Nurture Your Soul with 7 Day Spiritual Candles

In an increasingly chaotic world, many seek respite in spiritual practices. One powerful yet simple ritual involves lighting 7 day spiritual candles. These hand-poured candles burn for seven days, allowing time for meditation, prayer, or intention setting. Their gentle, steady flames create a tranquil environment for soul-nurturing activities.

Spiritual candles connect us to something greater than our daily stresses. They represent beacons of light to guide our inner journey. Let’s explore how 7 day spiritual candles can nourish our spirits.

What Are 7 Day Spiritual Candles?

Seven day spiritual candles provide long-burning focal points for spiritual work. They allow us to infuse intentions into our surroundings for an extended period. Traditionally hand-poured with soy wax or beeswax, each candle burns for 168 hours.

These candles come in a wide array of colors, each with unique energetic and symbolic associations. Specific dressing oils may also be added to impart particular properties. Common oils used include frankincense, myrrh, sage, sandalwood, jasmine, clove, and patchouli.

To create a 7 day spiritual candle, wax is carefully poured into a glass jar by hand. During this ritualistic process, prayers or intentions may be whispered over the wax to charge it. The wick is then inserted and dressing oil applied before the candle sets.

Origins of 7 Day Candles

Seven day candles originated in Latin American and Caribbean spiritual traditions like Santeria, Espiritismo, and folk magic. They are still widely used in rituals for divination, cleansing, protection, healing, and manifesting.

In Hoodoo folk magic, 7 day candles play an integral role. Specific colors are burned to draw in money, love, luck, health, or employment. Dressing oils like “Fast Luck” or “Kiss Me Now” further customize the candles’ energies.

Over time, 7 day candles have been embraced by a wide range of spiritual seekers. Their lengthy burn time allows people of all backgrounds to focus intentions or connect with the Divine.

Significance of the 7 Day Spiritual Candle

Why use a candle that burns for seven days? This extended burn cycle carries great symbolic significance across spiritual traditions.

In Christianity, the number seven represents spiritual completeness or divinely ordained timing. Examples include God resting on the seventh day after Creation or the seven seals in Revelation.

Judaism observes a seven day week. The menorah holds seven candles. Ancient Jewish wisdom describes seven heavens, with the seventh being the holiest and closest to God.

In Hinduism, seven chakras run up the spine from base to crown. Activation of all seven energy centers leads to self-actualization.

In occult studies like Theosophy, the number seven governs the universe. It reflects completion of cycles and cultivation of inner wisdom.

Given these powerful seven day associations, burning a candle for this duration can align our intentions with cosmic forces or energetic patterns. It ignites a week-long flow of prayerful consciousness.

Benefits of Seven Days of Burn Time

Why is seven days significant for spiritual work? What benefits arise from having our intentions manifest for an entire week?

The key advantage is the strengthening of focus over time. Intentions grow through sustained daily reinforcement. A quick ritual lacks this depth of focus. Our devotion and willpower are tested and tempered when the candle burns daily.

Secondly, change often requires persistence through resistance. Doubts or obstacles may arise, especially with big shifts we are trying to manifest. A 7 day candle reminds us of our intentions every day, pushing us through fears holding us back.

Finally, burning a candle for seven days roots intentions into normal life. The candle flickers as we go about our week eating, working, and sleeping. This integration with daily rhythms generates deeper transformation.

How to Use 7 Day Spiritual Candles

Once we understand the meaning behind 7 day candles, how can we use them for soulful connection? Here are some tips:

Choose Candle Colors Wisely

Color selection is a key first step. Different candle colors carry distinct energetic vibrations based on their light wavelength. They attract and magnify specific intentions.

For love or relationships, pick red, pink, or peach candles. Green and turquoise candles promote healing and nurturing. Seek clarity with purple or indigo. Manifest wealth with gold or rich brown candles.

White candles work for any purpose, as their pure light contains all colors. Black candles absorb and transform negative energy. Use intuition to pick the optimal color for your intention.

Anoint with Dressing Oils

Dressing the candle with essential oils adds another layer of energetic potency. Oils like frankincense and myrrh amplify spiritual work. Choose floral scents for love or citrusy oils for clarity. Mint and eucalyptus provide protective, cleansing energy.

If using hoodoo formula oils, look for ingredients symbolizing your goal like cinnamon for money or rose for relationships. Apply a few drops to the top of the candle so they soak into the first burns.

Set Your Intentions

Before lighting your candle, set clear intentions. Hold the unlit candle and focus deeply on your purpose for this ritual. Envision your goal manifesting as you concentrate your will.

Some verbalize specific desires or recite prayers during this intention setting stage. Others draw sigils on the candle with oil to codify intentions. Simply sitting silently and concentrating intently on your aims imbues power.

Light and Sit with Your Candle

When ready, light your dressed and charged candle. Initially sit with it for 10-15 minutes as it starts burning strongly. Meditate on your manifested desire. Speak, sing, or inwardly repeat mantras or prayers focused on your intention.

Over the next seven days, spend a few minutes each day with the burning candle. Set the candle safely on a fireproof surface and watch the flame dance, reconnecting to your original ritual purpose. Reflect on any insights received.

Types of 7 Day Spiritual Candles

Beyond general ritual work, 7 day candles target many specific needs. Let’s explore some of the top types available:

Love and Relationship Candles

Pink or red candles dressed with rose, jasmine, or cinnamon oils draw new love or strengthen existing bonds. Burning two entwined candles manifests partnership. Cleansing with white candles releases past relationship baggage.

Money and Prosperity Candles

Green and gold candles aligned with mint or patchouli oils attract abundant wealth and prosperity. Symbols like coins may embellish the wax. Burning these during a full moon ritual amplifies financial flows.

Protection and Banishing Candles

Black candles cleared of negative energy provide psychic protection. White candles purify spaces or auras before rituals. Burning reversing or binding herbs in candles repels harmful influences or people.

Healing and Harmony Candles

Soothing blue, turquoise, or lavender candles dressed with healing oils instill deep calm and spiritual alignment. Allow their mellowing energies to smooth out energetic disharmonies over the week.

Clarity and Wisdom Candles

Seeking answers or direction? Purple and indigo candles attune us to inner wisdom and clear thinking. Frankincense and sage oils bolster our connection with intuitive realms of guidance.

Beyond the alignments explored above, burning 7 day spiritual candles provides many holistic benefits:

Deepens Concentration – The flickering candle flame mesmerizes our monkey minds, anchoring our focus into the present moment. This helps still our anxieties and worries.

Centers Our Energy – Looking at the dancing blaze radiating out from the wick aligns our own energy into a calm, centered state. We resonate with the candle’s rhythmic flow.

Purifies Space – The candle flame’s light transmutes dense or stagnant energy in a room or ritual area. This creates a sanctified environment for spiritual communion.

Attracts Divine Aid – Like a spiritual lighthouse in the dark, the lit candle calls benevolent spirits or angelic support. The light broadcasts our need for assistance.

Manifests Goals – Programmed intentions infused into the candle amplify our clarity and drive. Our rituals gain momentum fueled by the candle’s warding light.

Regardless of faith or background, engaging in focused spiritual practices benefits body, mind and soul. Lighting a 7 day candle creates sacred space for connecting to inner divinity and manifesting our highest self.