The Untold Spiritual Significance of the Number 6

The mystical and spiritual meaning behind numbers has fascinated humans across cultures and civilizations. In particular, the number six seems to have an intriguing symbolism that carries divine messages, spiritual awakenings, and prophetic meaning for those who are tuned into its subtle vibrations.

But what does the humble number six really signify in the realm of the soul and the sacred?

Spiritual Meaning of the Number 6

In spirituality and symbolism, numbers carry vibrational energies that align with specific traits and meanings. Number six resonates with virtues like unconditional love, empathy, balance, nurturing, healing, beauty and harmony.

The shape of number six itself hints at its spiritual meanings – the curving top represents the mind and nurturing feminine energy, while the straight lower part reflects the supportive foundation of masculine energy. Together, they create a balanced union between complementary opposite forces.

Divine Feminine Energy

The prominent curving line in number six relates to soft, caring feminine energy as well as intuition, emotion and cosmic consciousness. As such, six deals with our experience of divinity within – the inner voice, gut instincts, body wisdom, dreams, visualizations and synchronicities that connect us to higher planes of guidence and create spiritual awakenings.

The Yin aspect of six also governs themes of receptivity, being receptive to messages from the universe, going with the flow and embracing change. By tuning into inner guidance rather than logic, six asks us to nurture our relationship to our soul and to the divine creator.

Yin-Yang Balance

In eastern wisdom, six represents perfect balance between opposing forces – the yang properties of the straight line combined with the yin essence of the curve creates harmony. Where the number two suggests duality and conflict, number six finds resolution through compassion, grace and unity consciousness.

Six seeks to blend and harmonize contradictory circumstances rather than judging one side as superior to the other. Whether applied internally or externally, the spiritual message is one of making peace, embracing both darkness and light within ourselves and bringing balance to any polarized situation.

Symbolism of the Number 6 in Religion

The number six appears frequently across religions and esoteric traditions, where it generally carries positive meanings related to love, truth and community building.


In Christianity, the number six represents completeness, as God created the universe in six days before resting on the seventh. Six therefore signals a time of spiritual fulfillment, fruition and being perfectly made in the eyes of God.

Jesus Christ was sent to Earth to live in a human body for six hours before being crucified. As such, the sixth hour is considered holy and suggests atonement, sacrifice, mercy and being cleansed of sin by divine grace.


The Star of David, one of the most important Jewish mystical symbols, consists of two interlocking triangles that together form six points. The upward-pointing triangle represents divine protection or masculine energy while the downward triangle signifies feminine receptive energy from above.

The combination reflects the descent of divine feminine wisdom perfectly uniting with masculine potential – creating heaven on Earth through the harmonious balance of their synergy.


The Sri Yantra, a sacred Hindu diagram used for meditation, contains tetragrams – four triangles overlapping to form forty three little triangles that meet at six larger triangles, pointing to the hexagram or Star of David hidden within. This profoundly demonstrates unity between Jewish and Hindu mysticism.

The hexagram represents union between goddess Shakti and god Shiva, indicating the intimate bliss possible through yogic practice and tantra designed to activate higher states of consciousness and profound spiritual connection to all life.

Angel Number 6 and its Divine Messages

Angel numbers carry significance from the angelic realm to give us messages about our soul path and spiritual growth. Angel number six signals a time to nurture faith over fear, embrace loving service and have more trust in the divine plan unfolding.

Emphasis on Faith

Seeing angel number six repeatedly suggests having more faith. The angels ask us to release worries stemming from ego fixation and need for control. Instead of relying solely on practical logic, six asks us to incorporate intuitive wisdom, imagination, hope and surrender. The emphasis is on believing in a higher power at work and the ultimate perfection of life.

Service to Others

Angel number six also carries a deeper message around being of compassionate service to others on our spiritual journey. Focus less on meeting only your needs and offer caring outreach, generosity and support instead. See all beings as divine and worthy of dignity.

Look for ways big and small to make a positive difference through volunteering, uplifting someone’s day or simply exuding more patience, empathy and kindness in daily interactions.

Trust in Divine Plan

When angel number six appears repeatedly, the angels encourage complete trust that they have your back and life is unfolding as it should. Release fears related to lack of control. Instead of reacting, center yourself in present moment awareness and find peace through acceptance, allowing and non-attachment.

Surrender outcomes to your soul, higher self and the perfection of the universe. Know that challenges serve your spiritual growth and all is progressing swimmingly from an elevated perspective. Have faith in hearing divine guidance one step at a time.

The Significance of 6 in Numerology and Tarot

Beyond angel numbers, six shows up meaningfully across spiritual divination tools and esoteric studies seeking to unveil hidden wisdoms that serve self-realization and soul awakening.


In numerology, the number six represents harmony, equilibrium and coming into balance – the union of opposites into a synergistic whole where dualities merge. Relationships are important for someone with six as their life path number, as they thrive through cooperation, diplomacy and cultivating beauty, comfort and peace in their environment.


Within the major arcana of the Tarot deck, card number VI is The Lovers. This significant card reinforces soul mate relationships being significant on one’s spiritual path. It also emphasizes the theme of choice – struggles meeting at an intersection where we must choose which aspects of ourselves to nurture and which to release attachment from as part of discovering our higher selves.

Seeing the Number 6 as a Spiritual Awakening

When the number six starts popping up in pronounced ways like angel number sightings, sixes on clocks or license plates, it signals that the mystical realm is reaching out to get your attention! Pay attention whenever sequence number six appears strongly for you as it suggests a direct portal for the divine to reach you with urgent guidance about your spiritual path.

Turn Inwards

Seeing sixes is often an invitation from spirit to take time out and meditate – go inward through prayer, reflection or spiritual practices and consciously strengthen your inner relationship with the source of higher wisdom available within us all.

Balance and Harmony

The sighting of number sixes also carries a message to bring more harmony and stability to circumstances feeling emotionally challenging or stuck in polarization right now. Apply compassion and strive to see light amidst the darkness – integrate shadow aspects through non-dual perception instead of judging harshly or projecting onto others.

When six appears through synchronicity and angelic messenger codes, it suggests having more faith in one’s intuitive gifts, bodily wisdom and capacity to channel divine guidance by developing trust, becoming receptive and overcoming skepticism. Release attachment to practical outcomes and follow your intuition compass instead.

By embracing the spiritual significance behind number six, profound awakening unfolds about universal cosmic consciousness available by attuning vibrationally through ultimate surrender to all that is sacred and mysterious.