Sustain Your Spiritual Health With Shielding Techniques

Spiritual wellbeing is essential for overall health and happiness. However, the stresses of daily life can drain our energy and leave us feeling ungrounded. To maintain spiritual health, it’s important to practice techniques that protect our energy from negative influences.

Shielding our spirit bolsters inner strength and safeguards our light. With simple rituals and mindfulness, we can sustain spiritual wellbeing amidst life’s chaos.

Why Spiritual Protection Matters

When our energy feels depleted, it’s a sign we need more spiritual protection. Without safeguards for our spirit, we become vulnerable to lower vibrations and psychic debris floating around. This leads to feeling emotionally and physically drained.

Practicing shielding allows our spirit to shine at full brightness. Think of it like sunblock, but for our energy field instead of skin. Spiritual protection helps deflect lower energies we encounter so our inner light stays strong.

Staying energetically shielded also helps us be more present and flow through life with ease. We have the mental space for inspiration and joy when we’re not preoccupied with negative thoughts or emotions.

Benefits of Spiritual Protection

  • Prevents energy drain and fatigue
  • Creates boundaries between our energy and outside forces
  • Allows us to shine at full brightness
  • Deflects unwanted lower vibrations
  • Keeps our spirit grounded and resilient
  • Provides mental clarity and emotional stability

With spiritual armor, we can move through the world without taking on other people’s energy or being thrown off balance by challenging situations. Our inner light stays charged and vibrant.

Vulnerabilities that Compromise Spiritual Protection

Certain states make us more susceptible to energy infiltration and spiritual depletion. Being aware of vulnerabilities allows us to be proactive about shielding.

  • Fatigue – When tired or worn down, our energy fields are more porous.
  • Stress – The anxiety of stress weakens our spiritual boundaries.
  • Sickness – Illness diminishes our vibration, leaving gaps in protection.
  • Injury – Physical trauma creates openings for energy drain.
  • Overthinking – Obsessive thoughts breach our mental protections.
  • Intoxicants – Drugs and alcohol numb our spiritual senses.

During vulnerable times, increase spiritual cleansing and visualizations of protective light around yourself. Asking angels or spirit guides for additional energetic support can also shore up defenses.

Signs You Need More Spiritual Protection

Clues your spiritual shield requires fortifying include:

  • Feeling emotionally drained around certain people/places
  • Having low energy and fatigue
  • Absorbing others’ emotions as your own
  • Struggling with unwanted thoughts or anxiety
  • Sensing heaviness, darkness, or fogginess in your energy field
  • Lacking mental clarity or inspiration

Addressing vulnerabilities and restoring energetic defenses will help you feel vibrant and grounded again.

Techniques to Shield Your Energy

Many practices strengthen our spiritual protection. Simple rituals done daily reinforce our energetic boundaries.


Imagining shields of light around yourself is highly effective. Envision white or golden light surrounding your body in an egg-shaped field. See it repelling lower energies while allowing positive vibrations to permeate through.

Visualize this protective sphere energizing and fortifying your spirit daily. Also use visualization to cleanse auras and energy fields after being in crowded areas.


Crystals reinforce energetic boundaries. Place them around your home and office or carry them when out. Black tourmaline, black obsidian, labradorite, and selenite are especially protective. Charge crystals regularly by placing under moonlight.

Wearing crystal jewelry like black tourmaline pendants or earrings creates mini energy shields. Rings and bracelets with protective stones boost defenses.

Shielding Symbols

Symbols like the evil eye, Anchor Cross, and Shield Knot strengthen spiritual defenses when visualized or displayed. Draw these symbols in the air to the establish a sacred protective space before meditation.

Trace symbols over doorways, on walls, or floor corners to set up energy barriers. Repeat symbols mentally like mantras to invoke instant spiritual guarding.

Protective Mantras

Repeating mantras invokes spiritual shielding. “I am protected by Divine Light” or “I am surrounded by White Light of Spirit” affirm safety and create an aura of protection when recited with intention.

Chant these mantras during meditation, in the shower, or even walking down the street. Mantras summon spiritual forces that energetically insulate your aura.


Burning sage, palo santo, or other herbs clears stagnant energies and restores harmonic vibration. Smudge your body or space to rid it of negativity. Lavender and eucalyptus also purify.

Fan smoke over your head, torso, and limbs to cleanse auras and fortify spiritual defenses. Smudge before meditation or rituals to create an energetically sanctified area.

