Spiritual Reasons Behind Your Coughing Fits

Have you ever wondered if that nagging cough could have a deeper meaning? Coughing is often seen as simply a physical reflex, but many spiritual traditions associate it with hidden messages from beyond.

Exploring the mystical symbolism around coughing can unveil insight about your soul’s journey.

Exploring the Mystical Symbolism Behind Coughing

Coughing has an intriguing place in spiritual lore across cultures. Chinese medicine views excessive coughing as an imbalance in the body’s positive and negative forces. Ayurvedic medicine associates it with blocked energy that needs release. Some Native American tribes saw coughs as calls from ancestral spirits.

Modern mystical thinkers also link coughing to the metaphysical realm. Intuitive counselor Jenny Smedley suggests that coughing signals the need to let go of what no longer serves us: physical toxins, negative emotions, or stale energy patterns. Coughing is the soul’s nudge to clear space for new gifts and lessons the universe wishes to impart.

Clearing Stagnant Energies

When we resist change and try clamping down on emotions, energetic blockages can arise within the body’s energy meridians. Spiritual teacher Debbie A. Anderson sees coughing as the body’s reflexive effort to clear such dammed-up energies before they calcify and cause disease.

So listening to coughing’s message and willfully expelling stuck stuff, whether tangible or intangible, can restore flow between our inner and outer worlds. This allows us to align with our higher purpose and manifest blessings entering our atmosphere.

External Intrusions

Mystics also attribute coughing to energy intrusions from outside our spirit. Shamanic therapist Colleen Deatsman warns that persistent coughs may signal psychic attack from envious people projecting negative thoughts our way. Likewise, soul fragments or non-physical entities could be interfering with our energy boundaries.

In such cases, coughing serves to eject these external energetic barbs and beingslatched onto us. Protective rituals like smudging or crystals can help safeguard our energies. Coughing reminds us to be wary of what influences we let into our sacred inner space.

Common Spiritual Meanings and Superstitions About Coughing

Beyond clearing stagnation or intrusions, divination traditions decode subtle coughing nuances as spiritual communications or omens. Here are common mystical meanings associated with coughs:

Prophetic Messenger

Across Welsh, Irish and Norse folklore, unexplained coughing indicates a supernatural forewarning – like death knocks where coughs presage mortal peril. A literary example is how the coughs of psychics in Stephen King’s The Dead Zone and Storm of the Century precede their chilling visions.

These traditions see coughs as heralds of fate’s hand at work. So coughing without physical cause may be promptings from our soul, acting as a conduit for messages bubble up from the wells of Wyrd.

Telepathic Sender

Coughing has also been interpreted as a means for spirits to relay meaning across the ether. Spiritualists of the 1800s would interpret knocking sounds and coughs from the bereaved as messages from the dead.

Today’s paranormal researchers likewise claim coughing and raps transmit discarnate beings’ attempts to signal their lingering presence. So coughing may be spirits leveraging our vocal tools to manifest communication.

Soul Cleansing

Coughing is commonly seen as the soul’s catharsis – expelling negative imprints that burden the spirit. An old superstition says that an itch in the throat represents troublesome thoughts being aired out.

The lungs and bronchioles also bear symbolic weight, representing our capacity to receive inner truth. Jesuit mystic Anthony De Mello thus views prolonged coughing during meditation as the ego wrestling against realities exhumed from within.

Coughing spasms during solemn rites or personal epiphanies may signal deep ancestral patterns and wounds bubbling up for release through our breath, which carries the divine spark.

Coughing as a Form of Divine Communication or Prophecy

So if coughing has mystical resonance beyond the physical, how might we interpret it as soulful communication? Some ideas for reading cough symbolism:

Analyzing Cough Patterns

Pay attention to when coughing occurs, its duration or intensity spikes for clues. Does it arise during meditation, prayer or holidays? Does a spate coincide with emotional upheavals or decision points? Tying patterns to personal timelines illuminates potential spiritual dialogue.

Assessing Cumulative Stress Signals

Frequency also carries meaning – occasional coughs differ from prolonged volleys. Light or harsh coughs indicate the clearing’s severity. So tallying cough markers across time reveals the soul’s cumulative stress signals.

Interpreting Archetypal Imagery

Jungian psychotherapy looks at symbols spontaneously arising during transitions. Throat, breath and lung signs may feature archetypal content around authentic voice/expression or tribulations in one’s journey.

Exploring evocative visuals, sensations or memories alongside coughing can unveil the psyche’s metaphors.

Journaling Cough Synchronicities

Noting coughing alongside life events, shifts or decisions unveils meaningful synchronicities over time.Ji Lu Ke Sou Tong Bu Sheng Huo Shi Jian ,Zhuan Bian Huo Jue Ding Jie Shi Sui Zhao Shi Jian Tui Yi You Yi Yi De Tong Bu Xing . These become spiritual road signs marking subconscious insights bubbling under coughing’s surface.

Decoding Cough Patterns and Intensities for Spiritual Significance

Beyond chronicling coughing for patterns, listening closely to its qualities provides granular insight into potential mystical symbolism at play:

Dry, Tickling Coughs

Parched coughs hint at creativity blocked – they signify drying up or holding back unique expressions. Stopping flows out of anxiety about judgment calls for releasing perfectionism and trusting one’s quirky muse.

Wet, Mucus-Filled Coughs

Chesty coughs denote issues are literally on our chest and heart – sticky emotions or grief webbed over our core self. Allowing feelings to flow more freely keeps our spirits clear.

Hard, Forceful Coughs

Harsh coughing may reveal strongly held beliefs that resist updating. Their intense clutch requires softening into more flexible thinking.

Distressing, Uncontrollable Coughs

A wildly hacking cough symbolizes a shadow aspect or traumatic memory we compulsively suppress yet leaks out sporadically. Making space for it compassionately eases its violence.

Echoing Sound Quality

Hollow coughs echo how we perhaps judge ourselves too harshly over past actions. Kindness and self-forgiveness fill spaces once occupied by regret’s ruminations.

Integrating Cough Interpretations into Spiritual Practice and Self-Reflection

Tuning into coughing as soul communication requires mindfulness, self-inquiry, and regularly recording observations in a journal. Useful frameworks for interpretation include:


  • Throat coughs = communication/self-expression issues
  • Heart coughs = emotional congestion
  • Solar plexus coughs = personal power/beliefs
  • Sacral coughs = creativity blocks

Jungian Psychology Lens

Explore symbolic themes and unconscious aspects emerging through coughing:

  • What key narratives or motifs feature?
  • What feelings/memories arise alongside coughs?
  • Do certain dream symbols connect?