Express Your Spirituality with Hippie Tattoo Ideas

Searching for deeper meaning in life through body art is a journey many free spirits have taken. Hippie style tattoos allow you to visually express your spiritual side. Whether you feel a connection to nature, astrology, meditation, or the occult, there are inspiring tattoo options to fit your personal beliefs.

Read on to explore popular spiritual tattoo motifs and how to find the perfect design to awaken your inner hippie.

Spiritual Meaning Behind Hippie Tattoos

Tattoos are a creative way for hippies to visually communicate their values and spiritual interests. Here are some of the common meanings behind spiritual hippie tattoos:

  • Connection to nature – Images like mountains, trees, and wildlife represent living in harmony with the natural world.
  • Focus on peace and love – Symbols like peace signs, yin yangs, and hearts reflect hippie ideals.
  • Interest in meditation – Ohm, lotus, and Buddha images relate to meditative practices.
  • Appreciation for astrology – Zodiac signs, moon phases, and constellations align with a belief in the occult.
  • Trust in karma and destiny – The wheel of dharma and om mani padme hum mantra represent this belief system.

By permanently marking spiritual emblems on your body, you demonstrate your commitment to living consciously with an awareness of energies larger than yourself. For hippies, tattoos are a symbolic reminder to follow their true path in life.

Tattoo Elements with Spiritual Meaning

Some specific examples of tattoo designs carrying spiritual significance include:

  • The lotus flower – Represents overcoming obstacles on the path to enlightenment.
  • Mandala – Circular designs symbolizing the cosmos and life’s never-ending cycles.
  • The hamsa – An ancient Middle Eastern talisman invoking protection.
  • Chakra symbols – Visualizations of the body’s spiritual energy centers.
  • Om – The primordial vibration from which existence emanates.
  • Yantra – Geometric diagrams used as meditation aids.

When selecting spiritual symbols, look inward and reflect on which motifs truly resonate with your inner truth and values. The meaning behind your tattoo design should align with your personal growth journey.

Common Placement Areas

Where you place a tattoo on your body can impact its overall meaning. Popular spots for spiritual tattoos include:

  • Shoulder – Indicates a desire to carry responsibilities or burdens.
  • Forearm – Shows you are open about displaying your beliefs.
  • Wrist – Represents important values you follow closely.
  • Back – Demonstrates inner depths not obvious to outsiders.
  • Ankle – Speaks to moving forward mindfully on your life path.
  • Neck – Shows a close connection to your spirituality.

Consider both the symbolism and visibility you want when selecting tattoo placement. Certain discrete locations like the back or ankle allow you to hide a tattoo when desired.

Popular Hippie Spiritual Tattoo Designs and Placement Ideas

Combining spiritual icons with hippie style creates tattoos that are meaningful and aesthetically pleasing. Here are some top motifs to consider:

Yin Yang

The interlocking teardrop shapes of the yin yang represent finding balance between opposing forces. It ties to hippie ideals of harmony between darkness and light. Place on your upper back between the shoulder blades to reflect internal balance.

Flower with Om Symbol

Om, the primordial sound of the universe, appears in many Eastern spiritual traditions. Combine with a lotus or other flower for a hippie nature vibe. Place on your forearm or wrist to keep this grounding image visible.

Tree of Life

Trees represent nature’s resilience and the interconnectedness of all living things. A tree of life aligns with hippie environmentalist views. Place on a leg, side ribcage, or back for an impactful large design.


These ornately detailed circular designs symbolize the cosmic and cyclical nature of the universe in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Place a mandala on your shoulder blade or upper arm to enhance the spiral effect.

Moon Phases

The moon’s shifting faces over a month follow nature’s rhythms and tie to feminine energy and intuition. Combine moon phases with a crystal, pentacle, or flower in hippie witch style. Place along your neck, behind your ear, or on your outer forearm.

Chakra Symbols

The seven chakras moving from root to crown represent ascending energy centers along the spine. Get colorful chakra symbols along your back starting from the base of your neck.

Astrological Constellation

Show your connection to the zodiac with your sun sign constellation. Taurus, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and other signs carry mystical meaning. Place your sign over your heart or between your shoulder blades.

