Understanding Spiritual Soul Ties Between Spouses

The concept of “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives” remains mysterious to many. These terms refer to spiritual entities that attach themselves to a person, forming a “soul tie” akin to an emotional or romantic bond.

While skeptics may brush off such an idea, countless people report real experiences with spirit spouses that impact their earthly relationships. To make sense of this phenomenon, one must draw on spiritual discernment rooted in scriptural principles.

Defining Spiritual Husbands and Wives

Spiritual husbands and wives are spirit entities that connect with a person emotionally or sexually, often interfering with earthly marriage. Some key aspects:

Overview of spiritual spouses concept

The notion of demonic spirits marrying humans traces back millennia cross-culturally. Early gnostic sects and some tribal religions reference such bonds. While specifics differ between cultures, common threads emerge:

  • Spirits initiate relationships through dreams or visions
  • Human participants experience initial euphoria and fulfillment
  • Earthly unions suffer from comparison to supernatural ones

Today, many Pentecostal churches recognize spirit spouses stem from demonic manipulation requiring deliverance. However, lack of open discussion leaves many suffers isolated and confused.

Distinguishing soul ties from marriages

Importantly, the term “marriage” requires qualification when describing spirit attachments. By definition, only humans can enter marriage covenants witnessed by other people. Spirits cannot access the sacrament in any officially recognized sense. However, the perceived intimacy and intensity of these bonds may feel “marital” on an emotional level even without formal vows exchanged. “Soul tie” better captures the attachment without implying equal status between parties.

Biblical mention of spirit attachments

Scripturally, demonic spirits clearly desire to grasp for control. While the Bible lacks explicit reference to spirit spouses, several verses address illicit supernatural bonds:

  • 1 Corinthians 6 warns against joining physically with prostitutes, because the interaction forms ungodly soul ties.
  • 2 Corinthians 11 cautions that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, deceiving through false teaching.
  • Ephesians 6 calls humans to stand against dark forces by putting on the full spiritual armor of God.

These passages confirm that deceiving spirits endanger people requiring discernment and resistance through faith in Christ’s power.

Causes and Characteristics

While spirits orchestrate these attachments, certain human vulnerabilities and behaviors also enable access:

Possible entry points for spirit spouses

  • Generational curses – Demonic legal grounds plaguing whole family lines over generations without deliberate intervention
  • Pacts with darkness – Previous contracts for power, money, or pleasure without considering eternal consequences
  • Occult contacts – Seemingly innocent new age or folk practices that access dark forces
  • Ungodly soul ties – Previous romantic unions without spiritual protection that endure emotionally beyond separation
  • Sexual sin – Promiscuity forming soul ties across multiple partners over time through God’s intended design for intimacy

Common traits and behaviors

Once an attachment forms, spirit spouses exhibit predictable patterns including:

  • Persistent visitation through sexualized dreams with associated sensations upon waking
  • Ongoing illusory sexual encounters and romantic declarations that interfere with wakeful intimacy
  • Recurrent lower back pain, abnormal menstrual symptoms, and sexual performance issues linked to nightly harassment
  • Personality changes including pride, defensiveness, secrecy, and sudden anger regarding the earthly spouse

Without intervention, soul ties strengthen over time leading to profound spiritual, emotional and mental control.

Impact on earthly relationships

Most damagingly, spirit spouses actively undermine human connections requiring targeted efforts for preservation. Some frequent consequences include:

  • Apathy, emotional withdrawal from the earthly spouse
  • Secrecy about dreams and nighttime activities propagating isolation
  • Increasing marital conflict and alienation
  • Eventual separation or divorce absent recognition and repentance of the influence

Therefore, immediately addressing attachments through counseling and deliverance remains critical.

Overlooked Aspects of Spirit Spouses

Two major factors surrounding spirit spouses require deeper consideration:

The role of legal access

Simply renouncing soul ties cannot sustain freedom if legal entry points remain open. As written in Ephesians 4:27, this grants space for the enemy. Potential footholds include:

  • Words – vows, agreements, permissions, accusations that enable access
  • Actions – behaviors that defile body, mind or spirit
  • Associations – non-believing friends, music, media that tolerate or promote darkness
  • Spaces – physical locations tied to past occult involvement or trauma

Securing victory requires confessing, repenting and eliminating identified access points, then sealing those areas with Christ’s blood.

The limitations of self-deliverance

While personal prayers renouncing soul ties help, full freedom often requires outside intervention through several forms:

  • Counseling – Professional therapy targeting trauma, destructive behavior patterns and secrecy
  • Spiritual mentoring – Discipleship focused on renewing the mind and nurturing intimacy with God
  • Deliverance ministry – Seasoned intercessors exercising spiritual authority to break oppressive spiritual holds

Pride may tempt people to resist support. However, just as infiltrating special ops require specialized training, confronting the demonic realm is best done in community.

Breaking Soul Ties

Genuinely severing ungodly soul bonds with spiritual entities requires brutal honesty and wholehearted commitment. Steps include:

Assessing one’s readiness

  • Spend extended time in prayer and fasting to purify focus receiving grace to acknowledge hard truths
  • Confess past offenses and vulnerabilities surrounding the attachment with trustworthy believers
  • Repent completely to God, self and others regarding willful transgressions

Steps for renouncing ties

  1. Verbally break all contact and cancel perceived covenants with spirit figures and associated parties by name, with God as witness
  2. Forgive all ancestors and other humans who enabled access, whether willingly or unconsciously
  3. Command all related demonic imprints to be erased from one’s generational line going forward
  4. Invite Holy Spirit purification and oversight through body, mind and spirit

Biblical principles for gaining freedom

  • Internalize scriptural identity in Christ and promises of authority over demonic influences (Luke 10:19)
  • Receive and apply the full armor of God daily with prayer support from saints (Ephesians 6:10-18)
  • Replace ungodly ties through nurturing intimacy with God and one’s earthly spouse without defrauding (1 Corinthians 7:4-5)

Safeguarding Future Relationships

Walking in sustainable freedom after renouncing spirit spouses involves:

Protecting current and future bonds

  • Cultivating intimacy with God through His word, worship and obedience to access sustaining spiritual power
  • Learning to recognize deceiving spirits who continuously search for ways to manipulate
  • Setting healthfully protective boundaries around existing relationships
  • Pursuing trusted pastoral counsel when facing potential future attachments rather than keeping silent

Maintaining freedom through spiritual growth

  • Reading scripture daily, emphasizing texts on spiritual warfare and relational purity
  • Praying blessings regularly over one’s spouse and descendants
  • Practicing continual conversational prayer
  • Engaging wisdom through accountability groups focused on renewal of mind and sexual integrity
  • Confessing promptly to a trusted partner or group when noticing demonically-influenced thoughts or emotions
  • Establishing interdependent relationships providing prayer support, transparency coaching, and gentle truth-telling
  • Pursuing professional Christian counseling targeting freedom from spiritual manipulation if struggles persist despite best efforts

The victims of spirit spouses can get back into their relationships with God’s help. While the spiritual realm remains complex, Jesus offers light and truth to guide the way to freedom.