When Your Ex Psychically Checks Your Vibe

Have you ever had an ex suddenly pop into your mind out of nowhere? You’re going about your day when bam, there they are. It’s almost like you can feel them trying to connect with you energetically. Strange as it may seem, this type of psychic contact from an ex is quite common.

Being on your ex’s mind doesn’t necessarily mean they want to get back together. Often there’s simply unfinished emotional business between you, or they’re just curious to know if you still care. However, ignoring the spiritual reasons behind this phenomenon can leave you feeling confused or unable to move on.

Tuning Into Your Ex’s Energy

We’re all connected on an energetic level. When you share a strong emotional bond with someone, a powerful psychic cord links you even after the relationship ends. That’s why an ex-lover frequently pops into your mind unexpectedly. You’re actually picking up on their thoughts and feelings through this invisible energetic tie.

Signs Your Ex is Thinking of You

Wondering if a specific ex is trying to connect psychically? Here are some telltale signs:

  • Unexpected visions or dreams where you see or interact with your ex
  • Hearing special songs or seeing repeating numbers that remind you of them
  • Intuitive hunches, tingles or nudges suggesting your ex is reaching out energetically

When these things happen repeatedly, chances are your ex is tuned into you telepathically. They may be intentionally focusing their thoughts on you, or the connection is happening spontaneously through your lingering energetic tie.

Energetic Cords Connect Ex Partners

While science hasn’t proven energetic cords between exes exist, most people intuitively sense profound connections lingering with their former partners. These pulses, tugs, sparks or unpleasant drains of energy suggest powerful links remain below conscious awareness. Learning to manage this “phantom limb” relationship prevents unwanted psychic interference.

Why Your Ex Contacts You Psychically

Wondering why an ex keeps popping into your mind uninvited? Here are some common reasons behind this phenomenon:

Unfinished Emotional Business

Did things end bitterly between you, without proper closure? Were issues left unresolved that your ex is still processing? When a relationship doesn’t have a sense of completion, one or both partners will keep revisiting it psychically to seek inner resolution. The spiritual cord remains intact, allowing thoughts and feelings to flow freely between you.

This energetic link stays plugged in until conscious actions dissolve the tie. Making amends heals wounds, while cord cutting rituals release stagnant attachments. Clearing away anger or guilt completes unfinished business so you can both move on.

Wanting To Know If You Still Care

Your ex may reach out through the psychic link simply to test if you still have feelings for them. By tuning into your energy, they can sense if you’re angry, indifferent or still longing for reconciliation. Satisfying their curiosity gives your ex a sense of control and validation.

Don’t assume this cord clinging means they want to rekindle romance, though that’s sometimes the case. More often it’s an ego boost to know you still let them occupy space in your heart and mind. Learning to shut off this psychic information flow prevents manipulation.

Trying To Send A Message

Sometimes an ex attempts to communicate a specific message telepathically, hoping you’ll receive their psychic call. The message could be an apology, a request for forgiveness, an expression of regret over how things ended, or a desire to reconnect in some way. Tapping into your energy field is your ex’s way of reaching out while avoiding direct contact.

Before reacting to any apparent “messages” from an ex, question your own wishful thinking. Do you want them to be sorry, fighting to get you back and declaring their undying love? Distinguish true telepathic communications from imagined ones reflecting your hopes. This prevents responding to a fantasy rather than the real message.

What To Do When You Sense Your Ex

What should you do when your ex keeps popping up psychically? Here’s some advice:

Pay Attention To Any Messages You Receive

Be open to receiving telepathic communications from your ex, while staying centered emotionally. Quiet your mind through mindfulness practices, then tune into the subtle impressions you receive. Understanding the messages underlying this phenomenon gives you clarity.

Rather than obsessing over an ex mentally bombarding you, practice non-attachment. Imagine their communications smoothly entering one ear and exiting the other without hooking into your thoughts. Stay calmly aware rather than being emotionally tangled up with an ex.

Check Your Own Lingering Attachments

Is there anger, grief or longing for reconciliation lingering within you that keeps energetically linking you to this ex? Healing these feelings can change the dynamic. Send your ex love and forgiveness, even if only energetically. This releases stuck energy between you.

Be radically honest with yourself too – do you enjoy the ongoing psychic drama? Thrive on victim status as the one who got dumped? Holding onto this invisible bond gives you a rush of righteousness. Acknowledging the ego’s hidden motives helps break ties.

Set Boundaries If It Feels Uncomfortable

If constant psychic connections from an ex feel like an intrusion, visualize closing off the energy link between you. Picture the cord dissolving until contact diminishes. You have full control over your energetic boundaries.

Cutting cords won’t necessarily stop an ex obsessing about you on their end. But you prevent their thought vibrations and emotions from leaking into your personal energy field. Reclaim your mental and emotional space so you can fully move on.

When To Get Spiritual Support

Seeking help from a spiritually intuitive advisor can provide useful guidance with psychic contact from exes in the following situations:

It Becomes Very Frequent or Disruptive

If an ex overwhelms your thoughts to the point of obsession, or sends negative energy your way, expert energy clearing can help neutralize the psychic link. Powerful techniques like cord cutting dissolve stagnant ties. Talking to a spiritual counselor brings reassurance as they interpret any messages you’re receiving.

You’ll know it’s time for outside intervention when an ex invades your dreams, inserts intrusive thoughts all day or causes emotional distress. A genuine spiritual practitioner alleviates this mental torment so you reclaim personal power.

You Want Help Clearing Remaining Ties

Can’t stop thinking about your ex no matter how hard you try to move forward? Even after working on healing yourself? An intuitive practitioner accessing higher guidance can identify and remove stubborn energetic attachments clouding your clarity. This allows you to break free emotionally.

Direct telepathic cord removals or past life soul fragment retrievals by those highly skilled in energy work helps exorcise “ghosts” from your energy field at deep levels consciousness can’t access alone. It’s perfectly normal and wise to request metaphysical assistance banishing ex attachments.

A gifted psychic medium can connect with your spirit guides and interpret the reasons for your ex’s spiritual interest. They can relay messages your ex themselves might even be unaware of. Knowing the meaning behind this phenomenon brings peace and empowers your choices.

Your spirit support team oversees your soul growth across lifetimes. Tapping into their higher perspective on why this ex keeps haunting you provides comfort. You gain insights on best steps for spiritual progress so you can lovingly release the past.

Stay centered when your ex pops up in your energy field randomly. Pay attention for underlying messages, address your own lingering emotional ties, and set boundaries if needed. With self-awareness and occasional spiritual support, unwanted psychic connections become easier to handle.