The Surprising Biblical Meaning of Candles in Dreams

Candles often appear in our dreams, but what do they represent according to Scripture?

Seeing candles in dreams may feel mystifying, but God provides interpretation if we ask. By examining scriptural dream symbolism, we can decode divine messages in candle visions.

Symbolism of Candles in Dreams According to Scripture

Fire holds deep symbolic meaning in the Bible. It can represent God’s divine presence, spiritual illumination, purification, or God’s judgment.

Likewise, Scripture uses candle flame imagery when describing God’s light and truth exposing hidden things (Proverbs 20:27). Therefore, lit candles in dreams likely symbolize revelation, enlightenment, and inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

Candles Represent Spiritual Enlightenment

When sleeping visions contain candles, it may signify the dreamer’s pursuit of wisdom and desire to illuminate their soul. Lit candles can reflect one embarking on a spiritual journey to increase understanding.

In this sense, a dream featuring candles may encourage seeking God wholeheartedly, reading Scripture, or deepening prayer communication. It can represent the Holy Spirit shining light on areas needing growth or revelation.

Association with Prayer and Communication

Historically candles symbolized praying to God – raising the wick like lifting hands in worship. Hence in dreams, candle flames may parallel heartfelt prayer or depict open channels receiving divine communication.

Dream candles could therefore represent a breakthrough in hearing God’s voice after persevering in prayer. Alternatively, it may depict a season of fruitful prayer ahead if the dreamer walks in greater dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Common Biblical Interpretations of Candle Dreams

While dream symbolism varies by context, several common biblical meanings emerge for candles:

Transition into New Seasons

Holding a lit candle while transitioning from dark to light spaces in dreams can symbolize God leading someone into a new spiritual season. The dreamer goes through an illumination process as God clarifies new assignments, callings, or directions they are stepping into.

  • It may represent walking into greater understanding regarding relationships, work/ministry purpose, or other situations through spending dedicated prayer time with God.

Refiner’s Fire

Candle flames often flick and move. Dreaming of candle flames may therefore reflect the Holy Spirit’s refining fire exposing hidden motives and ungodly strongholds in someone’s life in order to purify their hearts as gold.

Seeing candle flames up close could depict a season of difficult yet necessary pruninig to remove hindrances sabotaging spiritual growth and prepare for uplifted calling.

Receiving Revelation

At times God reveals hidden things through visual pictures, impressions during prayer, or even supernatural dreams – providing insight into situations needing breakthrough.

Dreaming of candles may therefore signify the Lord highlighting issues and providing strategic wisdom in order to bring revelation, healing, or freedom.

Divine Guidance Revealed Through Candle Visions

While the above covers frequent biblical meanings, we must still take dreams to God for revelation tailored to our situation.

In Scripture, renowned dream interpreter Daniel sought God for specific dream revelation. Likewise, talking to Jesus in prayer about candle dream symbolism allows Holy Spirit guided application.

Leaning on scriptural principles provides context for interpretation. However, the Lord lovingly explains through Holy Spirit what He wants to communicate to each person.

3 Tips for Interpretation

When seeking God about candle or fire dreams, it helps to:

  1. Ask what the fire/flames represent – God’s presence? Refining/purging? Passion for Him?
  2. Inquire about action steps if refinement or change involves the dream.
  3. Listen for affirmation if the dream reflects positive spiritual growth.

Writing down dream details and first impressions, then praying for revelation fuels a discovery process of how God seeks to guide through candle dream symbolism.

Additional Symbolic Meanings

Further biblical meaning can be gleaned from candle dreams based on:

  • Candle Context – Where candles are placed and events surrounding them alter significance. Dream journals capturing context aid interpretation.
  • Blown Out Candle Flames – May represent feeling spiritual fervor is diminished or outlets for using gifts are blocked.
  • Candlelight Vigils – Could depict standing in intercessory prayer for situations needing breakthrough.

Seeking God about subtle dream nuances helps tune into the specific message He desires to reveal to our hearts.

Decoding Your Candle Dream’s Message from God

Seeking God about the personal meaning of candle visions unseals divine truth and encouragement He wants to speak.

By peering into scriptural dream symbolism first, then dialoguing with Holy Spirit, we can rightly decode and apply God’s customized revelation.

As candles represent the illuminating work of the Spirit, candle dreams assure that God desires guiding those who seek Him into deeper relationship, spiritual clarity, and understanding regarding their lives.

Additional Ways to Discern Revelation

Along with writing down impressions, we can discern God’s voice by:

  • Observing emotions during dreams and after we awake.
  • Looking for repetition if candle themes occur multiple times.
  • Asking someone with known prophetic gifting what they sense about our candle dream.

Processing dreams with trusted believers helps identify meaningful themes needing prayer or application. As iron sharpens iron, their insights can validate messages the Holy Spirit highlights from your candle vision.

Once God unveils understanding about your dream, practical next steps include:

  1. Write down what He showed you about the dream meaning to remember/pray into later.
  2. Determine action application for breakthrough if the dream revealed issues needing change.
  3. Thank God for revelations about entering brighter seasons He may be leading you into!

Seeking God about candle dreams unlocks their secrets. His loving voice longs to interpret their meaning to guide us forward if we continually seek Him in faith.