Salt Baths

Soaking in a bath with Himalayan or Epsom salt dispels spiritual ickiness accumulated during the day. Imagine the water extracting lower vibrations from your energy field.

Add protective herbs like rosemary or hyssop to strengthen the cleansing effects. Visualize absorbed darkness dissolving in the saltwater.

Essential Oils

Dabbing spiritual shielding oils on pulse points forms an aromatic aura of protection. Sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh and spruce safeguard vibrational fields.

Blending oils like cedarwood, lemongrass and cilantro into unscented lotion makes a body barrier cream. Apply it during grounding rituals.

Creating Protective Barriers and Boundaries

In addition to shielding techniques, we need strong boundaries to defend our spirit. This prevents our energy from merging with negative people or environments.

Aura Cleansing

When feeling spiritually heavy, visualize your aura being cleansed with light. See white light streaming through your energy field, dissolving dense spots and refreshing your vibration.

Imagine your aura as a translucent egg of vibrant rainbow colors, pulsing with crystalline light around your body. Purify auras with gold, white or violet.

Energetic Cords

Imagine any unhealthy cords attaching you to lower energies being severed. Prevent new cords from forming by visualizing a shield around your spirit.

Scan for energy cords during meditation then visualize angels cutting them with glowing golden swords. Ask cords be detached with grace and ease.

Clearing Clutter

Clutter in your living space creates energetic congestion. Rid your environment of what no longer serves you. This opens up space for positive energy to flourish.

Donate unused clothes and items to charity. Deep clean to remove stagnant energies embedded in your home’s aura. Refresh the energy with air purifying plants.

Limiting Exposure

Reduce contact with people and places that deplete your spirit. Avoid watching violent or anxious media. Be mindful of how outside forces affect your inner light.

Listen to your intuition. If someone drains your energy, limit interactions or set clear boundaries to prevent attachment. Take purifying salt baths after being in toxic environments.


Staying grounded fortifies your energetic boundaries. Spend time in nature, meditate with crystals, or visualize roots extending from your feet into the earth. This anchors and stabilizes your spirit.

Grounding helps deficiencies that make you vulnerable to energy infiltration. Try barefoot walking, gardening, laying on the grass or hugging trees to stay grounded.

Cutting Energetic Cords

Ask your spirit team to sever any unhealthy cords feeding off your energy. Visualize the cords detaching with grace, then see them dissolve into empty space.

Surround yourself in protective light to prevent new cords from taking hold. Affirm your energetic sovereignty and freedom from energy leeches.

Daily Rituals for Spiritual Wellbeing

Consistent spiritual self-care preserves your energy reserves and strengthens your light. Make these rituals part of your daily routine:

Morning Meditation

Start each day centering your spirit with meditation or prayer. Set intentions while visualizing protective white light around your aura.

Ask angels to sustain a spiritual force field around you as you go about your day. Affirm positive experiences and interactions.


Smudge yourself and space before beginning important activities. Burning palo santo or sage clears stagnant energy and invites in fresh vibrations.

Keep a smudge stick by your desk to clear dense energy during the workday. Smudge your car to remove stagnant energies.

Energetic Hygiene

At day’s end, imagine cleansing your aura and chakras in a shower of light. Release any heavy energy accumulated so you wake up refreshed.

To prevent energy buildup on the weekends, take a meditative walk and imagine negative ions clearing your field with nature’s fresh prana.

Protection Symbols

Draw symbols like the Cross of Archangel Michael in the air over your head before bed to seal your light while sleeping.

Place spiritual protection symbols under your pillow or mattress to guard your energy as you dream. Visualize the symbols glowing around your bed.

Crystal Grids

Construct grids around your bed or home using protective crystals like black tourmaline, labradorite, and agate. Charge regularly under the full moon.

Leave grids intact for a month to secure your space energetically. Cleanse crystals by planting in a bowl of rice for 24 hours after removing grids.

Clearing Attachments

Call on Archangel Michael to cut any attachments stealing your energy or clouding your aura with darkness. See them lifted away by angels into healing light.

Then seal your aura with golden light and affirm only connections aligned with your highest good remain. Repeat whenever you sense attachments.

Burn spiritually cleansing resins like frankincense, sandalwood or pine in your space. The smoke attaches to heavy energies and purifies auras.

Use incense when feeling depleted after being around toxic environments or people. It resets vibes to positivity.

Regular spiritual cleansing and shielding preserves your natural vibrant energy. You move through the world unencumbered by lower vibrations draining your spirit. Stay centered in your light with consistent boundary management and energy protection techniques.