The Art of Spiritual Battle with Sacred Oils

Spiritual warfare manifests in countless ways, from minor misfortunes to full-blown psychic attack. Seeking protection is vital. An age-old solution lies in the consecrated power of anointing oils.

These sacred botanical infusions open a conduit to divine realms. Wielded with focused intent, they become formidable spiritual allies against all manners of malefic assault.

Understanding the Nefarious Sources and Stakes of Spiritual Warfare

Life’s journey inevitably brings periods of darkness and adversity. Sometimes the source is clear – a difficult boss, destructive relationship, or financial hardship. Other times the culprit is invisible – a hex, a curse, a stray entity determined to feed on your energy.

Recognizing spiritual warfare is key. The term refers to cosmic struggles between good and evil, light and dark – battles raging in dimensions beyond our awareness. Yet the impact is intensely personal, draining vitality and abundance while inciting incident after incident to evoke stress, anger, hatred, self-judgment, and despair.

Make no mistake, the forces behind these attacks aim for nothing short of your soul’s annihilation. Unable to create, these parasitic beings feed on human emotion and energy, using projected thoughts of fear, criticism and judgment as their weapons.

Biblical Precedent and the Enduring Power of Sacred Oils

Biblical figures like Moses, David and Jesus used anointing oils as sacred weapons in spiritual battles. Infused with herbs, resins and holy oils, these potions impart healing, instill courage, rouse divine forces against wickedness and reconnect one with their highest calling.

The first biblical reference comes with Aaron’s consecration as High Priest of the Israelites. Moses applied an herbal oil infusion to Aaron as an initiation rite to sanctify him before God. The process established Aaron’s suitability for spiritual leadership by steeping him in purifying plant oils.

Later, the prophet Samuel anointed David with oil when God chose him as king. This act conveyed divine appointment and authority to lead Israel. In the New Testament, a woman famously anoints Jesus’ head with spikenard oil immediately before his Passion – suggesting the oil helped strengthen and prepare him for the ultimate struggle.

How Sacred Oils Connect to the Divine

Beyond ceremony, anointing oils hold an enduring place in spiritual traditions as protective, cleansing agents. Their power derives from resonant plant properties combined with conscious attunement to subtle energy fields interacting with the divine.

Certain botanicals, most notably frankincense and myrrh, release psychotropic volatile compounds. When applied ritualistically, these shift brainwave states to more refined oscillatory rhythms resonating with higher planes of reality. This activation of spiritual awareness allows truth, wisdom and creative insights to flow into conscious awareness.

Regular anointing rituals refine the bio-energy body itself, clearing blockages while amplifying channels connecting the corporeal form to its luminous spiritual counterpart. This attunes us to subtler realms from which divine assistance emerges.

Core Oils for Repelling Dark Forces and Psychic Protection

History and cross-cultural shamanic wisdom highlight botanical oils with particular protective and exorcistic potency against evil energies. These include:

Frankincense for Purifying Spaces and Repelling Malevolence

This biblical resin sanctifies spaces, settings and objects when ritually burned. The rising smoke performs an exorcism of sorts, displacing lower astral entities while encircling an area with purified air making it inhospitable for the demonic. Simultaneously, it marks territory energetically, claiming it for the light.

The frankincense plant releases psychoactive compounds activating spiritual awareness while inviting angelic forces. For this reason, Scripture depicts the three Magi bringing frankincense gifts for the baby Jesus.

Myrrh to Fortify Psychic Protection Against Dark Influences

Myrrh immediately sets protective vibrational shields against curses, hexes, evil eyes, voodoo interference and various forms of black magic. It fortifies the aura’s outer boundary against entity attachment or energetic implantation. Applied regularly to the brow and heart chakras, myrrh maintains this essential psychic security.

Spikenard to Heal Spiritual Wounds and Energy Cords

Sometimes known as the “Oil of Gratitude,” spikenard expertly locates, detaches and heals unhealthy energetic cords draining lifeforce as a result of abusive relationships, narcissistic family dynamics, betrayal or violation by those close to you. Even long-standing self-inflicted karmic wounds from past lives can be healed.

By closing these taps, spikenard renews one’s fundamental trust in divine compassion after experiencing deep human cruelty and suffering. It restores hope and receptivity to loving presence that may have become obscured from consciousness.

