What Does it Mean to Have an Angel Kiss Birthmark?

Birthmarks have long been a source of fascination, speculation, and meaning. Angel kiss birthmarks in particular carry spiritual symbolism and myth for many people. But what are angel kiss birthmarks exactly, and what do they really signify?

What are Angel Kiss Birthmarks

Angel kiss birthmarks are a type of vascular birthmark that appears on the forehead, eyelids, upper lip, or between the eyebrows as a pale red or pink mark. They occur from an overgrowth of blood vessels just under the surface of the skin.

The term “angel kiss” refers to their location, which is where some believe angels may have kissed a baby. They are also sometimes called stork bites when found on the back of the neck. Angel kisses tend to fade over time and often disappear completely by age two.

Appearance and Prevalence

Angel kisses can vary in shape and size, appearing as small dots, larger splotches, or diffuse patches of pink or red. They may be flat or slightly raised above the surface of the skin.

These birthmarks are relatively common, occurring in 30-40% of newborns. However, some studies suggest up to half of all babies are born with some type of temporary birthmark that later disappears, including angel kisses.


Doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes angel kiss birthmarks, but they believe it relates to the development of blood vessels while in the womb. When too many blood vessels cluster together abnormally, they cause a visible mark on the surface of the baby’s skin.

Genetics likely play a role, as angel kisses often run in families. They occur randomly though, so there is no way to predict or prevent them.

Myths and Legends of Angel Kiss Birthmarks

Angel kiss birthmarks have inspired many mythical explanations throughout history. Their pink color and location on the face have led to legends that they are the kiss of an angel left there to protect the child.

Good Luck and Divine Favor

In many cultures, angel kisses are seen as a sign of good fortune and God’s favor. There is a legend that when a baby is born, angels kiss them on the forehead or lips to bless them before they descend to Earth.

Similarly, some believe a kiss from an angel brings that newborn under the protection of the divine. It is thought to be a symbol that the child will have a charmed life with the angels watching over them.

Mark of an Angel’s Love

Other stories suggest angel kisses show where an angel fell in love with the infant and left their kiss there before the baby was born. It is seen as a permanent symbol of the angel’s affection and connection to that child.

Accordingly, angel kisses are sometimes thought to indicate a child with great empathy, creativity, and an “angelic” personality sent from heaven.

Celestial Touch

In Christianity, angel kiss birthmarks are linked to the story of Jesus Christ receiving a kiss of betrayal from Judas Iscariot. The pink mark is thought to represent divine love and sacrifice.

Some associate it with the touch of cherubim angels who are messengers from God. The birthmark shows where the angel made contact with the child to pass along spiritual messages.

Symbolic Meanings of Angel Kiss Birthmarks

Beyond mystical origins, angel kiss birthmarks have symbolic meaning for many based on spiritual beliefs, dreams, and intuition.


The delicate location and pale color of angel kisses are seen to represent the pure innocence of a newborn baby. The mark is a reminder for parents to nurture that innocence in their child.

Love and Affection

As their name suggests, angel kisses symbolize divine love and affection. They are seen as a sign to shower the child with unconditional love as the angels do.


While some may see them as blemishes, many find angel kisses beautiful marks that enhance a baby’s precious appearance. They add to the miracle of their uniqueness.

Spiritual Protection

Angel kiss birthmarks are often interpreted as marks of spiritual protection from the divine for many children. They show a child is blessed by angels who will watch over and guide them.

Special Purpose

Some believe those born with angel kisses have a special purpose or mission in life related to their spiritual qualities. The birthmark indicates great potential and abilities.

Spiritual Interpretations of Angel Kiss Birthmarks

There are a variety of spiritual meanings and explanations given for angel kiss birthmarks beyond legend and symbolism.


Certain philosophies suggest angel kisses indicate a highly evolved soul that has been reincarnated many times. The angels left their mark to identify souls who are advanced beings sent to Earth to inspire humanity.

Similarly, birthmarks are thought by some to reflect injuries or markings from a past life. Angel kisses may show a remnant of meaningful wounds or rituals performed on the soul in previous incarnations.

Psychic Abilities

Those born with an angel’s kiss are sometimes believed to have innate psychic or intuitive abilities. The angel birthmark denotes strength in extrasensory perception linked to enlightened souls.

They are seen as having natural talents in healing, seeing auras, energy work, premonitions, and communicating with angels or spirit guides.

Angelic Messenger

According to some spiritual traditions, babies born with birthmarks are destined to grow and spread messages of the divine. The angel kiss signals their role as a spiritual teacher, light worker, or angelic messenger.

Their birthmark connects them to higher realms and serves as a reminder of their sacred mission to lift up humanity with compassion, wisdom, and service.

An angel kiss birthmark may indicate a pre-birth soul contract or agreement made with the guiding angels. The soul choosing to incarnate on Earth is “sealed with a kiss” to remind them of vows made with the divine before incarnating.

This mark binds the soul to purposes that nourish the spirit with higher consciousness and unconditional love in this lifetime.