What is Spiritual Energy? Tapping Into the Divine Within

Have you ever felt an inexplicable connection to something greater than yourself? As if an invisible force was guiding you towards deeper purpose and meaning? You may have been tapping into spiritual energy without even realizing it.

Spiritual energy goes by many names – divine force, divine spark, source energy. It exists within and around all living beings. Awakening this forgotten energy source allows profound transformation of mind, body and soul.

Defining Spiritual Energy and Its Importance

Spiritual energy defies precise definition because it exceeds intellectual comprehension. It is the vital life force flowing through all existence. An eternal wellspring of strength, creativity and conscience at the core of being.

Accessing your spiritual energy isn’t about following a specific belief system or religious dogma. It simply involves opening your awareness to the sacred presence alive inside you.

Connecting to spiritual energy has many benefits:

  • Heightens self-knowledge and actualization
  • Expands consciousness beyond egoic limitations
  • Cultivates greater mental clarity and inner tranquility
  • Enhances intuitive abilities and manifesting powers
  • Deepens trust in inner guidance to create a more purposeful life
  • Magnifies compassion and awakens dormant potentials

With so much to gain, learning to recognize and harness your spiritual vitality is hugely worthwhile. Let’s explore how.

Identifying and Recognizing Your Spiritual Energy

You can connect with spiritual energy directly through:

  • Meditation – calming the constant mind chatter heightens awareness of ever-present sacred essence within.
  • Conscious breathing – breathing mindfully invokes relaxation and inner stillness, helping perception of subtle spiritual energies.
  • Creativity – artistic expression liberates spiritual vitality to flow through you.
  • Time in nature – the natural world resonates at higher frequencies that energize spiritual capacities.

Practicing these activities cultivates receptivity to spiritual energy and intuition. You may perceive divine presence emerging through:

  • Physical sensations like tingling or warmth
  • Spontaneous tears or laughter
  • Body heaviness dissolving into lightness
  • Feelings of connection, love, inner peace or liberation from limiting beliefs
  • Moments of inspiration, insight or precognition
  • Heightened senses, vibrant visions or mystical states

The more you purify your vessel through self-reflection, the greater your spiritual energies can shine through.

Overcoming Spiritual Bypass

In the quest to transcend ego identification, some overfocus on spiritual development while avoiding emotional wounds and psychological shadow work. This “spiritual bypass” leads to denial instead of healing.

Lasting growth requires courageously facing your pain so it no longer controls you unconsciously. Spiritual awakening and psychotherapeutic healing are complementary processes for actualizing highest potentials.

Distinguishing Divine Guidance from Ego

As spiritual perception expands, you may worry about differentiating true soul wisdom from ego posturing as your inner advisor. Divine guidance supports the greatest good of all – it is never self-serving or conflicts with conscience. Here’s how to discern what’s what:

  • The ego judges, controls and grasps to feel superior, while your Higher Power guides through unconditional love and compassion.
  • Ego is impatient for personal gain now, but the soul works through timing beyond mortal understanding to manifest collective highest good.
  • Your infinite spirit conveys liberation and selfless service – the insecure ego pushes separation and self-concern.

Aspire to let timeless inner truth guide you, not passing egoic impulses.

Tapping Into and Harnessing Your Spiritual Energy

Once connected to divine essence within, you can channel heightened energy states for expanded creativity, vitality and healing.

Creative Visualization

Through the quantum power of imagination, vividly seeing your goal already achieved magnetizes matching external manifestation. Outcomes become realities when you feel, think and believe them so. Creative visualization harnesses spiritual force for intended creation.

Try manifesting with these 5 steps:

  1. Get relaxed yet focused through calming breaths and mind-body harmony
  2. Envision your desired outcome fulfilled in exquisite sensory detail – see it to believe it
  3. Feel the positive feelings this success stirs – really embody the emotions
  4. Give thanks to the universe/divine intelligence for granting this vision gracefully
  5. Fully release expectations around when/how it must happen – have faith in divine timing

By merging imagination and intuition through spiritual alignment, desires crystallize into reality.

Energy Healing

Channeling and directing spiritual vitality encourages healing and self-regulation. Energy healing like Reiki enhances wellbeing through:

  • Balancing life force distribution
  • Removing toxic emotional charge stuck in the body
  • Mobilizing inner healing intelligence of spirit, mind and body
  • Strengthening body’s natural immunity and resilience
  • Cultivating relaxation and whole-being harmony

Self-treatment hand positions over affected areas focus attention for stimulating mind-directed healing. Receive healing from a Reiki master trained in responsibly managing energetic flows.

Chakra Clearing

Chakras are concentrated energy nexuses governing vitality throughout the subtle/spiritual anatomy. Each chakra center nourishes particular life domains when open and flowing. Blocked chakras manifest as disharmony and depletion.

You can clear clogged chakras through:

  • Breathwork bringing vital oxygen flow
  • Color visualization restoring natural hue radiance
  • Embodying virtues aligned to specific chakras
  • Sound healing via calibrated tonal frequencies
  • Crystals and sacral aromas amplifying desired qualities

Conduct self-study exploring chakra roles and experiment with integrative clearing approaches most resonating for you.

Ecstatic Dance

Movement is an extraordinarily potent channel aligning our spiritual essence through the body. Repetitive, reverential motions expand consciousness while dissolving perceived limitations.

Ecstatic dance rituals like 5Rhythms invoke cathartic healing through:

  • Unleashing creative life force via uninhibited movement
  • Unlocking muscular armoring around painful imprints
  • Liberating deep tensions and stale energy configurations
  • Recalibrating natural harmonic coherence between body and soul

Dancing without judgment melts ego constraints so your divine spirit can lead each gesture. Purification from rhythmic exertion stokes spiritual fire for renewal.

Journeying through sacred sites and power places connects with planetary consciousness and Earth-spirit symbiosis. Locations like Chichen Itza, Uluru, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Mount Kailash and Mount Shasta all emit holy vibrations from geophysical magnificence and momentous human rituals performed there.

Features rousing spiritual perception include:

  • Geometric temples/monuments aligning to cosmic matrices
  • Conductive geology magnifying subtle energy currents
  • Accumulated imprints of concentrated adoration/mystery rites

Visiting these sanctified spots awakens latent spiritual faculties through resonance with the hallowed. Pilgrimage renews faith in the sacrality of existence.