Sandalwood for Psychic Protection and Altered States

The fragrant timber resin of Sandalwood emanates vibrations profoundly hostile to dark energies. Its metabolic compounds interact with the skin’s microbiome to produce heightened focus, euphoria and blissful detachment from mundane affairs. For this reason, sandalwood is omnipresent in meditation spaces and spiritual gatherings across faith traditions.

Diffusing Sandalwood essential oil generates a sphere of influence establishing control over one’s proximate environment while summoning angelic intelligences. Meanwhile, anointing with Sandalwood signals the nervous system to remain calm, expansive and alert to divine guidance during confrontations with hostile forces.

Daily Practices Using Anointing Oils for Spiritual Protection and Clarity

Regular rituals focused on your home’s energy and your personal vibration are foundational for withstanding the turbulence of spiritual warfare. Anointing oils meaningfully boost the potency of these rites.

Morning & Evening Anointing Regimen for Psychic Resilience

Establish a simple habit of applying sacred oil to your brow and crown upon waking and before bed. Frankincense and sandalwood attune third eye clarity and amplify vivid dreaming. Lavender and rose instill self-compassion so you approach challenges from a centered emotional base. Patchouli sharpens intuitions around people’s motives and agendas.

This regular practice aligns your inner sight, downloads insights about situations and relationships beyond superficial awareness, and reminds you of the intrinsic goodness supporting life’s journey.

Consecrating Living & Work Spaces to Repel Negative Influences

Regularly smudge your home, office and car with Palo Santo sticks or sage bundles while stating focused intentions for these spaces to admit only constructive energies henceforth. Establish spiritual protection upon the walls, floor and ceiling permeating the very ether.

Next diffuse myrrh and frankincense to seal and sanctify the spoken words. Reapply weekly. Over time, transmute old memories or pains lingering in these environments by diffusing spikenard as a finishing touch for deep energetic cleansing.

Custom Oil Blends to Support Spiritual Practice

Tailor combinations with targeted enhancements for your unique needs:

  • Frankincense, cedarwood and rosemary boost third eye clarity for impactful prayer and meditation.
  • Add patchouli when channeling messages from divinity or performing energy healing work.
  • Ylang ylang, clary sage and spikenard foster emotional openness for couples, family or group counseling.

Assess personal and interpersonal blockages, then craft bespoke blends to address root causes for true transformation.

Strategic Interventions: Weaponizing Sacred Oils Against Dark Forces

When a string of misfortunes, emotional volatility or illness suggests concentrated spiritual attack, targeted ritual combats the effects. As Scripture repeatedly demonstrates, anointing oil in these moments serves as heavenly dispensed remedy breaking strongholds so that peace may prevail.

High-Focus Mantras & Affirmations

Clearly identify the precise energetic challenge or entity requiring forceful resolution in this situation. Formulate a galvanizing statement directly addressing and resolving the issue from a lens of prophetic authority. Repeatedly affirm this while thoroughly applying myrrh or frankincense oil to key points.

Each repetition must channel full conviction and sacred rage against the injustice of the circumstance. Apply to the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras. Finally, coat the hands and bottoms of feet to reinforce boundaries before symbolic dismissal.

Combatting Psychic Attack & Malevolent Entities

When assailed by an external spiritual threat like ongoing psychic attack or entity attachment, obtain St. Michael Anointing Oil to ritually coat your personal energetic field while chanting Archangel Michael invocations. Use intention and visualization to expand protection outward to fill your home, vehicle or other spaces as needed.

Strategically apply myrrh oil droplets to window and door frames with prayers of consecration to fortify your home’s boundary against intruding beings. Burn frankincense resin throughout interior spaces with the same sealing intention.

Empowering Crystal Grids & Amulets

Choose crystals with affinity for your predicament – black tourmaline and labradorite for banishing darkness, rose quartz and rhodonite for nurturing injured inner children from past abuse. Place upon a central master stone like shungite or selenite.

Pass palms over the formation to synchronize energies, then ritually apply spikenard or sandalwood oil to each stone, programming the intended outcome through focused visualization. Affix select crystals as amulets over the heart or brow to establish ongoing protective resonance.

The battles and weapons of spiritual warfare rage in dimensions beyond ordinary grasp, yet subtly impact emotional experience and quality of life at every turn. Skillful application of sacred oils pierces veils, aligns us with forces of radical love and tends the soul’s eternal longing for truth.

Through artful consecration and focused intent, plant essences bridge realms to channel divine resources into our struggles, revealing larger meanings while empowering our participation as instruments of spiritual liberation in service to the planetary whole.