The Spiritual Power of Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil has long been prized in spiritual practices for its heavenly aroma and purifying properties. With its spicy, warming scent, clove oil is believed to stimulate the senses, clarify the mind, and open one up to deeper spiritual wisdom.

A Brief History of Clove Oil’s Spiritual Use

The use of clove oil in spiritual rituals and traditions dates back over 2000 years. Some of the earliest references to clove’s sacred properties come from India, where clove was included as an important incense ingredient in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts. Chinese and Indian cultures strongly believed that clove could ward off evil spirits and bring about mental clarity.

As clove became an important commodity along spice trade routes during the early Middle Ages, knowledge of its spiritual powers spread. Clove was prized by the Romans, Arabs, and Europeans for its aromatic properties and became widely used in incense and anointing oils. By the late Middle Ages, clove had secured its status as a revered medicinal and spiritual botanical.

Spiritual Traditions Using Clove

Here are some examples of how clove oil has been used traditionally in spiritual practices worldwide:

  • In India, clove incense burned to prepare for prayer ceremonies and offerings to deities.
  • In China, clove used to scent temples, clear stagnant qi energy, and ward off malicious spirits.
  • In Ancient Mesoamerica, clove was a sacred incense burned by shamans and healers during rituals.
  • In Medieval Europe, clove oil used to purify energy and protect against the evil eye and witchcraft.
  • In the Middle East, clove featured prominently as a holy incense and medicine in early Islamic tradition.

Clove oil continues to play an important role in many spiritual belief systems today. Its sweet, penetrating aroma provides a transportive sensory experience that opens practitioners to sacred rituals, rites of passage, personal transformation, and deeper communion with the divine.

Clove Oil’s Unique Spiritual Properties

What is it exactly about clove essential oil that lends itself so well to spiritual uses? Clove has a number of unique therapeutic properties that make it particularly beneficial.

Divine Fragrance

The rich, spicy-sweet aroma of clove oil is powerfully evocative. Throughout history, fragrance has been used to nourish the human spirit. On a primal level, scent can unlock memories, inspire emotions, and open our imagination to deeper meaning. The heavenly fragrance of clove oil induces a sense of awe and reverence that allows one to feel present, grounded, and open to experiencing the sacred.

Energetic “Reset”

Many report feeling energized and renewed after inhaling clove oil. This is likely due to its ability to increase circulation, stimulate the senses, and clear stagnant energy. During spiritual practice, this energetic “reset” from clove oil can free the mind from mundane concerns and allow deeper focus. It also amplifies one’s capacity to give and receive divine energy without blockages.

Mental Clarity and Focus

Clove bud oil contain compounds like eugenol that sharpen mental alertness and concentration. This heightened focus allows one to sit in meditation or prayer for longer periods. It also helps detach from intrusive thoughts that take us out of the present moment. With clove, one can truly immerse in their spiritual devotion without distraction.


Traditionally, clove oil has been used to ward off the Evil Eye, negative energies, and malicious spirits. While protection rituals vary culturally, the underlying idea is that clove oil spiritually cleanses a space, person, or object to remove lower vibrations. Many spiritual practitioners still use clove oil to energetically smudge their ritual spaces and personal auras before important spiritual work.

Integrating Clove into Your Spiritual Life

Ready to unlock clove oil’s sacred power? Here are some suggested ways to integrate this elevating essential oil into your personal spiritual practice:

Anointing Oil

Create a custom anointing oil by blending a few drops of clove essential oil into a carrier oil like olive, sweet almond or coconut. Gently apply to your third eye, wrists, and pulse points during meditation to stimulate clarity and psychic perception. You can also anoint spiritual tools like crystals, wands, and altars to cleanse and empower them.

Misting Spray

Add several drops of clove oil and other sacred oils like frankincense into a mister of purified water. Mist yourself, your space, or ritual tools to lift energy and invite positive vibrations. Keep it by your meditation cushion for a quick clearing when you need it.

Incense Resins

Incorporate clove bud oil into loose incense mixes with resins like frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, copal, and dragon’s blood. Use this ritually to set the energy of a space when practicing divination, meditation, or ceremonies. The scent transports your consciousness while clearing stagnant energies.

Diffuser Blends

Add 2-3 drops clove essential oil into your diffuser along with complementary oils like orange, cinnamon, rosemary, and frankincense. Time the diffusion to align with your spiritual practices. The aroma invokes sacred states of mind.

Prayer Beads

Dress prayer beads, mala necklaces, or rosaries with a few drops of clove oil to deepen your devotional practice. Let the aroma keep you mentally focused on the meaning of each bead and breath during chanting or silent repetition of prayers or mantras.


Place cotton balls soaked in clove oil in small sachets or glass vials. Keep these in your altar room, prayer corner, meditation cushion, or car to scent your personal devotional spaces.

Candle Magic

Anoint candles of any color with clove oil to add concentrated power to your intentions. Pair with Frankincense and Myrrh for spiritual protection and purification rites. The glow of the candle flame combined with clove’s aroma awakens mystical states of consciousness.

Ritual Bath

Add several drops of clove essential oil to warm bathwater along with Epsom salts infused with sacred herbs. Soak to calm the mind, energetically cleanse your aura, and open yourself to spiritual insights from higher realms. Let the worries of the day dissolve as you emerge refreshed.

While enormously beneficial, clove essential oil should always be used mindfully. Keep these precautions in mind:

  • Perform a patch test before extensive use to check for skin sensitivity.
  • Always dilute in a carrier oil if applying clove to skin.
  • Avoid during pregnancy except for aromatherapy.
  • May irritate mucus membranes, so avoid inhaling directly.
  • Use sparingly and properly diluted due to potency.

The sweet, spicy scent of clove oil has transported spiritual seekers for millennia. With responsible use, clove oil can elevate your meditation practice, creative flow, divine connection, and all aspects of your spiritual path. Allow clove to open your awareness and guide you to deeper truth.