Mystical Meanings of Moles Below Your Eyes Revealed

Since ancient times, moles have held deep significance across cultures. But what do moles under and around your eyes truly reveal about you?

Decoding the mystical messages of eye moles provides profound insights into your destiny, inner self and spiritual journey.

Mystical Meanings and Origins of Moles Below the Eyes

Moles, known as ’til’ in Hindi and ‘chih-mah’ in Cantonese, have long been imbued with cultural symbolism in China and India. Face reading texts from these regions linked the position, size and shape of moles to personality traits, life events, and destiny.

For example, a mole on the upper or lower eyelid indicates wealth and abundance, while one near the outer corner of the eye signals creativity. Moles under the left eye were thought to enhance logic and analytical skills in men, but to promote intuition and emotions in women.

Greek and Roman scholars like Aristotle and Pliny the Elder also pondered the meanings of moles. They associated moles on the right side with men and the left side with women. The Concise Chinese Mole Reading Handbook traces mole divination back over 3000 years to ancient Mongolia and Egypt.

Across these cultures, facial moles were believed to reveal an individual’s true nature and inner self. Their position mirrored a person’s life path and karmic lessons. The mystical art of moleomancy continues even today, providing insight into one’s destiny.

Origins and History of Mole Meanings in Face Reading

Face reading emerged independently among ancient cultures as a way of understanding identity and fate. Texts like the 5,000-year-old Chinese I Ching linked facial features with personality and destiny. Greek physicians like Hippocrates used face reading for medical diagnosis.

Reading facial moles became intertwined with face reading. The pseudoscience of moleomancy claimed moles showed one’s character and forecast life events. Texts like the Ben Cao Gang Mu compiled mole meanings in China by the 1500s. French seer Michel de Notre-Dame relied on moles in making prophecies in the 1500s.

Today moleomancy persists in traditions like Samudrik Shastra in India and kau chai in China. Though unscientific, its popularity endures due to the fascination of moles as mystical markers.

How Moles Reflect Destiny, Personality, and Inner Self

Face reading states facial features reflect innate qualities and inner energies. Moles, as markings on the face, came to represent these essences externalized. So a mole’s location mirrors strengths, weaknesses, and lessons to learn.

A mole on the forehead signals a restless, wisdom-seeking spirit, whereas one on the nose points to desire for wealth and success. Eye moles in particular reveal intellectual and intuitive abilities – a mole on the lower lid indicates scholarly intelligence, while the upper lid implies more mystical interests.

The deeper message is each mole highlights energies needing development. An eye mole signifies sharpening mental discernment of life’s lessons. With perceptive self-study, your true nature unfolds.

Decoding Different Positions and Shapes of Eye Moles

Moles in specific areas around the eyes hold distinct meanings in moleomancy. Their form further refines interpretations of their significance. Here are common eye mole locations and associated meanings:

Meanings of Moles in Different Areas Under and Around Eyes

Inner Corner of Eye : Emotional sensitivity and intuitiveness. May indicate psychic abilities, imagination or depression.

Outer Corner of Eye : Creativity and artistic expression. Tendency for adventurousness and passion.

Under Eye : Intellectual brilliance but possible melancholic tendencies. Strong capacity for research and analysis.

Upper Eyelid : Logical intelligence and interest in academics. Ability to concentrate deeply for long periods.

Lower Eyelid : Thoughtful and philosophical nature. Spiritual interests and desire to seek life’s meanings.

Eyebrow : Quick wit and perceptiveness. Potential for leadership roles later in life.

Interpreting Moles on Upper and Lower Eyelids

In moleomancy, eyelid moles hold special meaning as portals between inner and outer worlds. Upper lid moles reflect outer realities – career, status, wealth. Lower lid moles reveal inner life – emotions, intuition, spirituality.

Left eye moles govern logic and intellect. Right eye moles rule creativity and relationships. Moles on both sides indicate balance between rationality and intuition, mind and heart.

Moles on the upper lids forecast success via hard work. Lower lid moles promise happiness through emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Combined, they grant access to both outer achievement and inner joy.

Symbolic Significance of Mole Size, Color and Shape

A mole’s size, pigment and shape add further nuance to its meaning. Larger moles signify more significant themes. Darker moles reflect strengths, while lighter ones signal challenges.

Round or oval moles indicate positive traits. Irregular, jagged moles point to obstacles to overcome. Similarly, raised moles are deemed luckier than flat or sunken ones.

So a large, dark mole highlights dominant energies. Pale, jagged moles flag weaker areas for growth and learning. Dimension also matters in unlocking the messages in your eye moles.

Link Between Eye Moles and Chakra Energy Centers

In Indian face reading, eye moles provide insight into energies within chakras or spiritual centers. The third eye chakra governs intuition and foresight. Eye moles, as “third eyes”, activate its visionary qualities.

Moles between the eyebrows activate the sixth chakra, evoking psychic skills. Lower eye moles reflect energies of the second chakra – relationships, pleasure, and creativity.

Eye moles can indicate blocked or excessive chakra energies. With mindful awareness, we can achieve balance of our energetic systems for optimal wellbeing.

What Your Eye Moles Reveal About You

Your eye moles highlight aspects like perceptions, emotions and intellect. Decoding their meanings allows understanding your innate nature and aligning choices with your truths. Some insights eye moles may reveal:

How Moles Reflect Your Character, Emotions and Relationships

Moles signify character strengths to embrace and weaknesses to improve. An upper eye mole conveys analytical excellence but possible social disconnect. A lower eyelid mole indicates thoughtful sensitivity that requires assertive balance.

Left eye moles reveal logic capabilities. Right eye moles point to creative talents. An eyebrow mole signals wit and leadership, if channeled constructively. Eye moles provide self-knowledge to better relationships.

Connection Between Eye Moles and Events in Your Life

In moleomancy, moles foretell events based on their placement. Eye moles were thought to portend vision conditions. But they more broadly signify sharpening mental acuity of life’s lessons.

An inner eye mole may signal trusting instincts before major decisions. An outer eye mole encourages taking creative risks for fulfillment. Upper eyelid moles prompt developing pragmatism without losing imagination.

The true value is in eye moles revealing where to focus for desired results, from career to relationships. Their messages guide optimal choices.

Insights into Your Spiritual Journey and Destiny

As facial markers, eye moles were seen to indicate one’s destiny. Specific to eyes, they pinpoint developing wisdom and insight on your soul’s path.

Eye moles reveal spiritual capacities needing nurturing – an eyebrow mole encourages cultivating intuition alongside intellect. Lower lid moles suggest aligning mind and heart is central to your growth.

Most profoundly, eye moles signify awakening your inner vision to manifest your highest truths. Your spiritual destiny is fulfilled by bringing light to your inner darkness.

While face reading remains unproven, pondering the metaphorical meanings in your eye moles engages insightful self-reflection. At deeper levels, our choices align with our truths.

Your eye moles highlight strengths to empower and areas to transform for profound growth. Awakening their messages guides you to manifest your greatest potentials with wisdom and grace.