Discovering What “Ashay” Means and Represents

The term “ashay” has become increasingly popular in spiritual circles, but many are still unsure of its exact meaning or origins.

“Ashay” is a word that conveys a profound spiritual concept, but grasping its full meaning requires digging deeper.

Origins and Meaning of “Ashay”

“Ashay” traces its origins back to the West African Yoruba spiritual tradition. In the Yoruba language, “ashay” means “so be it” or “it shall be so.” It denotes the life force energy that flows through all living things and connects us all. Ashay is the divine power to make things happen and manifest change.

Spiritual teacher and author Iyanla Vanzant describes ashay as “the vital energy that enables us to align with our Source.” It is the spark of the divine within each soul. When we are fully connected to ashay, we can channel its power to live our highest purpose.

So at its core, ashay represents the universal life force – animating us from within and binding all creation together. To say “ashay” is to affirm the sacred, divine nature inherent in all beings and things.

Ashay in the Yoruba Tradition

In Yoruba spirituality, ashay is strongly associated with the Orishas – divine ancestral spirits that serve as guides and protectors. Each Orisha has their unique ashay, almost like an energy signature. Rituals and offerings for the Orishas invoke their ashay to bring blessings, healing, transformation and more into one’s life.

Babalawos (Yoruba priests) draw ashay into their divination rituals, enabling them to communicate with the Orishas and deliver their wisdom. The ashay permeates these ceremonies, amplifying their spiritual power. Ashay is the conduit between human beings and the divine realm.

Parallels in Other Traditions

While ashay originated in Yoruba culture, its energies resonate with many other spiritual systems across the globe:

  • In Hinduism and Ayurveda, the concept of prana has similarities to ashay. Prana refers to the vital life force energy that allows us to be alive.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, also parallels ashay as the spiritual energy animating all things.
  • Many indigenous cultures recognize a unifying life force that flows through plants, animals, and people alike – reflecting ashay’s spirit.

So although the term “ashay” comes from the Yoruba, we can find its essence mirrored in numerous spiritual traditions worldwide.

The Significance and Purpose of “Ashay”

Why does this concept of ashay matter so much? What is its larger purpose and significance?

Understanding ashay can profoundly shape our relationship with spirit. It teaches us that the divine is not some distant external force – but dwells within. Ashay shows us our inherent oneness with all of life.

When we align with our ashay, it ignites our inner light to guide our path. Ashay empowers us to fulfill our highest calling and purpose in this lifetime. It connects us to our intuition and inner wisdom. Ashay can be a profoundly transformative force in our lives.

On a collective level, tuning into ashay could help heal divides and bring greater harmony on earth. If we saw the threads of ashay connecting every living being, it would be much more difficult to mistreat one another. Ashay teaches us interdependence with all life.

Working with Ashay Energy

Here are some key ways we can tangibly work with ashay in our spiritual practice:

  • Stillness – Getting quiet helps us tune into the subtle sensations of ashay moving through us.
  • Breathwork – Conscious breathing channels ashay to nourish us mentally and physically.
  • Energy healing – Modalities like reiki allow ashay to flow freely through the body’s energy centers.
  • Dance – Freeform, ecstatic dance helps release blocks to let our ashay shine.
  • Chanting – The vibration of chanting stirs up our ashay, activating its power.
  • Yoga – The mind-body-spirit integration of yoga perfectly harnesses our ashay.
  • Meditation – By calming the mind, meditation allows us to feel our ashay clearly.

Exploring practices like these, while setting the intention to attune with ashay, opens us up profoundly. Our perspective expands as we see how we fit into creation’s tapestry, connected through ashay.

How “Ashay” is Used in Spiritual Traditions

Given its immense spiritual significance, it’s no surprise that ashay appears consistently across many mystical traditions. Understanding how ashay is used gives deeper insight into its essence.

In the Yoruba tradition, “Ashay” is a word of affirmation, emphasis, and blessing. When a priest or devotee channels ashay in ritual, they will say “Ashay” to magnify the energies present. The term punctuates prayers, chants and ceremonies.

We also see ashay reflected in the Hindu greeting “Namaste.” Literally translated, it means “I bow to you” – acknowledging the divine within another by bowing to their ashay.

Likewise, the term “Amen” in Christianity, Islam and Judaism serves a similar purpose. Saying “Amen” affirms the will of God and activates the power of ashay to manifest blessings.

Spiritual texts reference ashay’s essence through poetic terms like mana, chi, prana, ruach, pneuma and more. Across faiths, mystics recognize this subtle life force energy pulsing through creation.

Indigenous shamans invoke ashay in their rituals to connect with ancestral spirits and the wisdom of nature. Shamanic practices dating back millennia show an implicit understanding of ashay’s mystical nature.

Across all cultures, music and dance also channel ashay’s flow. The transcendence we feel when moved by rhythmic song and movement is ashay in motion.

Under different names, ashay’s presence can be felt in temples, mosques, churches, sweat lodges and nature sanctuaries across the globe. Seeking the source of bliss in spiritual practice, we discover it’s ashay’s touch.

While ashay is most potent in sacred times and spaces, we need not retreat from the world to experience it. Ashay flows through our everyday lives as well.

Any moment we feel wonder, inspiration, joy or healing – that’s ashay. When we create works of beauty and meaning – ashay is there. Our inner light guiding us through darkness taps ashay’s glow.

Laughing with loved ones, feeling moved by music, watching a sunset’s glow – ashay’s presence infuses it all. Even in hardship, ashay lessons help us grow in wisdom and strength.

Tuning into the ashay moments, big and small throughout our days, keeps us anchored in what matters most. The wonder we feel gazing at a newborn baby is pure ashay. Each soul has its own divine ashay signature.

So in our families, workplaces, and communities, ashay is always there to be found. Spirit does not exist in some removed higher realm. The true power of ashay is right here – shining within and all around us.