Manifest Your Crush With This Dream Spell

Do you have a crush on someone you want to get closer to? Using a dream spell is a powerful way to manifest a deeper connection. By tapping into the power of the subconscious mind through dreams, you can attract new romance or strengthen a current relationship.

Dream spells allow you to nurture feelings of affection during sleep. Your desires and intentions are amplified as both your conscious and subconscious align. With some simple preparations, anyone can manifest more love using this magickal technique.

How Dream Spells Help Manifest Your Desires

Dream spells work by imprinting your intentions into the subconscious mind. As you fall asleep, your conscious thoughts fade and the subconscious takes over. A dream spell ensures your romantic desires populate this realm.

By focusing on what you want just before bed, these thoughts will carry over into the dreamscape. Your feelings are then amplified many times over, allowing energy to flow between you and your beloved.

This strengthens your spiritual connection, even if you are apart physically. It also primes both of you for real world interactions. You’ll find your crush starts occupying your waking thoughts too!

Why the Moon Matters

For best results, perform dream spells on nights with a waxing or full moon. The waxing moon provides energy to manifest new beginnings, while the full moon’s brightness stirs the depths of emotions and desire.

Friday is also considered the most auspicious day for love, romance and relationships. But any night when you feel energized and focused will work.

Setting the Scene for Manifestation

Create space consecrated just for dream work. Ideally, this is a separate area from where you sleep. Cleanse the space with sage, incense or whatever method you prefer. Dim the lights and play soft, relaxing music.

Have any crystals, tarot cards, photos, flowers or other romantic symbols on hand to help amplify energies. Candles representing love and passion are also recommended.

Casting A Simple Dream Spell With Household Items

One of the simplest ways to perform a dream spell involves envisioning your beloved as you drift off. But you can add some extra magickal oomph with common household items.

Dream Pillow Method

  • Take two small fabric pouches or sachets and fill with cotton balls or polyfil stuffing.
  • Place symbols of love and attraction inside. Rose petals, cinnamon sticks, cloves, dried apple or vanilla work well. Hair or personal artifacts can be added too.
  • Sprinkle each pillow with a love-drawing oil or perfume.
  • Hold the pillows together near your heart as you visualize being with your beloved. Infuse them with your intention.
  • Sleep with the dream pillows under your regular one to stimulate romantic dreams.

Magick Mirror Technique

  • Write your crush’s name on a mirror using a dry erase marker or lipstick.
  • Gaze at your reflection while focusing on your desire to connect with them.
  • Chant their name as you visualize their face morphing into yours.
  • Wipe the name away and carry the mirror to your nightstand.
  • Sleep near the mirror to reflect love energy and encourage dreams.

These are just a few examples of simple home spellwork. Feel free to get creative with correspondences and customize as desired!

Timing Your Dream Spell For Maximum Impact

Performing a dream spell properly takes some advance preparation and discipline. Planning the timing and your own energy level is key.

Just Before Bed

Start your ritual 20-60 minutes before your usual bedtime. This allows you to relax into a receptive, hypnotic state. But avoid doing spells when overly exhausted.

Focus your intention clearly in this pre-sleep time. Visualize your goal and what achieving it feels like. Calling your beloved’s name reinforces the connection.

Upon Waking

Keep dream logs by your bed to jot down snippets immediately upon waking. Dreams fade quickly, so writing them down helps anchor intentions.

In the mornings, take a few minutes to reflect on any messages or symbols that appeared. Look for signs about how to further manifest in waking life.

Regular Rituals

Consistency improves results. Performing the same routines for 3, 7 or 28 nights trains the mind. You’ll also notice symbolism repeating as your spells take hold.

Be patient and keep adjusting your visualizations as needed. Persistence in dream magick pays off with naturally blossoming romance!

Advanced Dream Spell Techniques

Once you get the basics down, try taking your skills to the next level. Advanced methods like lucid dreaming and astral projection allow even deeper work.

Lucid Dreaming

With practice, you can train yourself to become “lucid” and aware while dreaming. This lets you actively influence the direction of dreams.

Reality checks during the day help reinforce awareness. Mnemonic induction is another method, using verbal mantras before bed. This level of control supercharges spellwork.

Astral Projection

Astral projection or conscious out-of-body experiences let your spiritual essence connect directly with others. This can facilitate powerful dreamspace encounters.

Try the “rope technique.” Visualize an energy rope as you fall asleep. Use it to gently pull your astral self up and out, then to your beloved.

Meeting in Dreams

With shared dreaming, you actually rendezvous on the astral plane. This requires both parties to be adept at dream control and agree to meet.

Agree on mutual dreaming at night. Or try entering each other’s dreams unannounced! Just take care to practice ethical dream magick.

How can you tell if your intentions are manifesting successfully? Look for these signs of effective dream magick:

  • Increased recollection of romantic dreams featuring your beloved.
  • You or your crush initiate more contact in waking life.
  • Synchronicities, signs and symbols related to the spellwork appear.
  • Intuition and emotional intimacy increase between you.
  • Vivid daydreams about being together occur spontaneously.

Results depend on the strength of your connection and clarity of focus. But with consistency, dream spells create real movement toward your romantic goals.

As above, so below – by aligning your conscious and unconscious minds, you manifest love on earth as it is in dreamspace. Harness the moon’s cycles and your dreamtime superpowers to draw your heart’s desire closer.