Black Onyx Meaning – Symbolism Revealed

The striking black bands that wrap around the Black Onyx stone imbue it with an air of mystery and intrigue. But what meaning and symbolism lie beyond its dark beauty? Delving deeper into Black Onyx reveals a gemstone steeped in legend and spiritual lore.

Revered through the ages, Black Onyx has accumulated rich symbolic significance. Understanding what this enigmatic stone signifies unlocks deeper meaning in its mesmerizing depths.

Meaning of Black Onyx

The alternating black and white bands that encircle Black Onyx hold unique symbolic meaning. The rich black bands are associated with self-mastery, while the pure white bands symbolize a higher spiritual calling.

Together, these contrasting colors represent the concept of Yin-Yang in Chinese philosophy – the balance between opposing yet complementary forces. This makes Black Onyx a stone of inner strength, willpower, and self-control.

Emotional Healing Properties

The calming energies of Black Onyx also make it a stone of emotional healing. It is said to help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief, allowing deeper peace and happiness to take its place.

By absorbing and transforming challenging emotions, Black Onyx cleanses the mental body. This clears the mind for higher guidance and intuition to flow through.

Protection Stone

Black Onyx is also revered as a protective stone. Its dark coloration acts as a spiritual barrier, shielding against negative energies and psychic attack.

It grounds nervous energy, preventing feelings of drained or overwhelmed. This stabilizing quality brings greater poise and self-confidence.

Symbolic Significance of Black Onyx

The unique patterning of light and dark bands lends Black Onyx powerfully symbolic meaning. These graphic stripes evoke the concept of duality found throughout mystical traditions and religious lore.

Chinese Symbolism

In Chinese symbolism, Black Onyx represents Heaven and Earth united. The white bands symbolize divine light entering the material realm. The black bands signify humanity rooted in the terrestrial world.

Heaven descending into Earth embodies enlightenment gained through mortal experience. And humankind uplifted into the heavenly spheres represents spiritual evolution.

Ancient Egyptian Symbolism

Black Onyx had special significance in ancient Egypt. Many carved scarabs and deity amulets were fashioned from the lustrous black stone.

These sacred objects were believed to impart the mystical powers of the Gods and Goddesses they represented. Black Onyx amulets are often engraved with the image of Anubis, God of the Underworld.

Christian Symbolism

In Christianity, Black Onyx symbolizes the forbidden fruit taken by Adam and Eve. The Book of Genesis recounts how their eyes were opened after eating the fruit. This imagery reflects the revelatory effect Black Onyx can bring by unleashing deep inner vision.

Black Onyx Stone Legend and Lore

According to Greek legend, Black Onyx stone was once a goddess whose beauty attracted the unwanted attention of the amorous god Mars. To escape his advances, she was transformed into the Black Onyx stone.

The goddess Venus took pity and added the white bands, allowing her image to remain captured in the stone. This story imparts moral lessons about lust, virtue, transformation and redemption through Black Onyx.

Onyx Stone Meaning in the Bible

The Bible makes symbolic reference to Black Onyx in describing the majestic construction of Heaven. The Book of Revelation states that the twelve gates of celestial Jerusalem are made of twelve precious stones, Black Onyx being one of them.

This indicates that Black Onyx holds spiritual significance in enlightenment, raising consciousness, and even transitioning between worlds.

Islamic Lore of Black Onyx

According to Arabic legend, Black Onyx was revered as a jewel from paradise. It was believed that when an angel descended from heaven, the precious gems from the Garden of Eden became embedded within the earthly stones. This sanctified them with divine blessing.

What Does Black Onyx Symbolize in Spirituality?

With its striking two-tone patterning that evokes duality and contrast, Black Onyx powerfully symbolizes the dance between extremes. Darkness and light, Earth and Heaven, mortal and divine.

By working with these energies, Black Onyx promotes spiritual evolution. It represents the soul ascending: gaining wisdom through earthly experience and then rising into enlightenment.

Chakra Healing Properties

The potent energies of Black Onyx activate the lower chakras, unleashing primal passion and vitality. Yet Black Onyx also opens the higher chakras, channeling ambition and drive toward spiritual goals.

Ultimately, Black Onyx brings all chakras into alignment. This integration unifies Heaven and Earth within – soul awakened through worldly existence.

Enhancing Spiritual Gifts

Many mystical practices utilize Black Onyx to amplify spiritual gifts. It sharpens visionary abilities, enhances intuition, and lifts the veils between worlds revealing messages from higher realms.

Black Onyx helps connect to spirit guides, divine guardian angels, and the Akashic records. It reveals insight from past lives and other dimensions, inspiring soul evolution.

What meaning hides behind the mesmerizing black bands that wrap around the Onyx stone? This distinctive patterning holds symbolic significance relating to the soul’s journey.

The light and dark bands mirror the concept of Yin-Yang. They represent duality and the dance between extremes – Earth and Heaven, body and spirit, darkness and light. The physical and ethereal intertwined as one.

Working with Black Onyx promotes soul evolution through gaining worldly wisdom and then ascending into enlightenment. The stone activates this transformational process – grounding vitality and passion, while lifting the veil to reveal higher vision.

Ultimately, Black Onyx helps integrate all aspects of the self into wholeness. Its mysterious dark beauty hides a treasure trove of deep spiritual meaning waiting to be unlocked.