The Spiritual Meaning Behind Flies Following You

Have you ever noticed flies seem to follow you more than other people? Perhaps one or two of the buzzing insects seem magnetically drawn to you. Though harmless, this phenomenon can seem puzzling, or even frustrating when trying to shoo them away. But what if there’s a deeper, spiritual meaning to flies’ fascination with you? By exploring metaphysical perspectives, we may uncover hidden wisdom in this common experience.

Let’s dig into occult teachings about the spiritual symbolism of flies and their subtle energetic connections to certain humans. In doing so, we’ll shed light on the mystical reasons behind flies’ attraction and how to discern their spiritual guidance. There’s an otherworldly dimension we can decode in this odd natural phenomenon.

Flies as Spiritual Messengers in Esoteric Traditions

In many mystical traditions throughout history, flies symbolized supernatural or divine intervention. Ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Native American occult teachings viewed flies as the harbingers of spiritual messages. They believed flies served as guides from realms beyond the physical, acting as temporary vessels for ancestors’ or spirits’ wills.

In this view, the sudden appearance and persistence of flies wasn’t random chance, but deliberate spiritual communication. The occult meaning? Spirits sent insect messengers to those who could see beyond surface reality. Only some possessed the metaphysical sight to interpret flies’ hidden meanings.

Biblical and Quranic Lore on Fly Symbolism

The Bible and Quran reference flies metaphysically, too. In Exodus 8:21, flies represented one of the Ten Plagues God inflicted upon Egypt. According to esoteric scholars, this indicated flies’ power to carry spiritual retribution. Additionally, in Ecclesiastes 10:1, the Bible calls dead flies the “perfumer’s ointment”, suggesting flies carry a sweet-smelling anointing.

The Quran also contains fly symbolism. In Surah 22, a fly protects food touched by poisoning, displaying the spiritual abilities to heal and purify.

Occult Fly Meanings in Dreams and Divination

Flies symbolized clairvoyance and intuitiveness in many cultures’ dream interpretations and psychic readings. If flies appeared in dreams or tarot readings, diviners viewed them as signals to rely on instincts and inner wisdom. Further, a fly landing on someone indicated they were receptive to subtle psychic messages the insect carried.

So across mystical traditions, flies represented the metaphysical realmintersecting with our own. Their spiritual meanings revealed clairvoyance, purification, and divine communications.

Decoding the Metaphysical Symbolism of Fly Spirit Animals

Analyzing flies as spirit animals also illuminates their subtle spiritual meanings. Fly spirit animals symbolize persistence, resilience, and wisdom. Like flies, we must persist despite obstacles or hardships in our way. Moreover, flies exemplify adapting to new environments and overcoming adversity.

In other words, flies represent our capability to traverse the spiritual and material planes. Their buzzing reflects transcending from lower to higher states of being. By persevering, we too can elevate into enlightenment.

Metaphysical Meanings of Fly as Power Animals

As power animals, flies empower psychic awareness and connection to the invisible world. Their extra eyes and senses make them spiritually attuned. When flies visit us, they want to activate our third eye vision.

Further, flies remind us that the mundane holds mystical meanings. They signify there are spiritual messages to decipher in our everyday lives if we cultivate metaphysical sight. Also, flies prompt us to carry spiritual values, like hope and purification, into earthly existence.

In short, fly spirit animals symbolize transcending physical bounds through psychic intuition. They teach us hidden dimensions exist beneath the surface.

Exploring Subtle Energy Connections Between Flies and Humans

From an energetic viewpoint, flies’ attraction to certain people may stem from sensing their subtle energy fields. Metaphysical thought suggests that like humans, flies emanate energy fields or auras.

Just as someone’s aroma or temperament might draw us in, flies can detect energies we give off. They’re responding to an invisible magnetism between their energy and yours. So flies’ persistence around you reflects your energetic aura resonating on a deep level.

Flies Drawn to Lightworkers and Psychics

Specifically, flies tend to swarm individuals open to spiritual realms, like lightworkers and psychics. Your higher vibration and metaphysical senses produce an energy attractive to flies.

Their buzzing around you signifies you’re emitting a powerful aura. You’re awakening to your inner wisdom and unseen connections beyond the veil. Flies affirm your increasing metaphysical gifts.

Balancing Your Subtle Energy to Limit Fly Connections

To reduce flies’ bothersome shadowing, examine your energetic balance. Flies’ attraction may indicate overly open crown or third eye chakras. Close these and strengthen your aura’s protection against energy infiltration.

Also, call on fly spirit animal energy to activate spiritual awareness when desired. When finished, visualize returning their power so your energies can disengage.

Practical Methods to Discern Flies’ Spiritual Guidance

When flies arrive as spirit messengers, be open to receiving their mystical counsel. Here are tips for deciphering flies’ meaning for you in the moment:

  • Observe which side of your body or location flies land on. Left indicates intuitive messages about releasing negativity. Right side fly landings signal positive energy and strength is near.
  • Notice fly’s characteristics – a vibrant fly reflects goals manifesting or progress. A sluggish fly may mirror feelings of stagnation.
  • Tune into emotions or visions that surface when seeing flies. Their buzzing is prompting inner wisdom to awaken.
  • Enhance clairvoyance by meditating on flies’ extrasensory sight. You may receive psychic fly visions this way.

Welcome fly encounters rather than swatting them away. They offer momentary yet mystical counseling if you cultivate metaphysical insight. Be receptive to their spiritual promptings.

Seeking flies’ meaning is important when they enter your home too. Inside flies signal it’s time to confront internal negativity or energetic invaders. Examine what lower vibes you need to purify within.

Also, indoors flies remind us to open our third eye and interpret the sacrality infused in mundane existence. Divine wisdom abounds once we expand perception.