What is a Spiritual Husband? The Truth Revealed

A spiritual husband refers to an evil spirit that torments women by having sexual intercourse with them in their dreams. This phenomenon goes by various names across different cultures, including “night husbands” or “spirit lovers.”

While the concept may sound far-fetched to some, spiritual husbands remain a disturbing reality that afflicts countless women globally. By understanding what they are and their impacts, women can take steps to remove them and reclaim their lives.

Defining Spiritual Husbands

Spiritual husbands are demonic spirits that manifest primarily through sexual dreams. A woman with a spiritual husband will have repeated dreams of a man having intercourse with her.

She may feel completely paralyzed and unable to stop the act. In some cases, the dreams may even result in physical sensations or orgasms. The spirit returns night after night, sometimes appearing in the form of someone the woman knows.

While most prevalent in regions like Africa and Asia, spiritual husbands have been documented all over the world. Their root causes include witchcraft, curses, soul ties, and marine spirits. The absence of moral anchors in society also creates more openings.

Common Traits and Tactics

  • Manifesting as Incubus during sleep paralysis or dreams
  • Causing distress, shame, and psychological trauma
  • Damaging intimacy and trust in earthly relationships
  • Transmitting spiritual infections between victims
  • Masquerading as romantic interests or celebrities

In essence, the spiritual husband hijacks a woman’s subconscious desires and exploits them maliciously. Their oppressive powers grow exponentially the more intimacy they manage to achieve with their victims.

Worldviews on Spiritual Husbands

Views differ on the validity of spiritual husbands. Skeptics dismiss them as superstition, misdiagnosed sleep disorders, or psychological delusions.

But distinctive recurrent themes in the nocturnal accounts of women from vastly different backgrounds and regions affirm they share a common experience.

Additionally, deliverance testimonies where the spirits manifest violently during prayer sessions confirm spiritual husbands as invisible but very real tormentors.

Signs and Symptoms of a Spiritual Husband

How can a woman know if she is afflicted by a spiritual husband? While the nocturnal sexual encounters comprise the main indicator, various secondary symptoms may also manifest.

Common Signs and Symptoms

  • Repeated sexual dreams involving the same entity
  • Waking up aroused or reaching climax during the dreams
  • Feeling drained of energy or experiencing chronic fatigue
  • Having an aversion to intimacy with a human spouse
  • Undergoing relationship problems or divorce
  • Being childless despite concerted efforts to conceive
  • Experiencing miscarriages or troubled pregnancies
  • Having a recurrent vaginal infection resisting treatment

As seen, the afflictions can intensely disrupt a woman’s physical, emotional and relational well-being. Urgent action becomes necessary before deeper damage sets in.

Psychological Impact

Aside from the carnal attacks and reproductive issues, spiritual husbands also undermine a woman psychologically. Their demonic oppression leads to various mental health issues like:

  • Insomnia, chronic fatigue, memory loss
  • Loss of self-worth and confidence
  • Withdrawn social behavior, isolation
  • Intense self-loathing and disgust
  • Suicidal thoughts or self-harming acts
  • Auditory and visual hallucinations

By forcibly defiling women night after night against their will, the spirits systematically destroy their sense of bodily autonomy and identity. Their tactics mirror those of rapists and abusers.

Physical Symptoms

Aside from fatigue and vaginal infections, other physical symptoms include:

  • Lower back pain, abdominal cramps
  • Foul vaginal odor and/or discharge
  • Bruising, bite marks on body
  • Raised scars, skin discolorations
  • Menstrual issues, painful intercourse

While less overt than the psychological impact, these symptoms still diminish quality of life and require medical attention plus spiritual intervention.

Impacts and Effects of Spiritual Husbands

Why do these spirits target women so maliciously? What do they seek to gain? Understanding their motives sheds light on better protecting against them.

Motivations and End Goals

Spiritual husbands aim to:

  • Drain a woman’s lifeforce and vitality through sexual contact
  • Prevent conception and terminate pregnancies
  • Ruin earthly marriages and intimacy bonds
  • Isolate the woman from familial and social support
  • Drive victims to insanity, suicide or self-destruction

Their reasons vary. Some seek carnal pleasure, while others want to commandeer generational bloodlines for Satan through breeding spiritual offspring with victims.

Others use it for revenge and retaliation against enemies by targeting the women linked to them. But the end goal remains the utter destruction of the woman in every sense – mentally, physically, socially.

Wider Implications

For communities plagued by high rates of spiritual husbands, the repercussions also manifest collectively. These include:

  • High female infertility and child mortality rates
  • Broken families, single parenting, juvenile delinquency
  • Increased sexual disease transmission between victims
  • Early onset psychosis and schizophrenia in women
  • Stunted socioeconomic growth overall

Left unchecked, these spirits destabilize entire societies by systematically dismantling families. Tackling it requires concerted awareness, preventive action and spiritual warfare.

Overcoming and Banishing a Spiritual Husband

While extremely oppressive, spiritual husbands can be overpowered and banished through consistent prayers and fasting. Victims must completely sever soul ties with them.

Key Steps to Remove a Spiritual Husband

  1. Identify entry points: Soul ties, curses, ancestry, sin strongholds etc.
  2. Repent and renounce past sins tied to entry points to shut doors
  3. Rebuke the spirit out loud , cut soul ties in Jesus’ name
  4. Get intensive deliverance prayer from experienced spiritual leaders
  5. Fortify spiritual defenses through God’s Word, praise and righteous living

The process requires intense perseverance, fervent prayer support and may take months. But all who remain steadfast in resisting these demons walk into freedom.

Post-Deliverance Care

Walking in complete freedom after deliverance involves:

  • Renewing the mind with God’s truth to break strongholds
  • Maintaining sexual purity and healthy intimacy in marriage
  • Avoiding sensual media that could reopen doors
  • Consistent fellowship for strength, accountability

As we thus guard our spirit, soul and body, the Holy Spirit establishes fortress-like protection against all demonic onslaughts including spiritual husbands.

Prevention also remains vital once delivered from spiritual husbands. Useful proactive tactics include:

  • Praying protection Scriptures aloud daily
  • Studying and memorizing Bible verses affirming one’s identity in Christ
  • Cultivating an intimate worship and fellowship lifestyle with God
  • Seeking cover through spiritual mentors, church community
  • Learning and declaring Deliverance prayers and mantras for protection

As we thus intentionally sanctify every area of our lives, the Holy Spirit establishes fortress-like protection against these and all other demonic onslaughts.