Triumph Over Evil: Simple Strongman Binding Steps

Spiritual warfare is a reality that every believer faces. Demonic forces constantly work to oppress, discourage, and mislead God’s people. One of the most effective strategies of the enemy is to assign a territorial “strongman” demon to influence a specific region, organization, or even an individual person.

Binding the strongman is a powerful way to overcome spiritual attacks and walk in freedom. By following a biblical model, believers can restrict the enemy’s activity and see lives transformed by the power of Christ.

Understanding Spiritual Warfare and the Strongman Concept

Spiritual warfare refers to the ongoing, unseen battle between the forces of God and the forces of Satan and demons. Scripture makes it clear this conflict is real, with high stakes (Ephesians 6:12). The enemy attacks believers in various ways, including deception, accusation, and oppression.

One of Satan’s most dangerous strategies is assigning a high-ranking “strongman” demon to exert influence over a specific domain. Just as human rulers delegate authority to governors of provinces, the spiritual “ruler of this world” appoints demons to control territories (Matthew 12:24-29).

The Nature and Strategies of Strongmen

Strongman spirits are powerful fallen angels who answer directly to Satan. They are intelligent, cunning, and determined to block God’s purposes. Common assignments include:

  • Overseeing a geographic location like a city, region or nation
  • Influencing a social sphere such as politics, education, business, or religion
  • Afflicting a family unit or specific individual

These demons build structures of lies and bondage that keep people trapped in darkness. Through deception, temptation, accusation and generating fear, they prevent people from hearing the gospel and walking in freedom.

Why Binding the Strongman is Necessary

Strongmen are masters of disguise. They remain hidden in the background while orchestrating havoc through lesser demons under their command. Trying to fight these underlings is ineffective when the strongman retaining charge remains free.

Jesus explained that victory requires first binding up the strongman. Once his influence is restrained, we can plunder his domain by setting captives free (Mark 3:27). This strategic approach prevents the enemy from reinforcing his defenses and fortifies weak areas.

Biblical Examples of Strongmen

Throughout Scripture we see evidence of strongman spirits assigned to influence nations, cities, and people groups. Some examples include:

  • The prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13)
  • The god of this age blinding unbelievers (2 Corinthians 4:4)
  • The spirit of Jezebel exerting control in Thyatira (Revelation 2:20)
  • The spirit of infirmity crippling the woman (Luke 13:11)

In each case, dealing with the specific strongman was key to seeing God’s will accomplished and people set free.

Preparing for Spiritual Battle: Equip Yourself through Prayer and Scripture

Binding a strongman is not to be done casually. We must prepare carefully by putting on our full spiritual armor (Ephesians 6:10-18). Time in God’s presence strengthens and equips us for battle.

Pray for Discernment and Insight

Ask God to reveal anything in you that gives the enemy a foothold, such as unconfessed sin or unhealed wounds from your past. Repent and receive inner healing. Pray for discernment to detect strongmen and their strategies.

Receive God’s Authority and Power

As children of God, believers have delegated authority to oppose demonic powers in Jesus’ name (Luke 10:19). Pray to be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit and clothed in God’s resurrection power and might (Ephesians 6:10).

Arm Yourself with Relevant Scripture

God’s Word is the “sword of the Spirit” that defeats our enemy (Ephesians 6:17). Memorize key passages about spiritual warfare and your authority in Christ. Meditate on God’s truth to renew your mind and resist deception.

Executing the Strategy: Steps to Bind the Strongman

Once equipped through prayer and scripture, follow these steps for binding the strongman:

  1. Identify its territory of influence through discernment and prayer.
  2. Repent on behalf of those under its influence, asking God to cancel all ground given to it.
  3. Renounce out loud the strongman’s claims and command it to silence in Jesus’ name.
  4. Declare that all lesser spirits under it are now bound and forbidden to act.
  5. Proclaim Christ’s victory, supremacy and Lordship over this stronghold.
  6. Fill the territory with praise, worship, and Scripture to establish God’s presence.

Repeat this process as needed until freedom is established. Avoid lengthy rebukes or arguing with the demonic. Stand confidently on the truth of Christ’s finished work and His authority given to you.

Partnering with Intercessors for Victory

For highly oppressive strongmen, it helps to partner with other believers who will stand in agreement through prayer, fasting, and worship. There is amplified power when two or three gather in Jesus’ name (Matthew 18:19-20).

Having the support of an experienced intercessory prayer team can provide needed spiritual reinforcement. They can keep your focus on Jesus instead of the strongman itself. There is strength in unity.

Maintaining Freedom: Guard Against Future Strongman Attacks

Do not assume binding a strongman is a once-for-all victory. Demons persistently seek ways to regain lost ground and rebuild strongholds. After tasting freedom, remain vigilant against counterattacks.

Stand Firm in Your Identity and Authority in Christ

Reject any condemning thoughts or accusations from the enemy. Remember who you are in Christ – a beloved child of God with full rights to Christ’s victory. Your authority comes from Him, not your performance.

Continue in Worship, God’s Word, and Prayer

Maintain communion with God through regular worship, Scripture meditation, and prayer. These fill your spiritual lungs with life-giving air. Guard your heart with thankfulness and joy in the Lord.

Watch for Schemes to Re-establish Bondage

Be alert to thoughts, feelings or circumstances the enemy uses to intimidate you back into former habits of sin or oppression. Resist discouragement. Stand firm in faith, immediately renouncing anything that exalts itself against Christ.

Walking in consistent freedom takes time, but the effort is worth it as you experience God’s love and victory more deeply. Submit every area of life to His Lordship.

Deal with Ungodly Soul Ties

Ungodly soul ties to former romantic partners, authority figures, or anyone who abused or manipulated you can give strongmen access. Forgive them and prayerfully break these unhealthy bonds.

Remove Idols from Your Life

Idolatry gives demons a legal entry point. Ask God to reveal any idols in your heart that need to be removed from your life, such as love of money, success, control, or comfort.

Strong negative emotions like unforgiveness, anxiety and pride give the enemy footholds. Renew your mind according to God’s truth. Align your thoughts, feelings and attitudes with His perfect love and grace.

Walking in consistent freedom takes time and submission to God’s process of inner transformation. The Holy Spirit gently reveals areas He wants to refine so Christ’s life can shine brightly through you.