Lotus Flower

The lotus emerging pure from muddy waters conveys spiritual ascension and potential for enlightenment. Add this icon of meditation to your lower leg or wrist.

Combining Nature Imagery with Spiritual Symbols

Many hippies feel a deep spiritual connection to the natural world and cosmos. You can mix nature-inspired visuals with spiritual icons to create meaningful tattoo designs.

Mountain Landscape with Lotus

Add a lotus flower silhouette to a mountain and forest landscape. This combines nature scenery with a symbol of enlightenment. Place as a full back or leg sleeve tattoo.

Sun Phases with Om

Merge the phases of the sun with the om symbol for a tattoo representing the cycle of life. Place on your outer bicep or thigh for a bold look.

Tree with Chakra Symbols

Incorporate the seven chakra symbols into the design of a tree to link energy points with living nature. Place as a vertical tattoo along your full spine.

Zodiac Constellation in Nature Scene

Add your zodiac constellation to a scene like a forest, desert, or ocean that resonates with you. This integrates astrology with the natural world. Place on your calf or upper back.

Mandala Inside a Lotus Flower

Position a mandala at the center of an open lotus flower to symbolize inner stillness and outward expression of higher consciousness. Place on your upper arm or between the shoulder blades.

Connecting spiritual icons with nature creates holistic tattoo designs reflecting hippie values. Consult with your tattoo artist on how to seamlessly blend these elements.

Tattoo Styles Capturing the Hippie Spirit

Beyond the specific symbols, the style and artistic technique used can contribute to a tattoo’s hippie vibe. Some directions to explore include:


A splashy, free-flowing watercolor look using muted tones and bleeds of color captures the essence of hippie style. Works well for nature scenes and mandalas.

Sketch Art

A hand-drawn, imperfect sketch effect contributes a carefree, artistic sensibility. Looks great with flower and astrology designs.

Fine Line

Delicate, intricate fine line detailing gives tattoos complexity without weight. Ideal for sacred geometry shapes and patterns.


A dotwork technique builds up designs using meditative, systematic dots. Brings interesting texture to mandalas and nature motifs.

Sacred Geometry

Symmetrical shapes, ratios, and repeating geometric patterns create hypnotic spiritual tattoos. Essential knowledge for mandala artists.

Discuss a style conducive to your chosen symbols and location with your tattoo artist during your consultation.

Choosing a Tattoo Artist Familiar with Hippie Style

To end up with a tattoo that truly captures the look and spirit of hippie culture, it’s key to select the right tattoo artist. Here’s how to find someone suited for the job:

  • Look through artist portfolios and Instagram feeds to see examples of hippie, nature, occult, and free-spirited tattoo work.
  • Choose an artist experienced in the specific spiritual symbols and motifs you want to include.
  • Opt for someone knowledgeable about sacred geometry, symmetry, and composition for mandala or zodiac designs.
  • Find a tattooist able to translate your vision into a cohesive full scene like a nature landscape.
  • Schedule a consultation to discuss concepts and visualize the design before your appointment.
  • Select an artist whose vibe meshes well with the hippie mindset and values.
  • Ask to see healed photos of the artist’s work to judge line quality and longevity.

Putting your tattoo in the hands of the right artist ensures your permanent body art reflects your spiritual side for years to come. With an inclusive concept and meaning behind the design, your hippie style tattoo will become a moving work of art you are proud to wear.

Once your meaningful spiritual tattoo graces your body, proper aftercare is essential for keeping it looking its best. Here are some tips:

  • Carefully follow your artist’s instructions for cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting the tattoo during initial healing.
  • After it’s healed, apply broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen daily to prevent fading.
  • Moisturize the tattooed area daily with an unscented lotion to maintain healthy skin.
  • Avoid long hot showers and activities causing excessive friction on the tattoo.
  • Exfoliate gently using a soft washcloth or exfoliating glove when showering.
  • If your tattoo fades over time, see your artist for a touch up or enhancement.

By taking proper care of your new spiritual body art, you can ensure the colors remain brilliant and details stay crisp as the years go on. Your tattoo will continue reflecting your hippie soul for a lifetime.