The Surprising Biblical Meaning Behind Dreams About Poop

Dreams about poop can leave you feeling disturbed or confused when you wake up. But what does it mean when you dream about feces according to the Bible? Surprisingly, these dreams may have deeper symbolic meaning and value.

Poop dreams are more common than you may realize. In fact, dreaming about feces is thought to symbolize getting rid of negative emotions, cleansing yourself, and releasing attachments. Let’s explore what the Bible and other faith traditions reveal about the mysteries behind dreams about poop.

Examining Poop Dreams in the Bible

The Bible contains several references to feces, excrement, and defecation that provide insight into the meaning of poop dreams. In the Old Testament, God commanded the Israelites to dispose of their feces outside of camp to avoid ritual contamination (Deuteronomy 23:12-14). This established feces as unclean and polluting.

In 1 Kings 18:27, the prophet Elijah mocks the prophets of Baal, suggesting their god may have “relieved himself” and thus be absent. This depicts feces as something shameful that should be kept private.

The prophet Malachi uses poop to convey the contaminated spiritual state of the priests, saying God will “spread dung on [their] faces” for failing to honor Him (Malachi 2:3). Poop here illustrates the consequences of sin.

In the New Testament, Paul counts everything as “dung” compared to the glory of knowing Christ in Philippians 3:8. The book of Revelation rebukes the Laodiceans for their lukewarm faith, telling them to buy white clothes to cover their shameful “wickedness” (Revelation 3:17-18).

Considering these passages, dreaming about poop can denote impurity, sinfulness, and the need for spiritual cleansing. On the positive side, these dreams may symbolize:

  • Confessing and releasing sin
  • Eliminating spiritual toxins from your life
  • Asking God to renew and purify your heart
  • Removing unwholesome influences and relationships

Just as poop leaves the body as waste, dreaming of excrement can represent cleansing yourself of destructive attitudes, habits, or ideals.

Poop Dreams as a Call to Holiness

Since Biblical texts associate feces with impurity and corruption, poop dreams can serve as a wake-up call to pursue greater holiness. God may be prompting self-examination to reveal any areas of compromise or complacency. He may be drawing you into deeper relationship through sanctification.

Ask God to show you any “waste” that needs to be removed from your spiritual life. Let go of known sins. Allow Him to refine and renew you into the image of Christ. Your poop dream may be a nudge towards revival and restoration.

Poop Dreams in Other Spiritual Traditions

Beyond the Bible, other faiths and cultures offer perspective on the symbolism of poop dreams. Here are some interesting insights:


In Hindu dream interpretation, seeing or stepping in feces is considered inauspicious and disturbing. It may portend a loss of money, failure in business, or impending misery.

However, some Hindu sources say dreaming of passing stool freely and easily could indicate you’ll overcome current obstacles and problems. It’s viewed positively if you felt relief after defecation in the dream.


In Islam, dreaming about poop or filth can signal deliverance from sinful behavior and emerging from a state of heedlessness or ignorance. One Islamic source suggests it means you will spend money you’ve been conserving.

Ibn Sirin, a renowned Islamic dream interpreter, viewed poop dreams as a sign of wealth and money coming to you “faster than the speed of an arrow.” Depending on context, feces dreams are generally seen as auspicious in Islam.


In Buddhist symbolism, poop represents prosperity because it nourishes the earth. Dreaming of feces can signify monetary gain or overcoming financial hardship. It’s seen as lucky if the poop was expelled freely and easily in your dream.

Some Buddhist scriptures share the story of a impoverished man who dreamed of defecating gold. This brought him wealth and abundance. So for Buddhists, poop dreams can imply rewards and enrichment.

Chinese Folklore

The Chinese attach different meaning to poop dreams based on texture and context. Seeing liquid or muddy feces in a dream symbolizes profits and success in business. Dreaming of hard, dry stools can signify misfortune or difficulties ahead.

Visions of long poop predict you’ll live a long life. Dreaming of round feces means money is coming your way. In general, poop dreams are viewed favorably by the Chinese.

Native American Culture

For Native Americans, dreaming of feces could represent overcoming an obstacle or challenge through letting go of waste or negative energy. Since poop fertilizes the ground, it can also signify cultivating the seeds for new opportunities or spiritual growth.

Psychological Perspectives on Poop Dreams

Modern psychology offers additional insight on poop-related dreams. Possible interpretations include:

  • Letting go of guilt, shame, or embarrassment
  • Releasing trapped emotions or frustrations
  • Fear of loss of control or lack of inhibition
  • Returning to childlike ways or the unconscious mind

Psychologically, poop dreams can represent clearing away old “baggage” or suppressed parts of yourself. They prompt self-reflection and emotional cleansing for wholeness.

Jungian View on Poop Dreams

According to Carl Jung, dreaming about feces relates to shadow work in psychology. The “shadow self” contains qualities we repress or deny. Poop symbolizes unpleasant aspects of yourself or life you’ve rejected.

Your unconscious mind may use poop dreams to signal it’s time to acknowledge and integrate your shadow. The dream is asking you to look inward and accept the messy or unflattering parts of yourself to become whole.

When to Seek Guidance About Your Poop Dreams

While poop dreams are generally not cause for concern, discuss them with a pastor, therapist, or counselor if you have recurring distressing dreams involving feces. This is especially advisable if the dreams disrupt your sleep or impact daily life.

Seek guidance if your poop dreams involve you feeling trapped, ashamed, dirty, or contaminated. Or if you can’t control your bowels and feel profound embarrassment. Professional support can help uncover deeper issues or repressed trauma.

Using Poop Dreams for Transformation

Rather than brushing off poop dreams, use them for self-reflection:

  • Ask what “waste” needs to be released from your thoughts, emotions, habits, or relationships.
  • Examine your life for areas needing cleansing, purification, or honesty.
  • Make time for self-care practices like meditation, journaling, or therapy to process feelings.
  • Consider changes to boost spiritual growth and personal wholeness.

With this approach, your poop dreams become gifts catalyzing cleansing, renewal, and rising to your highest potential. Their hidden blessings outweigh any initial discomfort.

Finding Empowerment in Poop Dreams

Although poop dreams may seem gross or disturbing initially, remember that feces is simply part of the human experience. Be gentle with yourself when these dreams arise.

Rather than feeling embarrassed or ashamed, recognize that your subconscious mind is processing and releasing something that no longer serves your well-being or spiritual path. Feel empowered by the purification and self-knowledge your poop dreams offer.

In conclusion, dreaming about poop may surprise or alarm you. Yet the Bible and other traditions provide guidance for decoding the mystical meaning of these visions. With reflection, poop dreams reveal gems – inspiring cleansing of mind and spirit to fertilize your highest potential.

Poop dreams often arise at pivotal points in life demanding release, renewal, or reorientation. By exploring their symbolism across faiths, you can mine their hidden value. These strange dreams ultimately prompt a deeper dive into your inner world. With self-inquiry and grace, their messiness transforms into medicine – nourishing your spiritual evolution.