Breakthrough the Spiritual Attack Barrier

Experiencing a spiritual attack can feel like you are trapped behind an impenetrable barrier, unable to break through to the peace and clarity you desire. However, these challenging times often precede moments of profound personal growth and breakthrough.

By understanding the various forms spiritual attacks can take and learning to persevere through them, you can ultimately shatter the barrier preventing your breakthrough.

Understanding Spiritual Attacks

Spiritual attacks manifest in various ways, usually when we are on the verge of an expansion in consciousness. Some common forms include:

  • Mental confusion or forgetfulness
  • Negativity and pessimistic thoughts
  • Feelings of fatigue, anxiety, or depression
  • Loss of passion, direction, or meaning
  • Interpersonal conflicts or strained relationships

During an attack, unseen forces wish to steal our light to further their own agendas. Without recognizing the battle taking place, we can easily fall victim when we feel overwhelmed by hardship and challenges.

Where Spiritual Warfare Stems From

The darkness that fuels spiritual attacks has its origins in collective human consciousness. Every thought, word and action rooted in fear, anger and separation – rather than love – feeds this global darkness. As we awaken spiritually, it is essential we also take responsibility for our personal contribution to the state of the world.

Our cultural blindness supports unseen forces that influence those unaware they spread negativity. Yet at any time, we can withdraw consent from darkness by remembering spiritual principles of unity, forgiveness and compassion in the face of adversity.

Common Forms of Spiritual Warfare

A spiritual attack often manifests as one of three main forms of warfare:

  • Mental Attacks: Floods of negative, critical thoughts that lower vibration and self-esteem.
  • Emotional Attacks: Intense swells of difficult emotions like anger, fear, grief or despair.
  • Circumstantial Attacks: Facing multiple obstacles, conflicts or unfortunate events at once.

Identifying the specific type of attack allows us to implement targeted defenses. For mental attacks, we can shift perspective with affirmations. Emotional storms can be weathered through releasing trauma stored in the body. External chaos is best met with inner stillness and trust in a higher plan.

Why Spiritual Warfare Occurs

There are a few key reasons we experience these ups and downs on the spiritual path:

  • We are purging density to increase light quotient – Difficult thoughts, emotions or external situations prompt us to release that which no longer serves our highest growth.
  • We prompt backlash from dark forces when increasing vibration – Fear-based entities notice when human consciousness grows brighter, threatening their influence through attacks.
  • Contrast is necessary for clarifying desires – Without awareness of what we do not want, recognizing what we do desire is challenging.

Though they bring discomfort, these trials ensure we anchor higher wisdom into physical form. Without this descent into density, the pride of false enlightenment may arise. By braving the storms, we gain true embodiment.

Signs A Breakthrough is Coming

Often right before an immense breakthrough, we undergo painful inner work of shedding the old. A few signs a positive shift approaches include:

  • Synchronicities and Repetition: Certain numbers, symbols, words and dreams recur meaningfully.
  • Changing Interests/Values: Old passions fade as new desires and purpose emerge.
  • Karmic Completions: Long-held stories, beliefs, relationships or attachments now ending.

These signals indicate we are crossing the threshold into a new way of being. Something wished to be born through us, but mental rigidity, emotional blockages or external chaos stood in the way. By releasing the old self, we make space for the new vision wishing to emerge.

Cultivating Spiritual Cognition

Expanding spiritual cognition allows us to perceive reality beyond the confines of the rational mind. Some symptoms of heightened perception include:

  • Seeing energy as colors or feeling it as tactile sensation
  • Hearing guidance from Spirit through intuitive whispers
  • Knowing information you have no rational reason to understand
  • Forging a palpable connection to all living beings

While this perceptual expansion enables mystical communion with life, it also provokes spiritual attack. For as we unveil reality behind the veil, unseen forces take notice. By staying centered in our spiritual power, we alchemize hostility into opportunity.

Getting Through the Spiritual Attack Barrier

When spiritual attacks arise, here are 5 key strategies to break through adversity:

  1. Affirm Sovereignty: Declare your alignment with spiritual forces of grace and protection.
  2. Cleanse Energy: Remove toxic influences through baths, burning sage or visualization.
  3. Set Healthy Boundaries: Limit interactions with lower vibrational people/media.
  4. Connect To Inner Guidance: Spend time meditating and journaling to tap into intuition.
  5. Act from Inspired Action: Follow signs, synchronicities and enthusiasm.

Additionally, calling upon Archangel Michael to cut etheric cords or asking Ascended Masters to aid us in releasing darkness offer Divine assistance. Spending time in nature, getting bodywork and allowing emotional release help to lift vibration as well.

A Daily Spiritual Protection Ritual

One simple daily practice to shield from spiritual attacks involves four steps:

  1. Imagining an impenetrable egg-shaped field of protective light around your aura.
  2. Visualizing a beam of light descending from Heaven into your Crown, anchoring your connection to Spirit.
  3. Stating inwardly: “I now activate a shield of Divine light around me for my highest good. And so it is!”
  4. Thanking spiritual allies and inviting peace into your day.

Responding with Compassion

During intense spiritual warfare, we may understandably feel anger or resentment towards perceived forces of darkness wishing us harm. Yet residing in duality consciousness only breeds more darkness.

Instead, we can remember spiritual attackers are merely playing out unconscious patterns of fear and separation. By responding with empathy and compassion for the ignorance driving harmful actions, we transcend victimhood without denying boundaries.

When centered in loving presence, the light within us naturally dissolves fear-based attacks. Resonance with spiritual truth anchors us safely through any storm.

Victory in spiritual warfare releases us into higher states of being. Having shed limiting stories, beliefs and identifications during the darkness, we now emanate more light. Breakthrough markers might include:

  • Feeling abundant joy, inner peace and self-love arise spontaneously
  • Free self-expression, creativity and inspiration flowing through life
  • Magnetizing new communities based in consciousness and unity
  • Embodying one’s soul gifts and unique place in the cosmic plan

The inertia of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors shifts from fear-based patterns to awakened perceptions and actions.

By learning to harness every storm as a gateway into awakened states, we develop trust in hardship as a secret blessing in disguise. Darkness inevitably gives way to the dawn. And by patiently maintaining spiritual practice throughout the long night, victory awaits on the other side!