What Do Tears From the Right Eye Actually Mean? Uncover the Truth Quickly

Have you ever noticed your right eye welling up with tears for no apparent reason? You may be sitting at your desk, walking down the street, or having a conversation when your right eye suddenly starts to water. It can seem strange when just one eye begins tearing up out of the blue. So what does it actually mean when tears form in your right eye?

Tears falling from the right eye can have various potential meanings according to different spiritual, emotional, and medical perspectives. By exploring the potential reasons behind right eye tears, you can gain insight into the deeper meaning behind this mysterious phenomenon.

The Spiritual Meaning of Tears from the Right Eye

In many spiritual traditions, tears flowing from the right eye have an inner significance. Let’s explore some of the metaphysical interpretations.

Opening of the Third Eye Chakra

In Hinduism and other Eastern spiritual practices, the right eye is associated with the ajna or third eye chakra. This chakra, located between the eyebrows, is linked to intuition and higher consciousness. Tears from the right eye may indicate that this chakra is opening up as you progress spiritually.

As your third eye awakens, you may cry from the right eye due to releasing built-up energy blocks. This eye cleansing allows intuitive energies to flow more freely through you. So tears of the right eye can signify spiritual growth and the development of your psychic abilities.

Divine Intervention or Message

Right eye tears may also be interpreted as a sign from the Divine or your spirit guides. Crying spontaneously from the right eye could indicate that you are receiving a divine message and need to tune in deeply to interpret it.

Pay attention to any insights, visions, or sudden realizations that arise when your right eye waters. Be open to potential signs and synchronicities that occur around the time your eye tears up. The right eye crying may be a prompt from the spiritual realms that it’s time to pause and listen within.

Past Life Purging

Some psychics and energy healers believe that right eye tears correspond to releasing emotions from past lives. As buried feelings surface from previous incarnations, you may cry from the right eye even if you feel calm and centered in your present life.

So if your right eye unexpectedly tears up, it could indicate you are purging old energetic patterns. Allow the tears to flow as a form of energetic cleansing of the soul.

Emotional Causes of Right Eye Tears

In addition to mystical meanings, tears from the right eye may have emotional origins. Here are some feelings that can trigger watery eyes.


Feeling down or depressed can lead fluid to leak from the right tear duct. Even if you don’t feel obviously sad, hidden grief over a loss or disappointment may cause the right eye to mist up at odd times.

Notice if crying from your right eye coincides with painful memories or difficult anniversaries. Tears may be emotion waiting to be released.


Are you picking up on someone else’s distress? The phenomenon of tearing up due to feeling empathetic resonance is called “emotional contagion.”

If your right eye waters around certain people, you may be absorbing their unspoken sadness or mirroring their feelings unconsciously. Stay centered when empathizing to avoid taking on another’s emotions.


Like the left eye, the right eye may produce reflex tears in response to stress. Pressures from work, relationships, finances, or other obligations can cause watery eyes.

Take note if your right eye tears up during tense situations. Crying may signal buried anxiety or the need for a time-out. Manage stress levels through relaxation practices to keep tear ducts in balance.


Happy tears are possible, too! The right eye may water from laughing, seeing a loved one after a long separation, or feeling moved by a poignant moment.

Tears of joy remind us to appreciate life’s precious, fleeting moments. Expressing emotions keeps the energetic flow of tears healthy.

Physical Causes of Excessive Right Eye Watering

In some cases, a medical reason may explain right eye tearing. Here are some common health factors behind watery eyes.


Seasonal allergies like hay fever can cause the membranes around the eyes to swell, leading to excessive tearing. Both eyes usually are affected, but an allergy may irritate just the right eye.

Try over-the-counter antihistamine eye drops and minimize exposure to allergens. If tearing persists, see an allergist to identify the source of irritation.

Corneal Abrasion

A scratch or abrasion on the cornea can make the right eye water profusely as it tries to flush out irritants and heal the injury. Eye drops, antibiotics, or steroids may be prescribed.

Avoid rubbing the eye, which can worsen the abrasion. See an ophthalmologist if pain or vision changes accompany tearing.


Pink eye, an inflammation of the conjunctiva, can cause weeping eyes as thick discharge clogs the tear ducts. Usually both eyes are affected, but occasionally only one eye will be irritated.

Bacterial or viral conjunctivitis requires antibiotic eyedrops. Allergic conjunctivitis can be treated with antihistamines. Avoid touching the infected eye(s) to prevent spreading conjunctivitis.

Dry Eye Syndrome

This common condition makes eyes feel gritty and dry, triggering reflexive tearing. Factors like aging, screen use, medications, and autoimmune disorders increase dry eye risk.

Lubricating eye drops, warm compresses, and dietary changes can help manage dry eye tearing. Underlying health issues may also need treatment.

Blocked Tear Duct

A clogged nasolacrimal duct prevents tears from draining normally, causing watery eyes. Risk factors include chronic eye infections, sinus disease, facial trauma, and aging.

Massaging the tear duct area can provide temporary relief. Surgery may be required for severe blockages. An eye doctor can determine if a blocked tear duct is the culprit.

Here are some tips for managing right eye tearing if it becomes excessive:

  • Rinse the eye with artificial tears or a warm compress to flush out irritants.
  • Gently dab tears with a clean tissue to keep the eye comfortably dry.
  • Avoid vigorous eye rubbing, which can make tearing worse.
  • Apply cool cucumber slices or chilled tea bags to calm irritation.
  • Limit screen time and use moisturizing eye drops to ease dryness.
  • Manage sinus issues, allergies, and other conditions causing watery eyes.
  • Express emotions in a healthy way through journaling or talking with trusted friends.
  • Practice stress management and self-care to help emotional balance.
  • Visit an optometrist if tearing persists to address any underlying eye problems.

In most cases, right eye tearing subsides quickly and is no cause for concern. But if your right eye waters chronically or severely, seek medical advice to rule out a health condition requiring treatment.

Tears from the right eye can carry meaningful messages, if we listen closely. Be open to any insights and sensations when your right eye waters, while also caring for your eye health and emotional well-being. With awareness, you can gain wisdom from spontaneous right eye tears.