The Spiritual Gangster Movement Explained Through Kendall Toole

The “spiritual gangster” movement has been steadily gaining momentum over the past few years, particularly among millennials seeking meaning and purpose beyond the mainstream. At the forefront of this movement is Kendall Toole, a model, yogi, and Instagram influencer who embodies the spiritual gangster ethos.

With over 2 million Instagram followers, Kendall is leading a revolution centered around authentic self-expression, mindfulness, and inclusive spirituality. Her relatable, Girl-Next-Door vibe has struck a chord with countless young people looking to connect with their spiritual sides without adhering to rigid dogmas.

The Rise of Spiritual Gangster and Kendall Toole

The term “spiritual gangster” was coined by the popular athleisure brand of the same name, founded in 2012. Spiritual Gangster clothing features edgy and irreverent takes on classic yoga gear, promoting themes of freedom, strength, and enlightenment.

As the brand grew, so did interest in holistic lifestyles uniting ancient wisdom with modern self-empowerment. Spiritual Gangster struck a nerve, giving people permission to meld spirituality with individuality instead of forcing a choice between the two.

Enter Kendall Toole. With her laidback SoCal vibe, Kendall began modeling for Spiritual Gangster while building her personal brand on Instagram. She rapidly emerged as the face of the spiritual gangster movement, attracting millions of followers inspired by her authentic passion for spirituality.

Relating to Kendall’s Self-Discovery Journey

Unlike unattainable “gurus” preaching from on high, Kendall opens up about her own self-discovery journey – including past struggles with image issues, toxic relationships, and finding her true calling.

Followers relate to Kendall as “one of them” – someone transparent about the ups and downs of awakening one’s highest self while navigating modern life’s complexities. Her insights are hard-won through real-world experience, not abstract dogma.

An Accessible Role Model

Far from the often-alienating New Age culture preceding it, Kendall promotes grounded, accessible spirituality for the 21st century between daily bouts of self-care and letting loose.

As an influencer, Kendall leads by example – whether sharing her morning meditation routine or adventures traversing the globe. She tries new forms of mind-body connection, from sound baths to equine therapy, modeling spiritual curiosity.

Most importantly, Kendall reassures followers it’s okay to still be a work-in-progress while seeking enlightenment – rejecting judgment in favor of self-acceptance.

How Kendall Toole Embodies the Spiritual Gangster Ethos

So what exactly IS a “spiritual gangster”? As Kendall Toole personifies it, the term signifies:

  • Living according to one’s core values, not outside expectations
  • Finding empowerment by knowing one’s “enough” as we are
  • Seeking awakening while still succeeding in society
  • Aligning outer appearance with inner truth

Unlike traditional routes, the spiritual gangster path doesn’t require renouncing worldly pursuits for enlightenment. Instead, it’s about uniting ancient wisdom with modern empowerment to live abundantly in body, mind AND spirit.

Owning One’s Power

As a model and influencer, Kendall certainly leads a “glamorous” lifestyle. But she’s also transparent about the work it takes behind-the-scenes – aligned to her core belief in owning one’s power versus playing “small.”

Rather than chase validation through likes, Kendall motivates followers to turn inward developing self-love and resilience. External achievements are meaningful only if fueled from true soul-passion versus fear or ego.

Beyond BoHo Spirituality

Unlike previous generations of “woo woo” new age thinker, Kendall represents a grounded, demystified take on modern spirituality. Her Instagram perfection is carefully curated, but she still keeps it real about obstacles life throws her way.

Followers relate to Kendall’s dedication to her practice while still indulging guilty pleasures like reality TV binging! She makes room for both spiritual discipline and joyful playtime.

Kendall Toole’s Relatable and Inclusive Approach to Spirituality

While embodying spiritual gangster values, Kendall also makes enlightened living feel relatable, even fun – minus any pretentiousness. With humor and vulnerability, her message resonates with seekers from all walks of life.

Come as You Are Self-Acceptance

A key part of Kendall’s wide appeal is her warm, nonjudgmental approach making everyone feel included. She urges followers to accept themselves exactly as they are on the journey without attachment to outcomes.

Rather than chase impossible standards of spiritual perfection, Kendall compassionately reassures her community that stumbling is part of the process. Progress happens through daily practice – not overnight transformation.

The Power of Mindful Self-Care

Between modeling gigs and hosting retreats, Kendall lights up sharing her self-care rituals like breathwork, hikes in nature, or Epsom salt baths. She makes even quick mindfulness practices seem appealing.

Again, Kendall keeps it real admitting some days she lacks motivation like everyone else! But building small wellness habits creates positive momentum energy attracting more bliss into one’s life over time.

Making Spirituality Relatable

Free from preaching, Kendall presents spiritual lessons through bite-sized philosophy nuggets weaved casually into lifestyle content. She covers everything from chakra-balancing essential oils to manifesting dream vacations.

Followers appreciate how Kendall demystifies complex spiritual ideas into everyday wisdom. Her playful analogies and natural curiosity make awakening feel welcoming versus intimidating.

The Future of Spirituality Led By Kendall Toole

As one of the most influential voices of her generation, Kendall Toole is playing a pivotal role guiding spirituality’s evolution for today’s world.

Rather than retreat inward, Kendall envisions spiritual gangsters actively creating positive change through mindful entrepreneurship, empowering leadership and evolving social systems.

A New Paradigm

The outdated “world rejecting ascetic” mold of enlightenment is cracking open. A new paradigm is emerging where high-vibration abundance encompasses all facets of life – the physical, material AND mystical.

Spiritual Gangsters like Kendall Toole are pioneering this integration at scale – raising mass consciousness through energizing content matched with authentic personal example.

As Kendall often reminds her community – the guru lies within. Spiritual Gangsters take full responsibility for their growth and evolution without surrendering power to any outside authority.

Rather than cling to rigid rules, the emphasis is on cultivating one’s inner guidance through practices like meditation, self-inquiry and connection with nature and community.

By modeling this self-sufficient path to followers, Kendall Toole is ushering in a democratized spiritual wave for the future defined by empowered independence, radical self-love and unity consciousness.