Understanding the Spiritual Meaning of the Number 6

The spiritual meaning of the number six has fascinated mystics, numerologists, and religious thinkers for millennia. Teeming with symbolic connotations, the number six occupies a special place in many faiths and esoteric traditions.

We’ll uncover the esoteric symbolism behind this unique number and what it reveals about the deeper mysteries of the cosmos.

Numerology and the Significance of 6

In numerology, the number six is considered a harmonious and well-balanced vibration. It represents partnership, beauty, and the ideal of “love thy neighbor.” Sixes are nurturing, protective, and family-oriented, with a deep sense of responsibility.

As a compound of two and three, six retains the duality of two along with the creative expression and expansion of the number three. This blending gives six both yin and yang properties, endowing it with equilibrium.

In tarot, six is linked with The Lovers card, symbolizing choices, union, and doing what’s right for the greater good. As Lovers implies, sixes approach life from the heart rather than the head.

Attributes of the Number 6

  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Beauty
  • Nurturing
  • Idealism

From a numerology perspective, sixes make loyal companions and excellent teachers. They have a gift for resolving conflicts and facilitating cooperation between others. However, their propensity to sacrifice their needs for others can lead to exhaustion and imbalance.

6 in Astrology and the Zodiac

In astrology, the number six is linked to planet Venus and zodiac sign Taurus. Both are connected to pleasure, beauty, and sensuality.

Taurus is stable and committed yet resistant to change. Sensual Taurus craves comfort and luxury. Similarly, Libra’s affinity for partnership and diplomacy aligns with the cooperative six.

Those with six prominent in their numerology charts may resonate with Taurean qualities of reliability, patience, and material satisfaction.

The Symbolic Meaning of 6 in Major Religions

The number six holds symbolic meaning in many world religions, including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.


In the Bible, the number six is traditionally connected with mankind, as man was created on the sixth day. It is also associated with imperfection and incompletion, as six falls short of the perfect number seven.

Notable references to six in Christianity include:

  • Six days of creation before God rested on the seventh day
  • Six jars of water Jesus turned into wine at the Wedding at Cana
  • Sixth hour on the sixth day of the week when Jesus was crucified

Some scholars posit that the sixth hour, marking a spiritual turning point between darkness and light, represents humanity’s spiritual redemption made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice.

Hinduism and Buddhism

In Hinduism and Buddhism, six represents the six senses with which we experience the world (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thought). Conquering the deception of the six senses is part of the path to enlightenment.

The Six Realms of Existence known as samsara also contain six domains into which beings are reborn according to their karma. These realms are part of the continuous cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation that Buddhists and Hindus seek to escape.


In Islam, six carries spiritual significance as the number of days in which Allah created the heavens and earth. The Islamic cube symbolizes this act of divine creation in six directions (up, down, front, back, left, right).

Muslims believe that Allah’s perfection is mirrored in the harmonious balance of the cube’s proportions. The cube’s six sides are a reminder of humankind’s proper orientation toward the divine.

The Esoteric History of the Number 6

Beyond organized religion, the number six has held esoteric meaning for groups involved in mystical philosophies and the occult:


In Freemasonry, six represents equilibrium and the union of opposites. This idea comes from the hexagram, one of the organization’s core symbols which is made up of two intersecting triangles.

One triangle points up while the other points down, echoing the esoteric phrase “as above, so below.” For Masons, six facilitates enlightenment through the reconciliation of dualities.


For members of Rosicrucianism, an esoteric order devoted to studying the metaphysical laws of the universe, six represents evolution, self-improvement, beauty, and harmony.

The order’s teachings state that the number six governs the heart and higher emotions. By nurturing their own evolution, sixes can attain their highest potential.

Occult Groups

For those practicing numerology, witchcraft, astrology, and other occult arts, six carries a connotation of transition and the attributes of Venus according to its numerological reduction (6 reduces to 6).

Six resonates with spells and rituals involving partnership, harmony in relationships, charm, and the arts. Its balanced essence provides an anchor during dynamic change.

The Spiritual Properties of the Number 6

What are the core spiritual meanings and properties associated with the number six?

Balance and Harmony

The prime symbolic meaning of six throughout numerology and religion is that of harmony, balance, equilibrium, union, and resolution of opposites.

This symbolism stems from 6 being the first “perfect” number. In mathematics, a perfect number equals the sum of its divisors (excluding itself).

For the mystical, six balances yin and yang energies. It is a metaphor for harmony between seemingly conflicting forces in the universe.

Partnership and Relationships

The spiritual meaning of six also focuses on partnership, connectivity, and familial love. This relates to attributes like nurturing, sacrifice, and parenthood associated with six.

In the Bible, man and woman were created on the sixth day. Lovers tarot reflects the six’s affinity for harmonious relationships.

As a unifier between opposites, six facilitates forming meaningful bonds. It represents the joy of giving and selfless love.

Transition and Healing

As the number bridging Heaven (3) and Earth (7), six represents stepping stones, thresholds, metamorphosis, and transitional phases.

This carries connotations of healing and problem resolution on the spiritual plane. By bridging divides, sixes can aid the world in moving toward greater states of balance.

The six stage is an initiatory gateway inviting self-reflection, release of negative patterns, and renewal.

Nurturing and Responsibility

The motherly, caregiving aspects of six relate to taking responsibility for others’ wellbeing. Six has strong connotations with teaching, parenting, counseling, and humanitarian service.

However, sixes must remember to nurture themselves as well as others. Over-sacrifice can lead sixes to martyrdom instead of modeling true nurturance.

Interpreting 666 and the Number of the Beast

In the Bible’s Book of Revelation, 666 is described the Number of the Beast. This has provoked debate about whether 666 should be viewed as an auspicious or ominous spiritual number.

Some perspectives on 666 include:

  • Symbol of sin, evil, imperfection
  • Mark of Satan’s power and influence over world
  • Representation of false prophets or messiahs
  • Number of humanity and human nature disconnected from God
  • An allegorical warning against Roman political leaders

Alternate theories propose that 666 is a numerological code or symbol indicating a person, system, or archetype rather than a literal “beast.” Analyzing 666 may reveal what beliefs or mindsets separate humanity from spiritual truth.

The Upright 666

Some esoteric thinkers view 666 upright as reflecting the harmonious attributes of six. In this light, 666 represents the pathway to enlightenment through balance, transition, and realizing one’s spiritual purpose.

From this perspective, 666 is symbolic of humanity’s potential to rise above the material plane and evolve in consciousness.

The richness of the number six has made it a wellspring for interpretation across cultures and eras. Despite widespread analysis, six retains an enigmatic quality.

The allure of six derives from its layers of symbolic meaning. It exemplifies numerology’s ability to reveal hidden interconnectedness within the fabric of creation.

For numerologists, six will likely continue baffling and inspiring imagination for centuries to come. Contemplating this number allows us to glimpse the deeper patterning undergirding existence.