Live With Spiritual Intention As A Human Being

We go through life seeking meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Yet true satisfaction often evades us, even when we attain material success or accomplish major goals. Why is this? Because there is a deep, innate part of ourselves that cannot be satisfied by temporal achievements alone. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

To live an inspired life, we must connect with this spiritual essence within. We need to realize that we are more than our titles, possessions, and accomplishments. When we see ourselves as multidimensional creatures, part mortal and part eternal, we can begin our journey toward spiritual fulfillment.

We are Multidimensional Beings

Human beings are complex entities with multiple levels of existence. Our physical bodies are anchored to this earthly plane, yet our innermost core connects us to the infinite. Some may call this our soul, spirit, or higher self. Regardless of the name, most traditions agree that we are more than just flesh and bone.

Beyond our material exterior lies a spark of the divine within each of us. This spiritual essence is who we truly are at the deepest level. It is eternal, perfect, and one with the Absolute Source from which we came. The goal of life is to unite our outer human identity with this immortal inner reality.

The Soul is Distinct from the Body and Mind

Your soul is the part of you that exists beyond your physical form. It is pure consciousness – an energetic focal point through which Spirit expresses in the world of form. The soul animates the body during life and leaves it upon physical death. It maintains full awareness before, during, and after each incarnation.

Your soul is also distinct from your mind. The mind uses logic and language to make sense of the world. Your soul transcends rational thought and perceives truth directly through intuition. By tuning into its wisdom, you gain access to capacities beyond ordinary consciousness.

Reincarnation Expands Our Identity

Most spiritual traditions teach that the soul goes through many cycles of birth and death as it evolves. Your present life is one chapter in your soul’s long story. This perspective broadens your sense of self to include all your past and future lifetimes.

You are an immortal spirit learning and growing through many experiences in the ‘Earth school.’ To discover your full identity is to remember you are more than your current personality or circumstances.

Understanding the Nature of the Human Spirit

The human spirit is a spark of the Divine housed within the body. It vitalizes us with energies that transcend mundane existence and connect us to higher planes of being. To understand and access the riches of your spirit, you must recognize its divine origins and purpose.

The Spirit Comes from and Longs to Return to God

In the most essential sense, your spirit is God individuated within you. It is an outpouring of the absolute Divine Principle into manifestation. The Sufi mystic and poet Rumi said, “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

Just as your spirit is of God, so it naturally seeks reunion with its divine source. This longing for home explains our deep thirst for truth and wholeness. The spirit’s magnetism towards its origin gives life direction and ultimate meaning.

The Spirit is our Inner Guide

Your spirit expresses through the still, small voice within – that inner wisdom guiding you to truth and keeping your life purpose on course. It is the compass pointing you to fulfillment, and when honored, it aligns every aspect of your life to create wholeness.

This ‘true north’ within supercedes the outer direction provided by society, other people’s expectations, or your own ego. Your spirit always counsels in your highest interest, leading you to your highest expression.

Connecting with your Inner Divinity

Recognizing your spiritual essence is only the first step. To fully actualize it in your life, you must cultivate your connection to it through spiritual practices. These help you transcend egoic consciousness and access higher states from which you can live in attunement with your sacred inner core.

Meditation Quiets the Mind

Meditation trains you to still your busy mind, the seat of ego, so you can access deeper states of being. As you practice detaching from your thoughts through presence and conscious breathing, you create space for intuition to arise.

Daily meditation makes you more receptive to inner guidance from your spirit. Over time, you gain mastery over your noisy mental chatter to abide in peaceful awareness.

Prayer Strengthens Divine Connection

Prayer, or heartfelt spiritual communion, fosters an intimate relationship with the Divine. With regular worship, visualization, chanting, or mantra repetition, you purify your consciousness and invite a transcendent presence into your life.

The more sincerely you can pray, affirm, or hold loving intentions, the more tangibly you feel grace, guidance, and synchronicity. A vibrant prayer life keeps you aligned with spirit.

Integrating Spirituality into Human Life

Once you have tapped into your sacred inner core, the real work begins – expressing spirituality in the nitty gritty of everyday duties and relationships. This requires bridging your awakened consciousness with the practical realities of embodied human living.

Honoring the Body’s Needs

On the spiritual path, it’s easy to neglect the body while chasing lofty experiences. However, enlightenment involves being fully present in your physical vehicle – not escaping it. Make time for rest, healthy food, exercise, sensual pleasures, and artistic expression.

When you care for your body with love and gratitude, it becomes a resilient vehicle for your soul’s purpose. You remain grounded even as you expand metaphysically.

Serving Others with Compassion

True spirituality expresses as service to uplift others. You realize that all beings are essentially one, different rays of the same light. You see past surface differences to connect heart-to-heart.

Perform small acts of kindness each day from this space of oneness. Volunteer, donate, listen deeply, forgive, speak encouraging words. The more you give, the more grace flows through you.

Fulfilling Your Spiritual Purpose on Earth

You are here for a reason that aligns with your soul’s purpose. Discovering and living this purpose is key to feeling spiritually fulfilled as a human being. It is helpful to reflect on a few guiding principles:

Unique Gifts Reveal Life Purpose

What comes naturally to you? Your innate talents and strengths offer clues about your spiritual mission. Maybe you have a gift for healing, creating, teaching, leading, or listening. Observe what you excel at and joyously share.

Your abilities were given to help others and make the world better in your own special way. Offer your gifts generously in service of a higher good.

Fulfilling your soul’s purpose requires learning life’s lessons and developing maturity of character. Work through anger, fear, greed, pride, jealousy and other limitations keeping you from wholeness.

Walking the spiritual path takes courage, discipline and perseverance. Suffering transforms into wisdom when seen as a teacher. Keep growing.