The Spiritual Power of the Full Sturgeon Moon

The August full moon, known as the Sturgeon Moon, holds deep spiritual meaning. As summer nears its end, this lunar phase represents a time of reflection, release, and personal growth.

The energy of the Sturgeon Moon offers us the chance to tap into our inner wisdom, connect with nature, and embrace our soul’s journey. By understanding the symbolism and spiritual messages of this Moon, we open ourselves up to profound insight and transformation.

When is the Sturgeon Moon?

The Sturgeon Moon is the full Moon occurring in August, typically reaching peak fullness around August 15th each year. However, the Native American name for the August full moon refers to the giant sturgeon fish that were more easily caught in the Great Lakes region during this summer month.

August’s full Moon has also been called the Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, and Grain Moon by various tribes, reflecting the ripening of crops and abundance of late summer. The Sturgeon Moon marked a season of plenty, when food supplies were ample and spirits soared in preparation for the coming winter.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Full Moon

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotions, intuition, inner self, and unconscious mind. A full Moon is a time when this lunar energy becomes charged and amplified, making it an opportune period for spiritual development.

Full Moons provide the light we need to explore the shadowy recesses of our psyche and embrace the whole of who we are. They are a time to honor the yin within the yang, tapping into the divine feminine and our receptivity versus action.

Heightened Intuition

Around the time of a full Moon, many people report increased psychic abilities, prophetic dreams, and synchronicities. Our intuition becomes stronger, allowing us greater access to our higher guidance from spiritual realms.

The full moon stirs up the mystical elements of existence, thinning the veils between this world and the next. With greater intuition, we can discern messages from our spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.

Emotional Release

The full Moon’s energy stirs our feelings to the surface. We may experience emotional breakthroughs, revelations, and cathartic releases under the light of the full Moon as we open up to the guidance of our heart and soul truth.

Releasing pent-up emotions allows us to start anew with a clean slate. The Sturgeon Moon provides a supportive container for engaging in shadow work, healing old wounds, and dissolving what no longer serves our growth.

Spiritual Rituals

Full Moons are an ideal time for practices like meditation, breathwork, energy healing, and moon rituals. Spiritual ceremonies and activities amplify our connection to the lunar portal.

The Sturgeon Moon’s vibrational pull is perfect for cleansing our energy through smudging, working with crystals, chanting, and movement. Rituals harness its mystic power for manifestation, clarity, and rebirth.

Native American Full Moon Names

Native American tribes kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to each recurring full Moon. The unique full Moon names reflect what was happening in nature during that month.

For example, the Sturgeon Moon refers to the abundant sturgeon fish ready to be caught in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain. The sturgeon was an important food source, making August the Sturgeon Moon.

Other common Native American full Moon names include the Wolf Moon (January), Strawberry Moon (June), and Hunter’s Moon (October). These descriptive Moon names remind us to align with nature’s rhythms.

By observing lunar cycles, Native Americans stayed deeply connected to Mother Earth and the creator spirit. Each full Moon brought its own message for their communities.

The Sturgeon Moon and its Symbolic Meaning

Of all the full Moon names, the Sturgeon Moon is among the most spiritually symbolic. Here are some of the deeper meanings associated with this August Moon:


As summer transitions into fall, the Sturgeon Moon is viewed as a time of reflection and insight. We review the growth, adventures, and learnings from earlier in the year.

Self-reflection allows us to integrate experiences into wisdom, assessing what worked and what we want to change moving forward. The Sturgeon Moon provides clarity on our soul path.


The Sturgeon Moon reminds us to be grateful for summer’s bounty and harvest the fruits of our labors before the winter quiet begins. We reap what we have sown.

On a spiritual level, it’s time to harvest the seeds planted at our last new moon. We tally our soul growth and extract lessons from challenges faced.

Letting Go

This Moon brings acceptance that all seasons must pass. As we transition into fall, we practice letting go of what no longer serves to make space for new beginnings. The Sturgeon Moon teaches impermanence.

We clear out mental, emotional, and physical clutter to embrace change. Releasing the old allows our highest potential to unfold.

Trusting Intuition

The Sturgeon Moon teaches us to tune into our inner wisdom and trust our intuition to guide us through changes and uncertainty. Doubt is replaced with faith in our soul’s truth.

During this Moon we deepen our relationship with our spiritual guides and higher self. Our psychic abilities magnify, granting access to the answers within.

Spiritual Progress

The Sturgeon Moon may bring signs in meditation or dreams affirming we are on the right path in our soul evolution. Synchronicities confirm we are headed in alignment with divine will.

This full Moon culminates a period of rapid spiritual progress. We have reached a new level of enlightenment, shaping our destiny.

Connecting with the Sturgeon Moon Spiritually

Here are some suggested ways to harness the intensely spiritual energy of the Sturgeon Moon:

Moon Ritual

Perform a moon ritual, like charging crystals or creating moon water. Write down intentions and goals for release or manifestation by the next new moon.

Cleanse sacred objects like tarot cards under the Sturgeon Moon. Chant, dance, or meditate bathed in its light.

Spend Time in Nature

Go for a meditative walk under the light of the full Moon. Immerse yourself in the magic of nature, lunar cycles, and our place in the cosmos.

Collect natural objects for your altar. Tend your garden or plant seeds utilizing the Moon’s fertile energy.

Energy Healing

Try Reiki, acupuncture, sound baths, bodywork, or another energy healing practice to balance your chakras and aura.

Allow blocked energies to be released and your vibrational field to be renewed in alignment with the luminous Moon.

Spiritual Journaling

Journal about spiritual insights, synchronicities, prophetic dreams, emotions, and inner wisdom downloaded under this full Moon.

Writing helps integrate subtler experiences and discern meaningful messages for our path ahead.

Use tarot, runes, scrying, pendulum dowsing or another divinatory tool to receive lunar guidance and understand the deeper purpose behind events.

With amplified intuition, divination under the Sturgeon Moon provides crystal clear messages about our soul mission.

The Sturgeon Moon has illuminating spiritual lessons to share if we align with its cycles. By tapping into this late summer full Moon, we gain a richer understanding of our soul’s purpose.