Dreaming of Throwing Up – What Your Subconscious is Trying to Tell You

Have you ever had a dream where you suddenly became violently ill and started throwing up uncontrollably? It’s an unpleasant dream, to say the least. But what does it actually mean?

Dreams of throwing up or vomiting often have a deeper symbolic meaning beyond just a graphic scene. By exploring some of the most common interpretations, you can uncover the message your subconscious is trying to send to you.

Understanding Dreams of Vomiting

First, it’s important to understand that dream interpretation is highly subjective and personal. The specific details and emotions you experience around the act of throwing up in your dream are key to analyzing the meaning.

That said, there are some common interpretations that may provide insight:

1. Releasing or Rejecting Something

Vomiting is the forceful expulsion of something from your body that is making you sick. Dreams of throwing up can symbolize the need to release or reject something that is metaphorically “toxic” in your waking life.

This could relate to emotions like anger, fear or grief that you have suppressed. It may also relate to unhealthy habits, relationships or situations that you need to purge because they no longer serve your well-being.

2. Loss of Control

The violent illness in throwing up dreams often comes on suddenly without warning. You may feel deeply out of control of your own body.

This loss of control can mirror areas of your life that feel chaotic or overwhelming right now. The dream may be urging you to slow down and pay more attention to personal needs you have neglected.

3. Feeling Overwhelmed

Similarly, dreams of vomiting may stem from you feeling emotionally or mentally overwhelmed in your waking life. Throwing up is an uncomfortable physical reaction when you’re feeling too full or have had too much of something.

Think about what situations or responsibilities feel like “too much” right now. Your mind may have created the throwing up imagery to represent that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Common Causes and Meanings of Throwing Up Dreams

Beyond the general interpretations above, here are some more specific situations that commonly trigger dreams of vomiting or throwing up:

1. Anxiety

If you live with an anxiety disorder, the intensity of these dreams may stem from your mental health condition. The body’s natural reaction to extreme anxiety often includes nausea or other gastrointestinal issues.

Throwing up in dreams can symbolize the unpleasant feeling of your anxiety “spilling out” into areas of your life where you don’t want it present. Your subconscious created the dream to mirror how anxiety makes you feel physically or emotionally.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnant women frequently report dreams of vomiting and nausea. This has an obvious physical cause, as morning sickness is extremely common early in pregnancy. Nausea dreams are the mind’s way of mirroring this new bodily sensation.

Interestingly, there may also be a psychological component. Some researchers theorize that pregnancy vomiting dreams symbolize anxiety about the life change or feeling overwhelmed by the new responsibility of motherhood.

3. Illness

Dreams about throwing up can sometimes be the body’s way of indicating you have fallen ill. If you wake up nauseous or vomiting after one of these dreams, you may have a virus or food poisoning. Pay attention to how you feel physically after disturbing dreams involving a sudden loss of control.

4. Medications

Certain medications and supplements designed to treat vomiting, nausea or acid reflux can actually cause the opposite effect. If you recently began a new regimen, your dreams may represent real nausea as a side effect.

Additionally, withdrawal from medications, drugs or alcohol can spark vomiting dreams as your body adjusts.

What Does Dreaming of Vomiting Symbolize?

As you can see, dream interpretation is complex. It helps to analyze what exactly you were throwing up in your dream:

1. Blood

Vomiting blood symbolizes forcing out or purging something from deep within you, often related to difficult emotions. It may also indicate a fear or anxiety associated with a health challenge.

2. Food

Throwing up food you recently ate typically ties to issues with taking in or digesting new information, relationships or other “nourishment” in your life. Your mind is revealing you feel unprepared or overwhelmed.

3. Worms or Parasites

This gruesome dream indicates a fear or unease with being used by others for their own gain. You may feel people in your life are acting parasitic in some way and taking advantage.

4. Objects

Vomiting odd objects like toys or jewelry is often symbolic. Those items are connected to a person or situation making you feel “sick” inside, like you can no longer stomach it.

5. Excrement

Throwing up feces or excrement represents needing to purge yourself of old “toxins”, past trauma, negative emotions or shattered illusions that no longer aid your growth. It may feel unpleasant, but it makes room for fresh perspectives.

Interpreting Dreams of Sudden Illness and Throwing Up

Here are some other tips for analyzing throwing up dreams:

  • Pay attention to exactly how you feel right before and during episodes of vomiting in dreams. Are you anxious, terrified, resigned, angry? Any identifiable emotions around the act itself provide clues.
  • Take note of what led up to the vomiting. Were you nauseous for a long time first? Or did it seem to occur out of nowhere? Gradual onset versus surprise onset changes the symbolic meaning.
  • Consider who, if anyone, is with you when vomiting occurs in dreams. The presence or lack of support figures is insightful.
  • Reflect on what happens after you throw up. Do you feel an immediate sense of relief? Or even more ill and panicked than before? The aftermath shapes interpretation.

By getting clear on the sequence of events and range of emotions in your dream, you can start to uncover the connections to situations and relationships in your daily life.

It comes down to calmly asking yourself, “what does this dream mean to me?” The goal isn’t to diagnose what’s wrong based on some universal theory of dream interpretation.

Instead, reflect on how the imagery, however unpleasant, might represent areas for personal or spiritual growth. Explore what needs healing or release in your life right now.

Once you identify possible connections to your waking experiences, create an action plan. That may involve setting better boundaries, having difficult conversations to clear the air or simply scheduling time for self-care to manage overwhelming responsibilities.

Throwing up in dreams certainly gets your attention! But beyond the shock value, consider it an opportunity to recalibrate your mind, body and spirit.