Understanding the National Federation of Spiritual Healers

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) is a UK-based organization dedicated to promoting spiritual healing and supporting healers. With a growing membership base and over 70 years of history, the NFSH plays an important role in providing training, community, and advocacy for spiritual healing practitioners across the country.

Whether you’re curious about spiritual healing or looking to connect with like-minded practitioners, read on to learn more about this pioneering organization.

Overview of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers was founded in 1954 by healer and author Harry Edwards. Edwards established the organization as a way to provide community and support for spiritual healers in the UK. He wanted to spread awareness of spiritual healing and help give healers credibility and standards for their work.

Today, the NFSH serves over 400 member healers across the UK and abroad. They provide training courses in spiritual healing, hold conferences and events, and publish a membership magazine. The organization also sets codes of conduct and offers certification for spiritual healers who meet their standards.

Mission and Values

The NFSH states that their mission is “to promote the recognition of spiritual healing in the community as a viable, professional and accountable complementary therapy.”

Key values that guide the Federation’s work include:

  • Supporting and empowering spiritual healers
  • Upholding high standards of integrity, conduct, and training
  • Raising awareness of spiritual healing and its benefits
  • Advocating for greater acceptance within healthcare
  • Providing community for healers to connect and develop

History and Background

As mentioned, spiritual healer Harry Edwards founded the NFSH in 1954. Edwards himself claimed to discover his healing abilities after recovering from critical injuries sustained in a mining explosion. He then went on to open healing sanctuaries, write books, and lecture on spiritual healing.

The NFSH emerged from Edwards’ work to educate and organize the growing number of spiritual healers across the UK inspired by his teachings. In 1965, the organization gained national prominence after holding a public display of spiritual healing in Trafalgar Square attended by thousands.

Over the next decades, the Federation continued building awareness through demonstrations, advocacy campaigns, and engagement with media, government bodies, and religious organizations. They also focused internally on training programs and guidance to ensure high standards for healers.

Today, the NFSH upholds this dual mission–promoting spiritual healing externally while supporting the development of ethical, responsible practitioners within the profession.

Type of Organization

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers is registered as a private company with nonprofit/charitable aims. They are run by a National Council, board of trustees, and team of staff and volunteers out of their head office in Surrey.

As an educational body, the NFSH is considered a international membership organization for spiritual healers and advocacy group for spiritual healing as a practice. They bring together healers working in different healing modalities who share common ethical foundations.

While not a regulatory institution, the Federation sets comprehensive standards and codes of conduct for its members. Those who meet requirements can become Certified Spiritual Healers or Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioners through NFSH training programs.

Members and Structure of the Federation

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers has over 400 members located across the UK and internationally. Members span diverse backgrounds, spiritual/religious affiliations, and healing approaches.

Who Makes Up the Membership

Membership is open both to active healers as well as those passionate about spiritual healing. Practicing healers come from many different professions and specializations.

While members have diverse individual techniques shaped by their own gifts, training, and spiritual paths, core energy-based practices involving laying on of hands and distance healing are common across modalities.

In order to become a full healer member, individuals must demonstrate knowledge of spiritual healing and abide by NFSH’s codes of conduct. Associate membership is also available for non-healers who wish to support the Federation’s mission.

Leadership and Organizational Structure

The NFSH has a tiered organizational structure designed to connect national leadership with regional communities of healers.

At the top is an annually elected National Council made up of healers who guide organizational mission and activities. Council members also form the NFSH Board of Trustees responsible for governance.

Under the National Council, there are over a dozen Regional Conveners who lead local Federation chapters. Conveners coordinate trainings, talks, conferences and help recruit new members.

Finally, the General Membership Body includes the hundreds of Spiritual Healing Members and Associates around the country. A staff team supports coordination across all levels of leadership and membership.

Requirements and Process to Join

Prospective members can apply to join the NFSH through an application form on their website. There are different requirements depending on the type of membership.

Healer Member

  • Ability to demonstrate spiritual healing
  • 2 Healer Member endorsements
  • Adhere to Codes of Conduct & Ethics
  • Annual membership fee

Associate Member

  • Support the aims and mission of the NFSH
  • Provide 2 character references
  • Annual membership fee

As the only prerequisites involve endorsements and references, the application process focuses more on character rather than specific qualifications or training. However, the Federation does offer extensive training programs for members to develop and certify as healers.

Activities and Services Provided

There are many ways the National Federation of Spiritual Healers serves its membership community and promotes spiritual healing in the UK.

Trainings, Conferences, and Events

The NFSH offers training programs for healers at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. Their Healer Training Programme takes 1-2 years to complete and covers core principles, practices, anatomy, self-healing, practitioner development, and more.

Upon completion, healers are eligible for certification as Certified Spiritual Healers or Certified Spiritual Healing Practitioners depending on hours spent in training.

In addition to their training courses, the Federation holds an annual national conference, as well as regional conferences, lectures, and retreats. These events allow members to connect in-person and continue expanding their healing gifts.

Spiritual Healing Practices

The primary service facilitated through the NFSH is providing spiritual healing to those in need. Healer members offer their services in dedicated healing sanctuaries, home clinics, remotely, and in disaster relief missions.

The organization provides resources and guidance to help standardize quality of care across these various contexts. However, healing modalities can differ significantly based on individual approach.

Common techniques include hands-on energy healing, distant mental healing, guided meditation, prescribing affirmations/prayers, crystal and color healing, flower essences, as well as supplemental therapies.

Support and Resources Offered

Beyond hands-on training and events, the Federation produces membership magazines, newsletters, podcasts and video content to continually support development.

Members also receive discounts on spiritual healing courses and products. And dedicated Member Support Officers help provide guidance around best practices as a healer.

The organization additionally offers funding through Harry Edwards Healer Fellowship Awards. These awards sponsor healers in building spiritual healing presences within healthcare spaces.

Getting Involved and Connecting

If you feel called to energy healing or are simply curious, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers is a great way to engage with the world of spiritual healing in the UK. There are many options for getting involved as a member or volunteer.

Benefits of Membership and Participation

Becoming part of the NFSH community comes with many advantages, including:

  • Training programs to build healing skills
  • Certification credentials as a Spiritual Healer
  • Listing in the NFSH Register of Healers
  • Professional development resources & support
  • Access to talks, events, conferences & magazines
  • Sense of community with like-minded healers
  • Opportunities to raise awareness through advocacy

Engaging more deeply as a volunteer also allows you to shape the future of spiritual healing practice and policy in the UK.

Ways to Engage with the Federation

There are a few main ways you can get involved with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers:

  • Become a Member: Join at the Healer Member or Associate Member level
  • Volunteer Your Time: Volunteer for committees, working groups, the National Council or as a Regional Convener
  • Attend an Event: Take part in conferences, lectures, healings services and more
  • Voice Your Passion: Advocate, author articles, and help raise awareness of spiritual healing

To explore membership, volunteer roles, or event offerings with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, you can:

  • Reach out by phone or email via the contact page on www.nfsh.org.uk
  • Follow up with the Membership Officer or Regional Convener in your area
  • Attend a free local member gathering or healing service
  • Fill out an application form to get the process started

By getting involved with the NFSH, you’ll quickly find a compassionate community to learn and grow alongside while working to expand access to spiritual healing.