Frankincense Incense Rites for Spiritual Insight

The sweet, woody aroma of frankincense incense has been used in spiritual practices for thousands of years. As the smoke from these fragrant resins fills a space, it’s believed to lift the soul and connect us to the divine.

But what is the deeper meaning and purpose behind using frankincense for meditation, rituals, and ceremony? Let’s explore how this ancient incense unlocks mystical experiences and offers a pathway to enlightenment.

Frankincense Origins and Spiritual History

Frankincense and myrrh have an extensive history dating back over 5,000 years to ancient Egypt, where they were highly prized for religious rituals and healing. Frankincense specifically symbolized the presence of the Divine.

The Babylonians and Assyrians also used frankincense in ceremonies to honor their gods. In ancient Judea, frankincense was a sacred temple incense representing prayer offered to God. It’s still used today in many religious services around the world, including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Paganism.

Associations with Divinity and Purification

This resin from Boswellia tree species acquired such spiritual symbolic meaning because of its divine scent and rarity. Having to be imported great distances across the Arabian and North African deserts added to its mystical allure.

The smoke and fragrance were believed to connect people to the Divine and facilitate purification to elevate consciousness. Frankincense represented holiness, blessing, protection, and divinity due to these unique properties.

Biblical and Quranic References

Frankincense and myrrh were highly esteemed in the Bible and Quran. According to the Bible, frankincense was one of the three gifts brought by the Three Wise Men to honor the newborn Jesus. References associating frankincense with prayer and the Divine presence link it firmly to Judeo-Christian theological belief in God’s manifestation on Earth.

In Islam, the Quran and Hadith mention the ritual burning of olibanum frankincense. It was loved by the Prophet Mohammed for its beautiful scent and purifying effects. Frankincense remains an important incense in the Muslim world today.

Using Frankincense to Deepen Meditation

Frankincense has a long history supporting meditation, clarity of mind, and heightened intuition through its uplifting fragrance. The aroma triggers relaxation while focusing the mind, making it ideal for contemplation, reflection, or guided journeying.

Burning frankincense incense before or during meditation enhances concentration. Its earthy, balsamic notes create an atmosphere conducive to looking inward. The smoke is thought to carry one’s intentions and prayers to the heavens for manifestation.

Scientific Effects on Brain Waves

Modern scientific research has confirmed what ancient cultures knew instinctively – that frankincense truly aids meditation and lifts the human spirit.

Studies using EEG tests show that inhaling frankincense incense significantly raises alpha brainwave activity within 90 seconds. Alpha waves are associated with relaxation and heightened intuition, making it easier to quiet the mind and go inward.

The aromatherapeutic properties of Boswellia resin extracts also reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and prevent cerebral inflammation – perfect for inducing a meditative state.

Tools to Maximize Effects

Certain tools can amplify the meditation-enhancing effects of frankincense:

  • Diffuser – Spreads fragrance slowly over several hours
  • Incense holder – Contain and direct smoke flow
  • Singing bowl – Focuses mind, complements aroma
  • Oracle cards – Aid reflection, intuition
  • Journal – Records insights gained during practice

Adding frankincense oil to a diffuser or burning resin on charcoal are common methods. Allow at least 20-30 minutes with the scent to relax into a reflective state before starting meditation.

Frankincense Magical & Ritual Uses

Beyond meditation, frankincense also has an important role in rituals and ceremonial magick. It’s believed the rising smoke carries one’s intentions to higher realms, activating and manifesting desired outcomes.

The correspondence between frankincense smoke and the elevation of spirit makes it ideal for rituals seeking insight from deities or spirit guides. Burning the resin sanctifies a space for ritual work by purifying negative energy.

Planetary and Zodiac Associations

In astrology and magick, frankincense relates to the Sun and Jupiter. Jupiter links it to expansion, luck, prosperity, vision, and protection. The Sun confers confidence, fame, leadership, illumination, and elevation of consciousness.

Zodiac associations include Sagittarius for higher truth seeking and Pisces for mystical attunement. Frankincense prescribed for these signs boosts self-discovery journeys and spiritual destiny.

Types of Rituals

Frankincense is commonly used in rituals for:

  • Banishing/protection – Dispels negativity
  • Divination – Seeking wisdom, messages
  • Consecration – Blessing of tools, self
  • Offerings – Gifts expressing gratitude
  • Exorcism – Removing unwanted spirits

When performing rituals with frankincense, set clear intentions while allowing the smoke to infuse one’s energy and environment. Divine communication often happens subtly through intuition, sensations, visions, or synchronicities over time.

Symbolic Meaning of Frankincense Smoke

Why does this aromatic smoke hold such power? According to spiritual views, the rising of smoke symbolizes the lifting of prayers, manifestation, clarity, and higher consciousness.

Smoke represents the intangible made visible – insight revealed, communication opened between realms. Burning frankincense activates this ascension, like a portal to the Divine. The smoke embodies spiritual connection taking visible form.

Seeing smoke spiritually represents faith made visible. It lifts our prayers and intentions to be fulfilled beyond our current limitations. The fragrant smoke also reminds that divinity lies within all things, bridges all dualities, purifies and transforms.

Smoke Color Symbolism

The color of frankincense smoke also holds meaning:

  • White – purification, blessings, peace
  • Black – banishing, binding, removing obstacles
  • Blue – wisdom, psychic abilities, tranquility
  • Gold/Silver – attunement to light, angels, sources

Observing smoke colors during ritual allows additional messages and guidance to come through. Combine frankincense resin colors to create desired effects.

The four elements – fire, air, water and earth – meet in frankincense smoke. The resin comes from trees representing earth energy. Fire transforms the resin. The rising smoke joins earth and fire with the air element. Burning over water produces steam, activating total harmony.

This balance and activation of all four elements intensifies the incense’s power to affect changes on subtle and material planes when used ritualistically.