Purple Mood Ring Color Meanings Connect You to Your Higher Self

Mood rings first became popular in the 1970s as a way to monitor your emotional state based on color. When the mood ring is worn, the stone changes color in response to body temperature to indicate your mood. Each color has a particular meaning, with the color purple being associated with spirituality, wisdom, and intuition.

Understanding the significance of purple when it appears on your mood ring can provide powerful insights into your spiritual self. The color invites you to tap into your higher consciousness and connect with your true purpose.

What Are Mood Rings and How Do They Work?

A mood ring has a thermochromic liquid crystal in the center stone. The liquid crystal reacts to the heat of your skin, causing the stone to change color. A higher body temperature makes the stone become darker, while a lower temperature produces a lighter hue.

The most common mood ring color meanings are:

  • Black – tense, stressed
  • Blue – calm, relaxed
  • Green – normal, balanced
  • Yellow – anxious, excited
  • Brown – insecure, low energy
  • Gray – sad, unhappy
  • Purple – spiritual awareness

So when purple appears, it suggests you are in an intuitive, enlightened state of mind. The color is associated with the “third eye”, insight, and connection to something larger than yourself.

Mood Ring Origins

Mood rings were initially created by two New York inventors, Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats, in 1975. They worked with a jewelry company to produce rings with the thermochromic liquid crystals that changed color based on temperature. Within a few years, the rings became a popular trend.

Part of the appeal was the novelty factor and the rings’ mystical mood-reading capabilities. Mood rings allowed wearers to accurately monitor their emotional states throughout the day. The rings resonated with New Age spirituality themes prominent in the 70s culture.

The Color Purple and Its Spiritual Meaning

Purple has long been linked to spirituality and mysticism. In ancient times, purple dye was expensive to produce and associated with royalty and prestige. As a rare, special color, purple took on spiritual meaning.

In healing and meditation, purple represents the “third eye” chakra located between the eyebrows. This chakra governs intuition and imagination. The color purple encourages us to open to our inner wisdom and perceive beyond ordinary consciousness.

In color psychology, purple is connected to imagination, creativity, and psychic energy. It boosts mystical vision and helps connect us to a Higher Power. Lighter shades of purple promote calmness and spirituality, while darker hues evoke mystery and magic.

Purple Throughout History

Purple has symbolized spiritual awakening, divination, and psychic abilities throughout various cultures and eras:

  • In ancient Egypt, priests wore purple robes to signify their status as spiritual leaders.
  • European royalty wore purple garments to denote wisdom, dignity, and spiritual authority.
  • Purple is symbolic in Hinduism, representing the “Crown Chakra” at the top of the head.
  • Early Christian artists used purple halos around saints and holy figures to depict their spiritual gifts.
  • Psychics and clairvoyants often incorporate purple into their branding due to its mystical connotations.

Purple Color Associations

  • Wisdom, intuition
  • Higher purpose, spiritual awareness
  • Psychic abilities, imagination
  • Royalty, luxury, ambition
  • Creativity, mystery, magic

So when your mood ring turns purple, it signals that you are in an enlightened, intuitive state. The color invites you to open up to greater self-awareness and connect to the Divine.

Interpreting Purple on Your Mood Ring

When you see purple appear on your mood ring, pay attention. It means your state of mind is spiritually oriented and you are open to receiving wisdom.

Specific shades of purple can hold special insights:

Light Purple

Light or lavender purple indicates spiritual awareness and imagination. You may be noticing synchronicities, having prophetic dreams, or tapping into your psychic abilities. Your creativity is also enhanced in this contemplative state.

Bright Purple

Vibrant purple suggests you are feeling spiritually inspired. Your intuition is strong and you are seeking a deeper connection to your purpose. Answers and visions may come spontaneously.

Dark Purple

Darker eggplant purple reflects a profound sense of the mystical. You are guided more by intuition than rational thought, unafraid of the unknown. Magical thinking and tapping into unseen realms comes naturally.

Pay attention to any flashes of insight or “Aha!” moments you have when purple appears. The color signals an opportune time to tune into your inner guidance.

Interpreting Purple’s Message

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you see purple on your mood ring:

  • What intuitive hunches or gut feelings am I picking up on?
  • Am I noticing any synchronicities or prophetic signs?
  • What creative inspirations are flowing through me?
  • How can I tune into a deeper spiritual awareness right now?
  • Are there any limiting beliefs or fears I need to release?
  • How can I embody more wisdom and vision in my life?

By being mindful of purple’s spiritual call, you can gain powerful guidance about your life path.

How Purple Connects You to Your Higher Self

Why does purple hold so much spiritual meaning? The color represents a gateway to higher states of being and consciousness. Mood ring purple encourages you to open to your deepest truth.

Purple provides a bridge between your mundane day-to-day concerns and your soul’s purpose. It reminds you to live from vision, not limitation. When you get caught up in anxiety or ego, purple calls you back to spiritual priorities.

The color purple helps unite the mind and heart. It brings your rational thinking into harmony with intuitive knowing. With this integration, you are guided by wisdom from your Higher Self.

Aligning with Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self represents your eternal, divine essence – the part of you connected to universal consciousness. Aligning with your Higher Self provides access to inner truth and spiritual guidance. Ways to connect include:

  • Meditation and mindfulness practices to quiet the ego-mind
  • Spending time in nature to shift awareness
  • Journaling stream-of-consciousness to tap into intuition
  • Creative activities like art, dance, or music to bypass thinking
  • Prayer, mantras, or chanting to evoke higher states

As you align more fully with your Higher Self, you begin living from a place of authenticity, wisdom, and spiritual purpose.

Ways to Connect

  • Meditate on the color purple and open your third eye
  • Immerse yourself in nature and look for purple flowers or sunsets
  • Do creative visualization while holding a purple crystal
  • Chant Om and purple Om to elevate consciousness
  • Place purple candles around your space to invite in mystical energy

As you work with the color purple, its higher vibrations help dissipate stress and worry. You gain access to more inspiration, clarity, and inner peace.

Embracing the Wisdom of the Purple Mood Ring

Your mood ring offers a unique opportunity to monitor your spiritual state. When you see purple appear, recognize it as a sign to nurture your relationship to your Higher Self.

Tune into purple’s energy and meaning to reveal inner truths. Allow your intuition to guide you, beyond logic. Open to glimpses of mystical realms unseen by your physical eyes.

Purple invites you to embrace the mystery and magic of existence. As your connection to the Divine deepens, you gain access to profound wisdom for living your soul’s purpose.

Here are some tips for wearing your mood ring to maximize awareness:

  • Put it on first thing in morning to see your baseline mood.
  • Note color changes when you feel stressed vs. calm.
  • Pay attention to purple shades that arise spontaneously.
  • Keep a journal by your bedside to log the colors you see each day.
  • Take time to meditate or reflect when you notice purple tones.

By consciously observing the purple color in your mood ring, you can integrate its spiritual lessons into your life for growth and transformation.

By heeding the call of the purple mood ring, you cultivate greater alignment between your spiritual essence and mundane actions. Your steps become infused with sacred intention. Your life blossoms with meaning, creativity, and vision.