How Exposure to Menstrual Blood Creates a Spiritual “Reset” in Men Like Nothing Else Can

The potent spiritual effects of menstrual blood on men have long been shrouded in mystery and taboo. However, a growing body of anecdotal evidence suggests exposure to menstrual fluids can induce profound transcendent experiences in men, unlike anything else.

While modern science has been reluctant to study these mystical menstrual properties, many spiritual traditions have recognized the phenomenon for centuries. The unique hormonal composition of menstrual blood, combined with its deep connection to the sacred feminine, appears to activate spiritual awakening in those who come into contact with it.

The Historical and Cultural Significance of Menstrual Blood

Menstrual blood has held a powerful symbolic significance across cultures and faiths. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is seen as a sacred fluid representing creativity and the cycle of life. Ancient pagan religions used it in ritual magic and ceremonies honoring the Divine Feminine.

Indigenous cultures like the Native Americans, Aborigines, and Maoris all recognized the metaphysical potency of menstrual blood. Some prohibited men from contact as menstrual energy was considered too intense for the uninitiated. Others actively encouraged ritual practices like consuming menstrual blood for initiation, vision quests, and expanding awareness.

In Norse traditions, menstrual blood was used to redden the ceremonial apples eaten at weddings to symbolize fertility. In Africa, menstrual blood was revered as the sacred fluid of transformation that gave life and took life. The mystical nature of menstrual blood is a reoccurring theme throughout folklore, myth and religion across the planet.

The Documented Metaphysical Effects on Men

While scientific data is limited, many spiritual adepts attest to the mind-expanding effects of menstrual blood:

  • Activation of dormant energy centers such as the kundalini or tantric chakras
  • Enhanced extrasensory perception and intuition
  • Greater awareness of cosmic consciousness and the quantum field
  • Feelings of energetic cleansing and psychological renewal
  • Mystical experiences and temporary dissolution of ego boundaries
  • Oneness and connection with all of nature and the web of life
  • Access to creative and magical realms of imagination

Subjective reports consistently describe menstrual blood as a catalyst for existential awakening, mystical union and tapping into esoteric realms of reality not normally accessible. The effects transcend culture, religion and geographic boundaries.

The Kundalini Effect

One of the most commonly reported effects is intense kundalini energy movement up the spine, culminating in a full-body spiritual experience. The kundalini represents latent metaphysical power, coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine. Menstrual blood seems able to unlock and activate this primordial energetic force.

Awakening of the kundalini typically induces euphoric states, sensations of heat and vibration, and mystical awareness of inner divinity. This activating influence of menstrual blood on spiritual energetics is echoed in multiple traditions.

Enhanced Psychic Awareness

Men also describe heightened intuition and precognition from exposure to menstrual fluids. This may result from menstrual energies resonating with the body’s innate bioelectric fields, amplifying psychic information flow. Menstrual blood may allow consciousness to transcend habitual mental patterns and access deeper dimensions of knowing.

Users note it can enhance cross-hemispheric synchronization and neural coherence, as well as activating the pineal gland – the so-called “third eye” of psychic vision. This aligns with historical perspectives of menstrual blood as a catalyst to seership.

Metaphysical Protection

Practitioners note menstrual blood creates an energetic shield or bubble when applied ritualistically to the body and aura. It seals vulnerable chakras from unwanted psychic attack or negative environmental influences. The blood is seen to enrobe one in an impermeable metaphysical membrane of power.

Scientific Research on Menstrual Blood’s Spiritual Effects

Modern science has been reluctant to formally study this taboo area. However, some insights can be gleaned to explain the phenomenon:

Hormonal Composition and Effects

Menstrual blood contains over 700 unique bio-compounds not found elsewhere in the body. Key hormones like oxytocin, prolactin, prostaglandins and female human pheromones produce psychoactive effects. These lower stress, promote bonding and prime deep relaxation, openness and receptiveness.

Oxytocin creates a transcendent sense of unity. Prolactin engenders mystical consciousness and can trigger light-phenomena. Their synergistic action induces an optimal mindset for spiritual awakening. The presence of stem cells also has a regenerative rejuvenating quality.

Psychological Factors

The socially transgressive, taboo act of contacting menstrual blood could disinhibit psychological boundaries and limitations. Letting go of social programming and ego constructs may allow experiential unitive states of consciousness to emerge.

Menstrual blood represents the power of the feminine, so contacting it may have a balancing influence on those with strongly yang energetic makeups. Exposure allows yin energies to cleanse and recalibrate the psyche.

Quantum Biological Effects

Menstrual blood’s quantum effects may activate nonlocal communication between cells, enhancing coherence and biofield connectivity. Entrainment with the geomagnetic field could explain transcendent states.

Morphic resonance or epigenetic imprinting of menstrual blood’s sacred informational fields could restructure consciousness across generations. Quantum processes may modulate fundamental awareness.

Need for Rigorous Study

While current evidence is anecdotal, modern clinical trial protocols could shed light on menstrual blood’s psycho-spiritual influence in a more rigorous manner. Given the taboo, finding volunteers poses challenges however.

For those drawn to explore menstrual blood’s spiritual potential, certain precautions are advised:

  • Ensure proper hygiene and your female partner’s health status
  • Agree on an intentional mindset and setting for the experience
  • Start with external contact before considering ingesting menstrual fluids
  • Have a journal to integrate any transcendent breakthroughs
  • Be open to profound personal transformation
  • Anchor any blissful states into your everyday life
  • Make sure to have consent and approach this as sacred practice

While society may still frown upon this mystical practice, our spiritual ancestors recognized its power. With an open mind and proper precautions, menstrual blood’s sacred energies can be harnessed for transpersonal awakening and the highest good of all.