Spiritual Egg Cleansing 101

Spiritual egg cleansing is an ancient ritual used to cleanse the energy field and remove negative energy from a person or space. This practice has roots in many cultures and spiritual traditions, from Mesoamerican shamanism to Pesach preparations in Judaism.

What is Spiritual Egg Cleansing?

Spiritual egg cleansing, sometimes called “limpia” in Spanish, is based on the belief that eggs can absorb negative energy. Practitioners use eggs to draw out and remove unwanted energy that may be clinging to a person’s aura or dwelling in a physical space.

According to traditional folk magic and curanderismo (Mexican folk healing), we all accumulate heavy or stagnant energy over time from stress, negative experiences, grief, envy from others, or “mal de ojo” (the evil eye curse). This dense energy can cloud our thinking, drag us down emotionally, and even contribute to physical illness if left untreated.

Origins and Cultural Traditions

The egg features prominently in rituals across world cultures and faith traditions. Almost universally, eggs represent fertility, birth, and new life. This potent symbolism likely contributes to the perceived power of eggs to influence energy and clear spiritual blockages.

In pre-Columbian Mesoamerican spiritual traditions, shamans used eggs to absorb “bad winds” believed to cause soul loss and illness. Egg cleansing rituals designed to heal, purify, and bring good luck appear in Curanderismo, a healing tradition combining Native and Spanish Catholic elements.

In some Jewish communities, Passover tradition calls for cleansing the home of all leavened bread or “chametz” to welcome the holiday. Spiritually speaking, this cleansing ritual represents the removal of puffed up ego and pride from one’s life in preparation for inner freedom.

Similarly, in Central and South America, the egg cleansing ritual persists as a home cleansing custom to usher in a new season or phase of life.

How Does Spiritual Egg Cleansing Work?

According to energy healers, eggs can absorb and contain heavy vibes the way odor absorbers contain stinky smells. The porous egg shell allows the egg to gently extract lower vibrational energies from a person’s aura and environs without distinction – positive and negative all get absorbed.

Afterward, the egg can be read like a snapshot of your energetic state and then safely discarded along with unwanted attachments and baggage.

How to Perform a Spiritual Egg Cleansing

Now that you understand the origins and purpose behind spiritual egg cleansing, let’s explore how to perform this ritual at home.

Items You Will Need

  • 1 raw organic egg
  • 1 small bowl
  • Water
  • 1 white candle
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Salt (optional)

Preparing the Space

First you’ll want to set up a comfortable space to sit while you move the egg over your body. Clear off a table or spread out a clean blanket or towel on the floor. Have your materials assembled nearby.

Light the candle to focus your awareness and invoke positive energy into your space. You can say a prayer or set a healing intention if you wish.

Preparing the Egg

Gently wash the egg in cool water while imagining washing away any energetic debris clinging to the shell. This helps purify the egg so it is energetically “empty” and ready to absorb.

If you want, add a pinch of salt to the water bowl. In folk magic traditions, salt enhances purification and protection.

Cleansing Ritual

Sit comfortably in front of your candle where you have space to move. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself.

Pick up the egg in your dominant hand and starting at your head, slowly sweep the egg just above your skin around your face, neck, shoulders and down your body to your feet. Imagine the egg gently pulling sticky, icky energy off your skin into the shell.

When you reach the feet, sweep up the back of your body and return again to the head. Repeat this overall sweeping pattern three times total.

As you sweep the egg, set the intention that any heavy attachments, negative emotions, bad luck, or envy get trapped in the porous egg shell. Imagine the egg gathering and absorbing unwanted energy so it no longer clings to your brilliant aura.

Sealing the Energy

After sweeping yourself thoroughly from head to toe three times, immerse the egg fully in the bowl of water. You can imagine the water sealing in and containing the absorbed energy.

Thank the egg out loud for its healing service. Blow out the candle ceremoniously to signal completion of your spiritual egg cleansing ritual.

Interpreting the Signs

After your spiritual egg cleansing, you can examine the egg for special signs indicating energies and spiritual interferences it may have absorbed. Cracks, bubbles, clouds and odd shapes reveal imprints of blocks while a clear egg signals balance and harmony.


Hairline fractures or cracks symbolize stress, pressure and absorbing shocks or trauma. Seeing cracks signifies you carry heavily weighted energetic baggage in need of release.


Bubbles trapped inside the raw egg often show up after cleansing rituals for powerful spiritual workers. Usually clear, bubbles indicate strong energy flow through the body that may overstimulate if out of balance.


Cloudy formations in raw egg whites or yolks point to confusion, foggy thinking, or dysfunctional filters in your energy field. Clouds also capture envy or bad intentions sent from others.

Unusual Shapes & Markings

Odd shapes can look like spots, threads, or unintelligible symbols. Shamanic folk traditions attempt to interpret shapes and markings as reflections of witchcraft, spiritual attachments, or signature energy patterns around an individual.

Blood in the Yolk

Rarely, a bloody yolk may present after intense spiritual cleansing indicating very heavy or demonic energy release. Repeat purifying baths, blessings and visits to a shaman healer are advised if you see this.

Clear Egg

A perfectly clear egg with no cracks, bubbles or markings indicates balanced energy flow through a spiritually hygienic, healthy aura!

What to Do After Your Egg Cleansing

When you have completed your interpretation, you’ll want to properly dispose of the egg filled with unwanted attachments and vibes. Here’s what you should do next:

Dispose of the Egg

It is important not to eat the spiritual cleansed egg! The absorbed energy could make you sick or return negative vibrations into your body.

Instead, toss the egg into flowing waters or bury it in the earth to allow release. Never throw it directly into the garbage can which keeps attachments trapped inside.

Cleanse Yourself Afterwards

Even though the ritual cleanses you with the egg, many psychic specialists recommend a follow up cleansing bath or shower after the egg ritual to rinse yourself energetically.

Add a capful of Florida Water or cleansing bath salts to your shower and imagine washing down the drain all remaining debris or “yuck” removed during your spiritual egg cleansing.

Let Go of Attachments

After cleansing physically and energetically, reflect on what emotions, thought patterns or relationships no longer serve you. Let them go with gratitude instead of clinging attachment.

Spend extra time meditating, journaling and engaging supportive people, environments and activities so positive energy can fully recharge your newly cleansed light body.

Beyond fascinating metaphysical results, egg cleansing provides tangible therapeutic benefits. The ritual harnesses intention, mindfulness and visualization bringing these positive psychology practices into your spiritual wellness.

Slowly sweeping your body with an egg for minutes invites you to deeply notice your own skin for once instead of ignoring it. Marveling at markings on the egg later engages curiosity from a reflective distance.

When we bring playful attention to cleaning our energy, we claim the power of caring for our whole selves – mind, body and spirit. We tap into our deep capacity for spiritual hygiene and self-clearing. Any residual gunk loses its grip in the glow of awareness.

Beyond catharsis or confirmation from interpreting shapes in the raw egg, the insights arise from consciously participating in your own healing. And that is a spiritual awakening in itself more powerful than any prophecy.