Dreaming Of Pooping In Public? The Weird Reasons Behind It

Having a dream about pooping in public can be an unsettling and embarrassing experience. You wake up feeling relieved it was just a dream, but also confused about why your mind would conjure up such a scenario.

Public pooping dreams are more common than you might think. If you’ve had this type of dream before, you’re definitely not alone. But what causes these dreams and what do they mean?

Common Dream Themes Regarding Pooping

When looking at the meaning behind dreams about pooping in public, it helps to first understand some of the more general dream interpretations related to pooping:

  • Pooping symbolizes letting go of negativity or unwanted emotions
  • Dreams about pooping represent cleansing and releasing what no longer serves you
  • Inability to find a toilet in a dream can reflect feeling out of control in waking life
  • Messy pooping accidents in dreams point to feelings of shame or loss of self-control

With this context in mind, let’s explore some of the weird reasons you might dream about pooping in a public setting specifically.

Reasons You Might Dream About Pooping in Public

1. You’re dealing with strong emotions

Pooping dreams often arise when you’re working through difficult emotions like anger, sadness, grief or anxiety. Dreaming that you’re pooping uncontrollably in a public place can symbolize a need to release and let go of these overwhelming feelings.

This dream scenario likely represents something you’re keeping “bottled up” in waking life. Your subconscious mind is trying to help you process and relinquish what you’ve been holding onto.

2. You feel a lack of privacy in your life

If you dream you’re desperately searching for a toilet to poop in while out in public, this may relate to a lack of privacy you’re experiencing in your waking life. Perhaps you feel constantly observed or like you have no time or space to yourself.

Your dream brain might create the scenario of urgently needing to poop in public to represent that frustrated desire for more privacy. The bathroom is seen as a safe, private space.

3. You’re uncomfortable being the center of attention

Dreams about pooping, peeing or being naked in public often tie back to feelings of embarrassment or shame. If you’re someone who dislikes being the center of attention, this type of dream may symbolize those fears of judgment or criticism.

The exposure of pooping publicly in the dream parallels a fear of being exposed or judged in your waking life. It reveals anxieties around people perceiving your flaws or imperfections.

4. You feel out of control

Loss of control is a major theme in dreams about public pooping accidents. You may feel like aspects of your life are chaotic or spinning out of control right now. This dream expresses that helplessness.

You might also be struggling with feelings of loss of control around your emotions, habits, behaviors or thoughts. The messy public pooping scenario represents your attempts to regain control.

5. You’re holding onto unhealthy patterns

As mentioned, pooping symbolizes releasing and letting go. If you’re dreaming about pooping uncontrollably in front of others, your mind might be signaling it’s time to let go of unhealthy thought or behavior patterns that aren’t serving you.

This distressing public pooping dream could be your subconscious sending the message that you need to “come clean” and make a change in order to feel free.

Psychological Interpretations of Public Pooping Dreams

Psychologists and dream analysts tend to interpret dreams about public pooping accidents in the following ways:

Revealing a guilt complex

According to Freudian theory, this type of dream may represent suppressed guilt or shame. The dreamer feels self-conscious worrying what others think about them. So the dream expresses those concerns through the vulnerable act of public pooping.


Some psychologists view publicly pooping dreams as symbolizing immaturity in the dreamer. Since young children may poop or wet themselves by accident, the dream implies the person still lacks maturity in some area of their life.

Overcoming embarrassment

Although distressing, some see these dreams as helping the dreamer overcome fears, insecurities or embarrassment. By picturing the worst-case scenario of pooping uncontrollably in public, the dreamer confronts their anxieties.

Indulging the taboo

Dreams allow people to experience taboo or risky scenarios while avoiding real consequences. Public pooping dreams let the dreamer safely experience extreme embarrassment and vulnerability. This satisfies unconscious desires or curiosity involving societal taboos.

Tips for Coping with Embarrassing Public Pooping Dreams

If you’re having repeated dreams about pooping publicly and want them to stop, here are some tips that may help:

  • Talk about it – Discuss the dream with someone you trust. Verbalizing it can lessen embarrassment and anxiety.
  • Find the message – Think about what feelings or issues your dreams may represent and take steps to address them.
  • Don’t judge yourself – Avoid judging or feeling ashamed over having these dreams. They’re very common!
  • Shift perspectives – Remind yourself it was just a dream and that you are safe and in control in your waking life.
  • Reduce stress – Lowering stress and anxiety levels through practices like meditation may decrease the frequency of these dreams.
  • Get more sleep – Being sleep deprived can increase the occurrence of unpleasant, vivid dreams.

Occasional dreams about pooping in public are nothing to worry about. But if they become very frequent (almost every night), highly detailed and continue to cause you distress, it may be time to see a mental health professional.

A therapist can help you better understand what triggers the dreams and develop strategies to reduce their frequency. They can also help address any underlying psychological issues or concerns reflected in the dreams.

Getting help is especially recommended if the recurring dreams start impacting your quality of life or daily functioning. Support and guidance can go a long way towards obtaining relief from stressful pooping dreams.

So if you’ve had your fill of public pooping nightmares, don’t be afraid to seek outside support. Help is available to get your dreams–and mind–back on track.