types of Anklets and What They Represent

With so many options, which anklet best reflects your personality or desired message?

Charm Anklets

Anklets with dangling charms represent a playful, curious spirit open to adventure. Different charms convey varying meanings:

  • Hearts – romantic
  • Stars – whimsical
  • Coins or gems – wealth and prosperity
  • Initials or names – connections
  • Zodiac signs – belief in the mystical

Layering several charm anklets together amps up the bold, fun statement.

Chain Anklets

Simple chain anklets indicate elegance, delicateness, and creativity. Thin chains have an understated appeal, while thick chains make a statement. Chains can be silver, gold, or decorative metals.

Pearl Anklets

Pearls represent classic femininity, purity, and sophistication. Pearl anklets denote traditional values and softness. They have an elegant, old-world feel.

Beaded Anklets

Anklets made of colorful beads symbolize creativity, artistic flair, and free-spiritedness. Wooden beads add an earthy vibe. Patterns like chevron or mosaic beads project complexity.

Tattoo Anklets

Temporary ankle tattoo anklets offer affordable accessorizing. They allow you to switch up styles for different looks. Tattoo anklets signify trendiness, innovation, and edge.

Hidden Meanings Associated with Wearing Anklets on Specific Ankles

Placing an anklet on a particular ankle subtly communicates different relationship statuses to those in the know. But be discreet, as others may misinterpret your meaning.

Left Ankle

A left ankle anklet indicates being single and ready to mingle. You’re available and open to new relationships or casual fun. Left side placement subtly conveys readiness for new connections.

Right Ankle

When worn on the right ankle, an anklet symbolizes you’re in a committed, exclusive relationship. It signals you’re taken and not looking to connect with others. Right side wearing denotes stability and loyalty.

Both Ankles

Some wear anklets on both ankles to represent being in a relationship but still down for no-strings-attached enjoyment on the side. But be careful, as your partner may not approve of this symbolism! Dual anklets can suggest you crave fun and variety.

Now that you know the covert symbolism of anklets, you can select one that projects your personality or relationship status. Here are some tips:

  • Choose slender, dainty anklets to portray femininity, elegance, and delicateness.
  • Go for wider, embellished anklets for bold self-expression and confidence.
  • Select charm anklets to show your curiosity, playfulness, and interests.
  • Wear pearls or gemstones to convey luxury, sophistication, and creativity.
  • Place on the left ankle to signal you’re available for new connections.
  • Put on the right ankle when seeking stability in a monogamous relationship.
  • Try both ankles when wanting fun outside your current relationship.
  • Layer different styles for a fashion-forward statement.

Keep in mind others may not recognize these hidden cultural meanings. But ultimately, choose what makes you feel beautiful, confident, and true to yourself.

Anklets allow you to accessorize elegantly while expressing your unique essence. So embrace their symbolism and have fun styling these chic charms.