Nurture Your Spirit with Church of Spiritual Technology

In our fast-paced modern world, it’s easy to lose touch with our spiritual selves. We get caught up in the rush of daily responsibilities and material pursuits, neglecting the needs of our soul. Yet nurturing our spirit is key to living a fulfilling, meaningful life. The Church of Spiritual Technology offers a pathway to tap into our higher spiritual potential through applied spiritual technology.

You’ll learn spiritual growth principles to elevate consciousness, overcome limitations, and achieve inner peace. Harness these timeless truths to ignite your spiritual fire and accomplish profound soul goals.

Overview of Church of Spiritual Technology

The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) is a non-profit religious organization founded in 1982. Its mission is to preserve and spread the spiritual teachings of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. These teachings comprise a vast body of knowledge encapsulating universal truths about life, the spirit, and our relationship to a Supreme Being.

A core practice in Hubbard’s doctrine is “auditing.” This is a form of spiritual counseling which aims to free people from barriers blocking their true spiritual nature. By addressing these barriers, people can unlock their ultimate spiritual potential and achieve spiritual freedom.

Key Principles

The Church bases its teachings on principles such as:

  • People are immortal spiritual beings
  • Life has a spiritual purpose and meaning
  • Joy and spiritual fulfillment are achievable states
  • Faith in a Supreme Being who created us
  • Commitment to helping others attain spiritual freedom

The Church utilizes “advanced spiritual technology” to help people nurture their spirits. This technology applies Hubbard’s research into the human mind and spirit.


As mentioned, auditing is central to the Church’s doctrine. It’s a precise procedure directed by an auditor aimed at locating and addressing spiritual hindrances. By pinpointing areas of spiritual distress, auditing seeks to alleviate these troubles. This can unravel long-held blockages and limitations, freeing people to realize their true spiritual potential.

Benefits of Nurturing Your Spirit

Why is nurturing your spirit so vital for health, happiness and inner peace? Science confirms that embracing spiritual growth principles cultivates positive emotions like optimism, joy and gratitude. This boosts cognitive facilities and emotional intelligence – skills essential for success.

Additional benefits include:

  • Heightened self-awareness and life purpose
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Better ability to cope with loss or hardship
  • Enhanced feelings of meaningfulness
  • Healthier lifestyle choices
  • Improved cardiovascular and immune health
  • Increased compassion and inclination to serve others

Investing time to nurture your soul pays dividends across all facets of life. You become more resilient to life’s curve balls and better equipped to realize ambitions. By looking within, you gain profound insight into relationships, decision-making, and achieving cherished goals.

Finding Inner Peace

As people grow spiritually, they tap into an innate wellspring of inner tranquility and grace. This bestows:

  • Greater emotional stability and calm
  • Heightened ability to regulate thoughts, moods and behavior
  • Improved focus and mental clarity
  • Enhanced capacity for compassion, forgiveness and letting go of resentment
  • More positivity, optimism and gratitude

This evolving sense of inner peace and harmony is a guiding light. It steers people toward their higher purpose andfilters wisdom guiding daily choices large and small.

Spiritual Growth Principles

Certain key principles promote spiritual thriving if consciously integrated into life.

Fundamentals include:

  • Self-reflection – Regularly analyzing thoughts, emotions and behavior builds self-awareness vital for growth.
  • Mindfulness – Focusing on the present anchors awareness away from worry over past and future.
  • Self-care – Attending physical, emotional and psychological needs enables thriving.
  • Positive thinking – Adopting an optimistic mindset magnetizes desirable outcomes.
  • Self-improvement – Consistently learning and advancing intellectually, creatively and spiritually.
  • Altruism – Serving others fulfills innate spiritual longing to significance beyond oneself.
  • Connecting with nature – Spending time outdoors uplifts and renews spiritual energy.
  • Practicing gratitude – Regularly appreciating life’s gifts engenders Divine grace and abundance.

Integrating these principles lays bedrock enabling steady soul evolution. Momentum builds as you invest daily effort toward spiritual actualization. Soon these practices become second nature, elevating existence.

Applying Spiritual Technology

So how specifically does the Church of Spiritual Technology help devotees nurture their spirits?

The Church safeguards Hubbard’s doctrines within advanced protective facilities. It also makes materials available through local Churches. Here members study writings, listen to recorded lectures and participate in auditing services based on his methods.

All activities focus on spiritual nourishment – helping members grow in self-awareness and personal enlightenment. The ultimate goal is imparting wisdom and tools to thrive spiritually.

Course Offerings

Churches run classes covering Hubbard’s research into the human mind and spirit. Courses feature practical exercises tailored to members’ spiritual advancement. Through coursework and auditing, members resolve personal difficulties impeding happiness.This unencumbers their natural spiritual talents and perceptual abilities.

Examples courses include:

  • Improving relationships
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Parenting skills
  • Strengthening marriages
  • Living drug-free
  • Personal values clarification
  • Raising honest, self-confident children
  • Improving work efficiency

Members also gain access to extensive writings expanding on theological underpinnings. Key texts detail doctrinal foundations like:

  • The thetan’s relationship to the Supreme Being
  • Immortality of the soul
  • Fundamental truths on the cycle of creation
  • Metaphysical cosmology
  • Structure of the physical/spiritual universes
  • Reason, emotion and thought identification
  • Techniques for improving spiritual awareness

Community Support

Participating in a like-minded community enables sharing wisdom and experience. Members unite around core values they cherish – spiritual freedom, service, ethics, honesty and rational thinking. This fellowship fosters belonging, positive peer influence and accountability.

Church activities like group auditing or volunteer initiatives also strengthen social bonds. Working collectively to grow spiritually cements camaraderie. It also demonstrates how united vision and effort can positively uplift lives.

The Church of Spiritual Technology exists for one purpose – helping souls flourish by nurturing their innate spiritual gifts. Hubbard’s teachings offer a bridge to unlock your highest spiritual potential.

His techniques strip away limitations imposed by past trauma, present worries and fears of tomorrow. This clears space for our Divine nature to shine through. Here soul intuition surfaces guiding us to longed-for states of spiritual vitality, creativity, wisdom and grace.

Are you ready to nurture your spirit? The Church provides tools and community to accomplish this and more. Join others on the path of spiritual actualization. Take your first step by visiting your local Church today.