Following Our Spiritual Calling

The stirring of our soul towards meaning and purpose is the genesis of our spiritual strivings. We sense there is more to life than the mundane – a deeper significance calling to us from within. Our spiritual journey begins when we attune to this inner prompting and set forth to uncover life’s transcendent possibilities.

What compels us to seek the spiritual path? For many, it is an innate yearning to connect with the sacred and experience wholeness. We embark on an exploration of consciousness, desiring to transcend our limited egos and align with higher realities. Of course, the spiritual quest is intensely personal, fueled by our distinctive life stories. Yet in probing life’s deepest questions, we share a common longing for truth and transformation.

Defining Spiritual Strivings

Spiritual strivings refer to our soul’s innate longing for meaning, purpose and connection with the transcendent. This spiritual impulse emerges from the very core of our being, calling us to look within and explore the deeper dimensions of life.

Spiritual strivings compel us to question who we are and why we are here on this planet. They stir us to contemplate life’s mysteries and seek enduring sources of peace, joy and fulfillment. We desire to know what happens after death and hope that existence has meaning beyond our mortal lives. Fundamentally, spiritual strivings express our soul’s sacred yearning to discover its true essence and destiny.

Characteristics of Spiritual Strivings

Our spiritual strivings have telltale characteristics that reveal their sacred origins. Most notably, they engender a sense of the eternal – glimpses into timeless realities that transcend our transient earthly experiences. Spiritual strivings connect us with higher planes of consciousness not bound by physical limitations.

Genuine spiritual strivings also kindle unconditional positive emotions such as compassion, joy, equanimity and love. As we uncover our divine essence, we become conduits of the sacred, emanating spiritual qualities intrinsic to all of life. Our presence uplifts others, inviting them to ignite their own spiritual fire.

Additionally, spiritual strivings instill a sense of meaning and purpose, a feeling that our lives matter. By linking to the eternal Ground of All Being, we know at the deepest level that we belong, that existence itself needs us. Our spiritual unfolding contributes to the whole, redeeming life’spain and sorrow.

Cultivating Spiritual Strivings

Because spiritual strivings originate from soul depths, we must create space for the inward journey to sharpen our discernment. Some pearls of wisdom on cultivating spiritual life:

  • Set aside regular silent meditation to hear inner stirrings beyond the ego’s chatter.
  • Spend time in nature absorbing its wordless spiritual wisdom.
  • Practice heart-centered virtues like forgiveness, humility and gratitude.
  • Explore teachings and practices from the world’s wisdom traditions.
  • Entertain life’s mysteries without demanding definitive answers.

By patiently nurturing spiritual strivings, we ready ourselves to hear the soul’s quiet yearning for the Eternal Beloved. Over time, glimpse transforms into vision as our realization of life’s sacredness deepens.

Understanding Our Inner Calling

Why does the soul call so persistently? Ancient mystics and modern sages affirm existence itself beckons us to awaken to its hidden splendor. We hear this summons as an unnamed longing subtly influencing our worldly pursuits. Eventually, a moment arrives when the heart can no longer ignore its primal urgency.

Clues Beyond the Ego

Though often masked by the ego and its insatiable desires, clues to the soul’s yearning arise in moments of stillness. We experience sporadic glimpses – a golden sunset igniting awe, the smiling eyes of a stranger sparking connection, the sudden insight solving an intractable problem. Such flashes convey hints of wonder, belonging and enlightenment characteristic of our highest spiritual nature.

Likewise, sorrow can spur our spiritual longing. The egoic habits and belief structures we inherit often generate suffering. When we realize something vital is missing, we become willing to confront painful illusions about who we are. This courageous vulnerability opens new portals of possibility beyond the ego.

Responding to the Call

Once aware of our spiritual calling, we reach a crossroads. One path follows the familiar route of conformity and complacency. The other ignites a personal quest toward realizing our full potential. Embarking on the spiritual path takes humility and sincere self-inquiry to challenge limiting perspectives.

Essentially, saying yes to the soul’s summons means prioritizing awareness, self-honesty and compassionate service to life above egoic desires. Responding to our inner spiritual calling plants seeds of integrity, wisdom and positive contribution ripening over a lifetime.

Hearing the Call to Spiritual Awakening

The soul’s urgent call quickens during significant life events – births and deaths, new jobs, moves or relationships. Sudden changes challenge our status quo, surfacing existential questions that awaken spiritual longing:

  • Who am I beyond my accustomed roles?
  • What happens when my possessions and titles vanish?
  • How do I create meaning amidst uncertainty?

By shaking loose our tightly-held perceptions, transitions expose untapped depths within ourselves. The resulting discomfort becomes the impetus for seeking liberating spiritual truth.

Essential Ingredients for Spiritual Emergence

Several conditions spur authentic spiritual awakening during turbulent times. First, we must set aside ego defenses blaming external circumstances and shielding us from growth. Next, we cultivate brutal self-honesty to unpack fears, judgments and false beliefs that reinforce suffering.

As we relinquish egoic habits, space opens for higher guidance. We discover humility by admitting we do not have all the answers. This humble unknowing invites inspiration and healing. We start discerning purposeful patterns revealing life’s deeper meaning. Awakening becomes possible when we embrace sacred self-inquiry as a spiritual practice.

Commitment to Spiritual Maturation

With consistent intent and practice, we gradually replace fear-based egoic perceptions with compassion and mindfulness. Spiritual awakening manifests as increasing peace, self-awareness and unity with others. We feel guided by an Inner Witness protecting us from regression into limiting attitudes.

Over time, we discover that genuine spiritual maturation requires ongoing vigilance. Periods of joyful awakening and clarity give way to doubts, fears and perceived isolation. By persisting through the ups and downs, we actualize our full potential.

Embarking on the Spiritual Journey

Once we commit fully to our spiritual path, existence becomes the teacher guiding each moment. Responding to inner promptings with trust and courage, rather than resisting or forcing outcomes, attracts people and events perfectly matched to further our growth.

Reorienting our lives to align with spiritual values also allows our passions and talents to blossom. As we share our authentic gifts, we inspire others to express theirs. We recognize our lives interweave in an elegant tapestry of mutual awakening.

Navigating Spiritual Byways

Several touchstones help orient us when the spiritual terrain grows rocky:

  • Anchoring in the present moment calms the mind’s distress.
  • Affirming our intrinsic goodness combats harsh self-judgment.
  • Practicing lovingkindness soothes inner turbulence.
  • Seeking wise mentors and communities reinforces our higher purpose.

By infusing consciousness into everything we do, life becomes our unerring guide. Each experience offers essential teachings helping us actualize our divine potential.

As we travel farther on the spiritual path, past and future fade behind a timeless Now. Linear checkpoints measuring progress disappear, revealing themselves as egoic constructs. Our journey culminates simply in awakening to the peace and completion in each perfect moment.

Ultimately, the purity of our spiritual strivings to know and fulfill the sacred purpose for which we were created leads us home. We come full circle, discovering we never departed from the Beloved, as exiled prodigal sons and daughters. Grace alone initiates and completes the soul’s sojourn back into Infinite Love.